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This is once more a disputed issue a few of the scholars, Some say it’s far allowed, others say it’s miles Makruh, any other opinion is that it isn’t allowed for men but for ladies it’s miles allowed, and the fourth institution is on the opinion of prohibition. But the first-rate opinion is going with the understandings of Salaf us-Saliheen. This article is an extract (with a few addition) of two Urdu articles.

One of the thing is by Shaykh Ghulam Mustafa Zaheer who said It is permitted and the maximum we will say it’s miles disliked, whereas the alternative article with the aid of shaykh Nadeem Zaheer states it’s far Prohibited. Read information in Majalla as-Sunnah no: forty-eight page 133 to 152, and Majalla al Hadith no 126 pages 24-39

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The ahadith which negates dyeing the hair black.

Hadith no: 1

It is mentioned inside the hadeeth of Jaabir ibn ‘Abd-Allaah (may Allaah be thrilled with him) that Abu Quhaafah, the father of Abu Bakr al-Siddeeq, became introduced to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) to give his oath of allegiance, and his hair become absolutely white. The Prophet (peace and benefits of Allaah be upon him) stated: “Change this, but avoid black.” Narrated via Muslim.

1. From this hadith a few terrific students did ijtihaad that dyeing the hair black is Makrooh (Disliked)

a) Khateeb Baghdadi stated this hadith under the bankruptcy:

كَرَاهَةُ الْخِضَابِ بِالسَّوَادِ

Dyeing the hair black is disliked. [al Jame li Ikhlaaq al Rawi wa Adaab as-Saamei1/380]

2. Some students did Ijtihaad and said it’s miles prohibited to dye the hair black in step with this hadith.

a) Imam an-Nawawi made a bankruptcy:

“It Is Recommended To Dye White Hair With Yellow Or Red Dye, But Black Dye Is Haram” [Sharah Sahih Muslim above this hadith]

b) Imam an-Nasaee made a chapter:

“Prohibition of Dyeing Hair Black” [Sunan an-Nasa’i 5076]

c) Imam Abu Awanah mentioned underneath the bankruptcy

بَيَانُ النَّهْيِ عن التزعفر، والأمر بخضاب اللحية وصبغها، وحظر الخضاب بالسواد

.. Prohibition of black dye [Mustakhraj Abi Awanah 4/309]

three. Some of the scholars did Ijtihaad that It isn’t allowed for guys like

a) Imam Ibn Hibban referred to this hadith underneath the bankruptcy:

ذِكْرُ الزَّجْرِ عَنِ اخْتِضَابِ الْمَرْءِ السَّوَادَ

Prohibition of the usage of black dye for man. [Ibn Hibban 12/285]

4. Some students just quoted this hadith underneath the bankruptcy “Using Black dye” and did now not say it is prohibited like:

a) Imam Ibn Maja mentioned underneath:

باب الخضاب بالسواد

“Chapter concerning black dye”

He narrated a hadith first he noted the hadith of Abu Quhaafah after which he stated another hadith which states:

Prophet peace be upon him stated: the pleasant of dye is black coloration because it will make the heart of your women attracted toward you and it will positioned fear inside the hearts of your enemies.[Sunan Ibn Maja no. 3625.

Sindhee said the chain is Hasan but shaykh Zubair Ali zai said in his tehqeeq of Ibn Maja that Dafa bin daghfal Sadosi is weak]

b) Abu Dawud referred to this hadith below

“Chapter: Dyeing Hair”

Comment on the text:

The hadith of Abu Quhaafaah also states dye the white hair. But Majority of the scholars did now not say it’s far responsibility to dye the white hair as among the salaf did not change their white hair into different coloration , like Abu Ishaq said concerning Ali ra that “I saw him on minibar and his hair of head and beard had been white” [Musannaf Abdul Razzaq 3/188-189 no. 5267]

If converting white into other colorings isn’t always an duty than how can it be viable that it is proibited to use black dye?

Sahaba used to dye their hair black.

a) The amal of Hasan ra

Imam Abu Jafar Baqir stated: Hasan bin Ali used to dye hair black.[al-Moajam alKabeer Tabrani 3/22 hadith no: 2535, Muarifat al-Sahaba of Abi Naeem asbahani no: 1750]

b) The amal of Husain ra

Narrated Muhammad: anas bin Malik said, “The head of Al-Husain become introduced to ‘Ubaidullah bin ziyad and became installed a tray, after which Ibn ziyad started gambling with a stick at the nose and mouth of Al-Husain’s head and pronouncing some thing about his handsome capabilities.

