Ancient Remedies: Secrets to Healing with Herbs by Dr. Josh Axe

Ancient Remedies: Plants and herbs are the basic and essential part of human existence and survival. These plants and herbs not only keep the environment balanced but also provide us oxygen and fuel to run the life. These plants and trees are the greatest and last defense line against the global warming. The basic knowledge about the plants and the herbs is very necessary to learn as the human being and the part of the ecosystem.

It is interesting to note that different geographical tracts have different kinds of plants and herbs with unlimited properties. Books on botany will provide you a lot of basic information about the utility and advantageous of the similar kinds of the plants. We are the part of nature and nature is part of our life and both are necessary for each other and one cannot survive without the other. Existence of the humanity depends entirely on the oxygen provided by these plants and herbs.

Dr Axe Amazon has presented this book of ancient remedies in very interesting manner and with the introduction of huge numbers of herbs. He explains the curing effects of the different herbs in very simple and interesting manner. He describes that these herbs are helpful in curing more than seventy diseases. These diseases include loss if weight and increasing vitality with the help of traditional process of healing through herbs and plants. The herbs offer effective remedies to the various ailments. They are not artificial but they are natural healing remedies which can cure the ailments without causing any damage to the organs of the body.



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Before the introduction of the first pharmaceutical company in 1850s, the physicians and doctors treat the patients with the help of different herbs. They used these herbs to cure the root cause of the ailment and not the symptoms. Though the use of popping pills has become the part of our life, human beings are in the dire need of something alternative that could cure them without causing the dangerous side effects, addiction and over prescription.   

The waiting of alternative has now come to an end. This alternative is present in the form of the old treatment which has been used for eons in traditional Chinese, Ayuvedic and Greek medicine. These natural healing remedies are the first comprehensive layman’s book and guide that will bring together and explain to the readers about the most tried and the best remedies and practice.

In the Ancient Remedies, Dr, Axe finds out the basic concepts and ideas of the old healing process. It means to eat the right thing for your own type and way of living in sync in accordance with your circadian clock. The book will help you to learn how the traditional practitioners are related to the root cause of each patient’s illness.  The book will also throw light on the methods how the treatments are in accordance with the thousands of the diseases. The treatment of the diseases ranges from ADHD to diabetes, hypothyroidism, autoimmune and many more.

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