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AMC Math – The MAA AMC proudly declares this year’s Edyth May Sliffe Award Recipients. The Edyth May Sliffe Award acknowledges middle and high school math instructors who have carried out outstanding paintings to inspire their college students in arithmetic. 

Thank you to this yr.’s AMC Teachers for your determination for your college students and for coaching mathematical trouble-solving through the MAA American Mathematics Competitions. Together, we’re constructing an inclusive network of younger mathematicians who’re supported at each level of their journey. Meet the winners under:

*Not pictured: Bee Lim, a trainer at Ingraham High School, positioned in Seattle, WA; Jennifer Smith, a teacher at Boulan Park Middle School, positioned in Troy, MI; and Michelle Binder, a instructor at Pizitz Middle School, placed in Vestavia Hills, AL.

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AMC Math – For the AMC 8, we updated and condensed our previous collection of onboarding emails familiarizing registered Competition Managers with the AMC’s new everlasting domestic on-line. Catch up on any parts you may have overlooked below:

You also can seek advice from the currently up to date AMC 8 Teacher’s Manual at the AMC 8 web page or see a video recording of our AMC 8 webinar taking walks through the brand new platform right here.


Congratulation to all AMC 10/12 members. Thank you for becoming a member of us this cycle. Qualifying thresholds are below.

Competition, AIME cutoff, Honor Roll of Distinction and Distinction

  • AMC 10 A
  • ninety three
  • 121.Five
  • one hundred.5
  • AMC 12 A
  • 85.5
  • 126
  • 106.Five
  • AMC 10 B
  • 94.5
  • 114
  • 100.5
  • AMC 12 B
  • 81
  • 129
  • one hundred and five

For the ones college students who qualify based totally on their AMC 10/12 scores: 

The AIME I should be administered on Tuesday, Feb. 7 from 1:30 PM to five:30 PM ET. The AIME II ought to be administered on Wednesday, Feb. 15 from 1:30 PM to five:30 PM ET.

Qualifying college students are automatically enrolled in AIME I. If Competition Managers are not able to manage the AIME I, they may register for the AIME II on Wednesday, Feb. Sixteen, by using finishing the AIME II Registration Form via Feb.

Students who want to replace to a brand new trying out vicinity for emergency motives simplest must ask their unique or new opposition supervisor to fill out a Change of Venue Form on their behalf. Both bureaucracy might be available in the AMC Platform Dashboard underneath “Competition Resources.”

Further instructions for virtual and Print & Scan administration of the AIME can be emailed to Competition Managers. Competition Managers can discover the awarding classes for their college students inside the reviews section of the AMC Dashboard.


AMC Math – Welcome to the 2022-2023 cycle! The new AMC Platform is available at maa.Edvistas.Com. Here is an onboarding collection to familiarize registered Competition Managers with the AMC’s new permanent home on line. Catch up on any components you may have ignored beneath:

You can also consult the updated Teacher’s Manuals at the AMC 8 and AMC 10/12 pages, study the FAQs, peruse the MAA AMC Resource Guide, or see a video recording of our walkthrough of the brand new platform here.


As we preserve to paintings diligently behind the scenes to enhance your AMC experience, we’ve some EXCITING NEWS! MAA AMC is launching a new opposition administration platform, in an effort to host paper and digital codecs of the competitions on a competition supervisor (CM) portal. CMs can without difficulty administer the virtual competition to college students or print the paper competition with answer sheets and test them lower back. More information at the update can be discovered right here.

  • Eliminates the need to ship or deliver applications 
  • Provides ratings faster than ever
  • Gives direct get right of entry to to pupil scores and cumulative statistics
  • Eliminates Certification Forms and other office work​ 
  • Register and process charge on amc-reg.Maa.Org, following the identical manner as in past cycles.

AMC Math – The MAA AMC is a college-primarily based competition program hosted by using public and private academic establishments; it requires competition managers to proctor the opposition at a bodily location. Competition managers are strongly encouraged to create a contingency plan with change locations and/or dates. Learn more approximately our regulations right here.

Alternate Dates The AMC 10/12 and AIME are presented on two wonderful dates each cycle to house school/center closure on the reliable AMC 10/12 A and AIME I dates. If the school/middle is canceled on the day of the AMC 10 A, AMC 12 A, or AIME I, the competition manager have to contact AMC customer service right now at amcinfo@maa.Org to register the region for the AMC 10 B, AMC 12 B, or AIME II, respectively. Additional opposition dates aren’t presented for the AMC 10 B, AMC 12 B, and AIME II if the college/center is canceled on these dates.

Alternate Locations If the competition manager’s registered location is closed on the official competition dates, the competition manager might also administer the competition at a library, some other faculty, a college, or an area of worship. However, the competition supervisor need to get hold of approval from the school/middle management earlier than presenting the opposition at an alternative location.


The competitions application has continually required competition managers to be affiliated with a bodily area. During the beyond cycles, we briefly allowed far off proctoring totally in reaction to national closures for COVID-19. Starting with the 2022-23 cycle, the AMC will return to its authentic in-character format. We will continue to display the situation and provide updates as wished.

2022 USA(J)MO Results

Congratulations to all 2022 USA(J)MO contributors!