” anas then said (to him), “Al-Husain resembled the Prophet extra than the others did.” anas delivered, “His (i.E. Al-Husain’s) hair changed into dyed with Wasma (i.E. A kind of plant used as a dye).” (Bukhari Book #fifty seven, Hadith #91) wasma (woad leaves) which make the hair black as coal.

Note: Muhammad bin Hasan Shaybani said:

There is not anything incorrect in the use of wasma (woad leaves which make the hair black as coal) henna and yellow dye, and there is nothing incorrect in leaving the hair white.[Mawatta Muhammad bin hasan chapter of dyeing]

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Why is black hair haram?

According to the seminary, Sharia prohibits use of such dyes that leave a layer at the hair as it obstructs water from achieving the roots of hair all through ablution and makes it invalid.

Which hair Colour is halal in Islam?

Summary of answer. It is permissible for a Muslim female to dye her hair any colour other than black, so long as that isn’t always imitating non-Muslim women.

Why do Muslims color their hair?

This rationalization also coincides with the explicit purpose given in several of the hadith reports in query, which urge Muslims to dye their hair which will distinguish themselves from non-Muslims: “Change the white and do now not imitate (lā tashabbahū) the Jews”; “Change the white and do no longer imitate the Jews or the …

Is permanent hair shade halal?

A:Yes, It’s a halal product.

Can I color my hair in Islam?

No we aren’t accepted to dye our hair black however can be dyed with hues which are bright as with that of henna.

Can Muslims dye their hair black?

According to the seminary, Sharia prohibits use of such dyes that go away a layer on the hair as it obstructs water from achieving the roots of hair at some point of ablution and makes it invalid.

Is having crush Haram?


Is bleaching hair Haram in Islam?

With bleaching, due to the fact the exchange is irreversible (you cannot put the authentic hair pigment back into the hair after you’ve got stripped it with bleach), it is taken into consideration haram to a few. Then once more, due to the fact hair grows again in its natural coloration, others don’t forget it to be transient and, therefore, halal.

Which hair dye is wudhu friendly?

Gumash. Gumash’s hair dyes are also halal and wudhu-compliant. To keep your hair wholesome, every hair dye comes with a hair treatment masks. It is available in a number herbal-searching shades, from deep black and dark brown to burgundy and copper.

Is there halal dye?

Halal hair dye genuinely means there aren’t any substances in it that comes from animals. It nevertheless has alcohol. Therefore, take note of the type of dye whilst choosing a hair colour. Colouring your hair black once you damage it most effective makes it look wholesome but does no make it wholesome enough for some other chemical hair task.

Is makeup haram in Islam?

It may be very crucial if she wears make-up at home or whilst she goes out. If a female isn’t always married, then she must pay attention to the opinion of her dad and mom about this”, – Yurchenko stated. Unmarried girls can handiest apply bright make-up for themselves, however if a female has the goal of seducing someone, it’s far haraam.

What is Islam’s preferred colour?

Why is inexperienced so general inside the Muslim world? Because it was supposedly Mohammed’s preferred coloration. The Islamic prophet is stated to have worn a inexperienced cloak and turban, and his writings are full of references to the colour.

Is it haram to listen to song?

Imam al-Ghazzali, said several hadith and came to the belief that music in and of itself is authorized, pronouncing: “All those Ahadith are suggested by means of al-Bukhari and singing and gambling aren’t haram.” He also references a narration from Khidr, in which a good opinion of song is expressed.

Is it haram to listen to track?

Imam al-Ghazzali, said numerous hadith and came to the realization that music in and of itself is permitted, saying: “All those Ahadith are stated with the aid of al-Bukhari and singing and gambling are not haram.” He additionally references a narration from Khidr, in which a good opinion of tune is expressed.

What is a haram colour in Islam?

According to hadith litera- ture, the Prophet prohibited men from sporting yellow: ‘The Prophet, peace be upon him, has prohibited us from sporting yellow clothing’ (al-Nasa’ī 1988).

Is hair shaving haram?

Throughout the Islamic world, hair elimination is taken into consideration within the context of non secular regulation. Amongst Muslims, hair removal is a part of an impulse in the direction of fashionable purity and cleanliness and includes the trimming of nails and the casting off of armpit and pubic hair.

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