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Jilbab is the other name of covering the body off the women with the help of some fine quality of cloth. Jilbab is also called the jilbabs in some languages spoken in the Middle East and Africa. French jilbab is in fashion these days and women feel very proud by wearing the abaya hijab. Hijab or abaya is the dress which is put on by the women living in the Islamic societies. This gown or hijab prevents them from being shown their bodies form the men. The women are delicate part of the society in terms of their body and there their function and responsibility is quite different from men. Their body is to be protected from men so that their innate purity and beauty should remain intact and therefore, they are advised to wear hijab or abaya.

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Abaya is the beautiful dress that makes the personality more attractive and secure from the garish light of the world. The abaya helps women to perform their duties without any hesitation and sense of inferiority. Islamic women wear hijab. This hijab is in fashion now days. Even the women who hate purdah most like to wear the hijab in their routine life. The new style and individual cuts in Abaya have proved very attractive and charming for the Islamic women.

These abayas are in various styles and designs. They are found in large variety in the markets. The women love to wear these abayas while going outside the homes.  How to put on hijab is not a difficult to understand. The stitched abaya can be worn without amending in it. it is like the wearing of the common gown.  Hijab is the grace of the women and makes her look attractive and gracious. The hijab protects her from the chasing eyes of the men and she feels quite relax and protected.  The hihab gives you free hand to move about without any fear or scare.


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These have the following characteristics which make them different from other abayas present in the markets. Jilbabs online are available for the lovers of the hijab or abayas. You have have jilbab from our online shopping without any hesitation or fear. We assure the guarantee of our product. 

  • These abaya consist of beige and patchwork which are matchless in style and design.
  • These abaya can be put on with open buttons and with closed buttons as well as the invisible buttons are present in these hijabs and abayas.
  • Standard and high quality is our bench mark and priority.
  • For all seasons and conditions, abaya are available.

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  • Department : Womens
  • Date First Available : July 3, 2014
  • ASIN : B00LI7PAT0

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