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Flying in the air has been the unfinished longing of the human beings since time immemorial. Many attempts have been made to make this wish fact but were not awarded in term of physical shape until the Right Brothers. They practically proved that flight in the air can be possible and they did show their own experiment. This experiment inspired the many and the scientists once again started to work on the possibility of flying in the air. Starting from the first ever flying machine gladiator to the modern planes, different scientists did their best and each of the scientists played his role in the realization of the air flight.

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These attempts have taken the human beings from the flimsy paper hot air balloons and strange looking gliders to the present day supersonic jet planes. During this attempt, the man has learnt to know about the forces that help the planes to fly in the air. These forces are now no secret as all of the facts and the mechanism is known to the people of the modern day world. Four forces are involved in the flight of the planes and birds in the air. These four forces are weight, lift, thrust and drag.  

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Weight and lift

The first force that helps the plane to take off the land is the weight and lift.  To fly and to take, the plane has to cover the gravity of the earth. Unless and until, the gravity is to e overcome. It needs speed and power to get out of the force of the gravity. The gravity or the pull of the earth is known as the weight of the things.

Both planes and birds must have the required lift of force that could oppose the weight force or the gravity. The lift forces actually acts upward and acts against the weight force. Planes and birds must be able to generate sufficient lift force to counteract the weight force. The air travelling over and under the wings causes lift, which is a force that acts upwards against weight.

In this article, we expand on these concepts.

An aeroplane is kept in the air by four forces. Lift, w8, thrust, and drag are the three. The aeroplane is pushed upward by the lift. The lift is provided by the movement of air around the wings. The form of the wings also aids in lift. Weight is the force that pushes the plane closer to the ground. Airplanes are designed with w8 spaced out from front to back. This maintains the plane’s balance.

Remember to include the pilot! NASA Thrust is the force that propels the airplane forward.

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