Boosting Benevolence: How Fasting Fuels an Uplift in Philanthropy

The statement “Fasting Fuels an Uplift in Philanthropy” is an interesting one, and it holds some truth, but it’s important to consider different perspectives:

Supporting the statement:

  • Increased focus on charity: During religious fasting periods like Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to focus on selflessness, empathy, and compassion for those less fortunate. This can lead to a heightened awareness of the needs of others and a greater desire to help.
  • Zakat and charity during Ramadan: The month of Ramadan coincides with the Islamic obligation of Zakat, which involves donating a specific portion of one’s wealth to charitable causes. This practice can significantly contribute to increased philanthropy during this time.
  • Charitable acts encouraged: Many religions and cultures emphasize the importance of charitable giving during fasting periods. This encouragement can motivate individuals to donate their time, money, or resources to help others.


  • 1 Fasting and Philanthropy
  • 2. Spirituality, Social Consciousness, and the Human Condition
  • Three Dimensions of Generosity
  • 4 Heart over Wallet
  • 5. Greater Living through Benevolence
Fasting & Philanthropy

Sawm, also known as fasting according to Islamic customs, requires abstention from food, alcohol, and intimacy from dawn until midnight. But it’s much more than just a simple abstention from the daily necessities of life.

The Spiritual and the Social Consciousness

It is believed that fasting during Islam is a means to improve self-control and control how you conduct yourself and your behavior, building a more vital self focused on the more significant reason for existence. The month of Ramadaan provides thus a time to renew your spiritual outlook and boost charity; it is a way of getting to taqwa (piety), which the Qur’an regards as the peak of human progress.

As we fast, we are much more aware of the plight of the poor and the hardships of the oppressed. We are therefore urged to be more generous during this month.

The Eid-ul-Fitr feast, which marks the conclusion and beginning of Ramadaan, is not a celebration in the absence of those who have given the sadaqah-tul-fitr (natural charity or genuine bounteousness) to the less fortunate.

This encourages a sense of social responsibility and a desire to contribute to the well-being of society and inspires an unwavering spirit of giving.

Dimensions of Benevolence

Anything one can do to help others is considered charity or an act of kindness. Prophet stated, “There is a need for charity on all parts of our body daily.” He then added: “To bring justice between people is charity. Helping someone with luggage transport or helping with transportation is charity.

A kind phrase is a charity. Each step toward prayer is charity. Removing undesirable things from your path will be charity. …. providing water to thirsty people is charity.

The true value of a person’s life lies in the goodness they will receive in the future through their good deeds throughout this world. After a person’s death, people often ask, ‘What’s the deceased forgotten?’ while angels ask, ‘What have the person sent out?”

Answering honestly the question “What is my contribution to the benefit of others?” is an excellent test of our generosity. Kindness.

Heart over Wallet

Giving back to the community benefits the person giving it instead of devaluing his value, and, as the Prophet Muhammad declared, “charity is not a detriment to wealth.” Genuine generosity is based on something other than income but on the capability to give from the heart.

Many people have the money to offer, but they need more desire to give. In addition, there are those who, the more money they have, the less they can provide. So, when you are giving money, make sure that you don’t give out of the wealthiest part of your account but out of the depths of your soul.

Greater Living through Charity

It’s not all about the amount of money we earn but rather the number of people we help; the more we give, the more we live. Prophet Muhammad declared:

“Surely, Allah created humans to benefit all creation.” Remember that we’re here to help the world. We are enriched when we enrich the lives of others. And should we ever forget this, we will be unable to support ourselves.

Ramadaan Mubarak – A blessed Ramadan to all.

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