Basic Arabic: A Grammar and Workbook by Waheed Samy

Basic Arabic: Learning some language is twice blessed. It is blessing for the country that gives it and the country that receives it.  Learning is art and it comes through practicing. Two factors are necessary for the learning of some language. First is the practice and other is the environment. Learning is difficult phenomena especially learning some language. Arabic is an old language and the language of our religion Islam. It is great honor for the Muslims to learn the Arabic language. Gulf Arabic would definitely help to understand the message of Allah Almighty which is in the form of the holy Quran. The book will be of great help for the people who want to learn how to speak Arabic language. The book will facilitate the learning process to great extent.

Arabic is the language of the Holy Quran and the gulf countries known as the Arabic world. It is one the mostly read and even written language after the English language. In the respect of reading, the Arabic language is considered one of the mostly read languages.  The basic Arabic will surely help the learners to build their foundation on the strong levels. The basic Arabic is the need of the students and the pilgrims whenever they want to visit Saudi Arabia. The book comprises workbook and grammar to give plenty of practice in the Arabic language. This book also contains many references which are related to the exercises in the only volume available in this part.

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The book is divided into almost 51 units. These units cover the basic points of grammar. These points are the same which the students have to face during the process of learning language. These issues are faced by the students during the first year of their learning language. The book is also full of countless examples and exercises. These exercises ad examples allow the students and the initial learners of the language to reinforce and consolidate their learning process. The basic Arabic words are given to make the process easy and smooth. Learn the basics of the Arabic language. 

Following are the main features of the book that distinguish it from other books written on the same topic.

  • The book is written in clear and comprehensive manner which is easy to follow for the students and the learners.
  • The book also contains the useful exercises of the language which will boost the learning process. This process is made more easy and understandable to master the basics language of Arabic.
  • The book also paints the jargon free explanation of the grammar to make clear the different concepts of the grammar and the related parts of speech.
  • Not only the countless examples and exercises are given but also the answer keys are also given to help the learners of the language easily and smoothly.
  • The index of the subject is also given in detail in the book to help the learners for better understanding of the basics of the language.

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