Arabic Verbs & Essentials of Grammar by Jane Wightwick

Arabic Verbs: The science of the Arabic language is based on the principals called نحو. This means the grammar and the syntax. If we talk about the Arabic language, the grammar and the syntax are very important to learn the basics of the language to learn the language. The syntax covers the basic parts of the speech which are the part of every language of the world except the few which have no alphabets system to form the words and then into sentences. The syntax is used to learn the language correctly and is used to convey the meaning in Arabic. It is also used to form coherent sentences and it also aims at avoiding the grammar mistakes which are often committed by the language learners.

The Arabic verbs are very important and play important role in the learning process of the language and especially the Arabic language. These are also essential as they provide excellent introduction to the basics of the Arabic language for the beginners and other learners who want to learn the language for professional purposes. The book has the references for the learners who have already familiarity with the grammar of the Arabic language. People are advised by the experts of the language to learn first the basics of the grammar and then try the language learning. Once the verbs of the Arabic grammar are grasped, the remaining process of learning would just become easy smooth.

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The leaning of verbs provides a solid ground for the main verbal and grammatical concepts that are difficult to understand otherwise. These verbs give clear and vivid explanation of the different grammatical concepts. Their similarity and difference is made clear in the book that would prove complete guide to learn the basic verbs of the Arabic language. Verb forms the basic Arabic language. The verbs are explained in their different capacities and different role in the sentences whether they are written or spoken sentences. Arabic verbs are different from that of English language and their function sometimes also different n use and formation of sentences.

The unique method that is used in this book especially for the learners is that the book is divided into different unit. Each unit is reserved for one particular topic that make easy to grasp the verbs of the Arabic language. This technique would definitely help the readers and learners to find what is needed to them and to concentrate what is required. The book presents each topic in concise manner but care is taken to explain the difficult topic with proper examples and precedents. Arabic language has many tricky verbs that often confuse the readers and learners. These tricky verbs are dealt with introducing index verbs of the most common verbs.

Arabic Verbs & Essentials of Grammar by Jane Wightwick

The book is written in very easy and smooth manner so that the readers may learn the verbs without the help of any tutor or teachers. Apart from verbs, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and other parts of the speech are given precisely but in clear and comprehensive way.

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