Zakat al Fitr: The Obligatory Eid Gift to Be Made Before The End of Ramadan

Zakat al-Fitr is a small amount of money given to the poor and needy before the Eid al-Fitr prayer. Zakat al-Fitr refers to a small amount given before the Eid al-Fitr prayers.

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 This donation will help people in need to celebrate the Muslim Eid al-Fitr, which marks the conclusion of Ramadan.

 It is , a form of charity separate from Zakat (one of the five pillars of Islam), is a distinct act of charity. Zakat, calculated according to a person’s income and paid annually, is different from Zakat al Fitr.

Its amounts vary depending on region and food prices. In most countries, it is equal to the price of a meal or 1 kilogram of wheat or rice. In most countries, all household members, including children and older people, pay the amount.

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 In the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the amount payable for Zakat al Fitr is $7. In the US, the amount to pay is $12.

 A person can also donate “Fidya,” a fixed amount they must pay each day that they cannot work due to sickness, age, etc.

It may be paid with cash, food, or clothing. It must be paid before the Eid prayers. It is not permitted to delay this payment. Zakat al-Fitr was created to assist those in need and celebrate Eid. This would defeat the purpose of This.

It is given to those who are poor and in need, such as widows, orphans and refugees. It also goes to people who have no home. It is better to give Zakat al-Fitr if the recipient lives in the same town as the donor, strengthening the bonds among Muslim brothers and sisters.

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It may be a small amount, but it can go a long way in helping those who are in need. It is not only an obligation but also has spiritual benefits. It reminds us of our responsibility towards others.

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