New USA(J)MO Awards! For the USAMO, the AMC will award Gold prizes to as a minimum about 6%, Silver to at least about 12%, and Bronze to at least about 18% of competitors. For the USAJMO, we can keep to call winners but will increase popularity to at the least 20% of contestants. 

AMC Math – For each USAMO and USAJMO, every additional contestant with 14 factors or greater will receive an Honorable Mention difference. Each 12 months, the Student Selection Committee will determine specific possibilities and quantity of awards. Congratulations to the 2022 USA(J)MO awardees!

2022 Young Women in Mathematics Winners Announced!

Each cycle, the MAA AMC acknowledges the pinnacle-scoring young girls in every of the competitions. Join us in celebrating 632 young ladies in arithmetic! Read our press launch on this cycle’s winners right here.

Click right here to check out the 2021-2022 MAA AMC winners (also discovered on M-Powered)

Find extra facts about our Awards & Certificates Program for Young Women in Mathematics by using clicking a opposition underneath: 

Explore Our Community Site: AMC M-Powered

With inquiry-driven education and tasks highlighting comprehension, retention, and essential wondering, the AMC M-Powered web site promotes gaining knowledge of by means of doing. Whether you are an educator, pupil, determine, or member of our extra AMC community, we invite you to hook up with your AMC community.

Welcome to the American Mathematics Competitions Program!

AMC Math – The MAA’s American Mathematics Competitions software leads the nation in strengthening the mathematical competencies of the subsequent era of trouble-solvers. Through school room sources and friendly opposition, the MAA AMC software enables America’s educators identify skills and foster a love of arithmetic. The MAA AMC program definitely impacts the analytical talents wished for future careers in an innovative society.

The American Mathematics Competitions are a sequence of examinations and curriculum substances that construct trouble-solving skills and mathematical knowledge in middle and high school college students.

Math Guide: Mathcityhub

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FAQs for the AMC 10/12

Q. What cloth is protected at the AMC 10 and 12?

A. The AMC 10 covers arithmetic usually associated with grades nine and 10. The AMC 10 assumes understanding of simple algebra; basic geometry understanding such as the Pythagorean Theorem, location and volume formulation; standard quantity principle; and primary chance.

What are excluded are trigonometry, superior algebra, and superior geometry. The AMC 12 covers the complete excessive college mathematics curriculum, which includes the above in addition to trigonometry, advanced algebra, and advanced geometry but excludes calculus.

Q. Who is eligible to take the AMC 10 and the AMC 12?

A. Students with a passion for hassle-fixing who’re in grade 10 or under and under 17.5 years of age at the day of the competition can take the AMC 10. Students in grade 12 or under and below 19.Five years of age at the day of the contest can take the AMC 12.

Q. Who can proctor the opposition?

A. Only competition supervisor proctoring is allowed. Parents or guardians cannot proctor students. Starting 2022-2023, students will be proctored in character by their competition manager. If there’s any suspicion of cheating or unapproved resources, Competition Managers might be contacted.  For in addition questions on AMC eight proctoring policy, contact the MAA AMC at amcinfo@maa.Org

Q. Can the AMC 10/12 opposition be proctored to one-of-a-kind math lessons at some stage in numerous time slots at the official management date(s), or do all the students ought to take the opposition at the same time?

The competitions should be administered throughout their legitimate competition window by using opposition managers. The valid opposition window for this cycle is eight:00 AM to eleven: fifty nine PM Eastern Standard time (GMT +5) at the respectable USA competition dates. 

See competition dates. Competition managers might also pick out to manage the competition at separate times to special sections of students; but, for opposition integrity and security, the MAA AMC strongly encourages opposition managers to administer the competition to all collaborating students at the same time.

Q. How do I request a rescore of my answer bureaucracy? 

A. Use the AMC 10/12 Rescoring Request Form to request a rescore. There is a $35 rate for every player’s answer form that is rescored. The legit solutions can be the ones blackened on the solution form. All participant answer paperwork lower back for grading may be recycled eighty days after the AMC 10/12 competition date.

Q. Can I order extra bundles despite the fact that I’ve already registered my college for the AMC 10/12?

A. Yes, you can use the Additional Bundles Order Form to reserve extra. Orders for added bundles may be widespread until the cut-off date for participating domestic institutions positioned inside the United States and Canada. 

Q. Can a scholar take both competitions?

A. Yes, so long as a pupil is eligible to take the correct competitions. That is, a tenth grader or below can take both AMC 10 A and the AMC 10 B, the AMC 12 A and the AMC 12 B, and so on, and an eleventh or 12th grader can take the AMC 12 A and the AMC 12 B. However, with a purpose to try this, the school will ought to register for each dates and order bundles for every competition.

 Q. What if a college registers for one date, then later desires to change the registration to the opposite date?

A.  Although we discourage a change in date because of ability confusion, a alternate in date is permitted beneath certain occasions. If the competition materials have no longer been shipped and time permits in step with the registration time table, a faculty will pay the corresponding alternate in registration price (plus any change in bundles) to change contest dates.

Additional costs have to be paid through credit score card when a trade in date is requested to expedite modifications. Please email amcinfo@maa.Org to technique this modification.

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