Lina & Lily Floral Chiffon Hijab Muslim Scarf

Lina & Lily Floral Chiffon Hijab Muslim Scarf: long scarf is often used by the women who dress themselves with abaya. There are many types of scarf. Lina & Lily Floral Chiffon Hijab Muslim Scarf are the two major kinds that are in fashion in the markets. Another term used for the long scarf is the stole. Both are equal in the term of use and wearing. The women of South Asia and Middle East are fond of these scarves. Even the women in Europe are resorting to the scarf and stole.

 It gives them the sense of protection and security among the men of different categories.   The long-knitted scarf is used to drape and wrap the body especially the upper part of the body starting from chest to head. Scarf Macys is also the type of long scarf and is in fashion in the America and other European countries. The long scarf is used to attribute the wide decorating sash that the women wear over the shoulder to look attractive and pretty. Graduation stole and liturgical stole are the main kinds of the long scarf.

Islamic scarf is very reliable for the women to wear for avoiding the unknown and strangers. It is the best means to observe purdah and to cover head and face. The Muslim woman scarf is the need for the women of today as the scarf does the duel function. First it serves the purpose of hiding the upper parts of the body which are ordered by the holy Quran to cover and secondly, it does not prove hindrance in the performance of the professional work in the office or at home.

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Color All Shade White, Black, Camel ETC

The Islamic scarf is also called the head wear as it is used to cover the head. Sometimes, scarf has another covering part which is used to cover the face. These types of scarf are in fashion in the Muslim countries specially and the other non-Muslim generally.

Following are the main features of the Muslim scarf:

  • It is adorned with floral print and looks very attractive and pretty to wear.
  • It is 70″ x 28″ ( 180cm x 73cm in size and length. The large size is also available which has the additional function of wrapping and creating drapes. Also is used to try with different hijab styles.
  • The Muslim scarf is purely made of 100% polyester. The scarf has very good texture and it provides maximum comfort and elegance.
  • It is versatile and is easy to give any style to it like headscarf, shawl, turban, veil etc.
  • It is very warm and is very good to wear in the summer days.

It can be used with the help of pins or cap is requires to wear under scarf. Its price is not included.  Lina & Lily Floral Chiffon Hijab Muslim Scarf

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