Cotton Beanies Soft Sleep Cap 3 – Pack

Sleeping cap: the problem of the hair is common among the patients of the fatal disease, cancer. The women suffering from cancer are the victim of the hair fall. As they are very sensitive and touchy about their hair, their fall costs much disturbance and anxiety among them. The treatment of cancer called chemo therapy is very time taking and many aftereffects are connected with this treatment. Falling of loss and hair are the most common symptoms and side effects of the treatment. Male are not so much touchy and sensitive about hair as they are used to it. The hair fall among is common and is not taken to heart when they are not the part of the body. But the beauty and charm of the personality of the female depends lot on the hair and hair style. They take much care of the look after the hair.  Sleeping cap provides protection and coverage to the head when the hairs do not remain on the head.  

Sleeping hats and sleeping caps are special prepared for the females suffering from cancer and the treatment of the cancer. These sleep caps are worn under the head dress and they cover the whole head leaving no trace for the outsiders to judge whether the female has hair or is deprived of it. It means these sleeping hats are a kind of protection for concealing the bald head from the members who do not belong to their family or not familiar with them.

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 Sleep caps help in restoring the confidence and believe. The female feel free of tension and embarrassment after taking these sleep caps on their heads. The sleeping caps are the best solution to the cover the hair fall. This cap is cheap and durable. This is easy to wear and easy to remove. It is not sticky or heated. One can feel relaxed under the sleep cap. These sleeping hats are being offered to the females who are undergoing the chemo therapy to recover from the dangerous disease cancer.

Following are the few features of the sleeping caps.

  • It is pull on closure. It means it is closed when it is pulled and does not come off automatically due to string wind or storm.
  • It is easy to wash. It is hand washed only and no need of washing machine to clean or wash it.
  • The quality of the sleeping cap is superb. It is of high quality and very comfortable. It is easy to wear and consists of single layer of fabrics.
  • It is the best for the hair loss and hair fall coverage to protect the head. Also it can be used as casual dress for men and women in their daily wear.
  • It is light weight and is breathable. It is made of cotton and bamboo fiber. It keeps snug and comfy.
  • Take care not to use bleach as it would make it dull and drab and hard.
  • Package of three sleeping caps is being offered to you by the website.

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