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Dinner Party Starter Recipes – Are you looking for simple starter recipes? Check out our dinner party appetizers for easy but stunning entertaining. We’ve got vegetarian recipes for starters that range from creamy burrata, lovely courgette flower arrangements, and sophisticated soups that include picked mushrooms. You can also try any of our fish starters like ceviche, scallops and smoked salmon, and much more.

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Seafood starters: Salt and Pepper Squid 

Start your dinner celebration with a delicious plate of squid with salt and pepper. The mix of black and Sichuan peppercorns adds subtle spice and an icy kick. This recipe comes from co-owners of the seafood Restaurant Prawn on the Lawn. 

Big champagne and lemony prawns in a vol-au-vent 

Sea scallops that have been grilled served with “nduja butter. 

Begin your Christmas meal with a bang. Serve the spicy, flavor-packed scallops with their shells.

Herbs and chilies Calamari 

Make sure you enjoy crisp, golden squid rings by mixing chili, peanuts, and coriander to make a delicious seafood appetizer.

Dinner Party Starter RecipesShell for scallops pie 

The pies come with their scallop shells and then top them with puff pastry that is flaky and delicious the perfect for a way to begin your meal with your loved ones.

Shrimp Brown Ranhofer 

Make shrimps the star of this simple appetizer recipe. Ranhofer is a rich, delicious sauce infused with cayenne pepper and brandy. The original recipe uses lobster. However, we’ve swapped it for brown shrimp for a quick appetizer for a dinner party.

Moules mariniere 

Mussels are a fantastic appetizer to share. Try our simple recipe for moules mariners (mussels served with white wine sauce). This traditional French recipe is an excellent method to impress dinner guests. Serve it on the table with a few soup bowls and some bread, and allow everyone to enjoy. The recipe is available here. many more recipes for mussels on our website.

Prawn cocktail 

Create this classic recipe for starters in only 15 minutes with fresh prawns and a rich, rich sauce. This tried-and-tested recipe is a popular one and perfect for entertaining.

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Smoky tartare of salmon with capers and lemon 

If you enjoy serving smoked salmon as an appetizer at Christmas, This is a fantastic contemporary twist. The salmon is chopped finely and served with a delicious dressing of lemon, shallots, and capers. Eat with thin slices toast with melba.

Garlic chili and clams toast with sourdough. 

Create our simple garlic chili recipe that is low in calories. Clams with a crunchy sourdough toast to create a stunning appetizer. This recipe can be prepared in less than 15 minutes, making it the perfect recipe to serve for a last-minute dinner gathering.

Sea Bream Ceviche with burned Sweetcorn 

This quick and easy appetizer is a popular Latin American dish. The recipe we have created is gluten-free and utilizes sea bream, a beautiful fish that is great with zesty limes and a sprinkling of chili. It’s super fast, easy to prepare, and an excellent display starter.

Thailand-style fishcakes topped with sweet and spicy cucumbers. 

Thai fishcakes are great dishes for a party or dinner starter for your party as they can be cooked in advance and then keep them warm within the oven. A simple cucumber pickle is the original Southeast Asian touch. Additional recipes for fishcakes on this page…

Seared tuna tataki 

This basic Asian recipe is super healthful and will send your taste buds singing. There are only 211 calories as well. Ask your fishmonger for sashimi-grade tuna.

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Vegetarian starters – Grilled antipasti made of vegetables 

Enjoy a traditional Italian dinner with these stunning grilling vegetables. Serve them with focaccia bread olives, cured meats, and olives for a delicious platter.

Pea as well as Yorkshire Fettle croquettes with mint mayonnaise 

Try these delicious croquettes made with peas with a crunchy Yorkshire fettle. This fantastic vegetable dish comes from Chef Chris Boustead of the new Islington restaurant Linden Stores.

Dinner Party Starter RecipesBurrata With sweet cereal 

Everyone enjoys burrata as a fantastic appetizer. Check out our recipe for creamy burrata paired with sweet granola. It can be a great conversation piece that your guests will love. Check out our most popular vegetarian dishes for entertaining on this page.

Asparagus as well as goat’s cheese and lovage 

Prepare this delicious asparagus appetizer recipe using smooth goat’s cheese and fresh lovage, the perfect way to impress guests during your next meal gathering. This recipe comes from chef Johnnie Crowe at his new East London restaurant, Nest. You can make the entire menu for a dinner party from Nest by incorporating our recipes to cooking at home here…

Courgette flowers fried with vinegar and honey

Delicious finger food that is perfect for kicking off your dinner celebration. Filled with sweet and tangy flavor, these courgette blossoms made with vinegar and honey are an excellent appetizer for any summer-time dinner gathering. Additionally, they appear impressive and are fast and straightforward to prepare.

Broccoli tempura served with the dipping sauce of ponzu. 

Are you in search of a vegan-friendly recipe for a starter? Try this tasty purple sprouting broccoli coated in crisp tempura batter. It can be prepared in less than thirty minutes. This dish is sure to create a spectacular vegan dinner dish for a party.

Fresh figs that have been baked and filtered with goat’s cheese that has been peppered 

An easy appetizer or a stunning dessert for your next dinner event. Try our vegetarian recipe for scrumptious fresh figs that have been filo-baked and stuffed with goat’s cheese peppered.

Asparagus cooked with butter, balsamic, and capers. 

This asparagus recipe with balsamic, butter and capers is a fantastic appetizer or lunch. Additionally, it can be prepared in only 15 minutes and has less than 300 calories.

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Soup starters 

Roasted beetroot soup, caramelized onion with blue cheese toasts 

Make sure your Christmas celebration gets going off with a bang with our beetroot soup that is creamy and delicious served with crunchy, cheesy mini toasts of sourdough.

The soup of the mushroom made with pickled mushrooms 

Are you looking for a delicious soup appetizer? Try our delightful mushroom soup made with easy pickled mushrooms. This simple recipe can be enhanced with a picked mushroom topping. Below are some other soup recipes you can test…

Green gazpacho with prosciutto and burrata 

If you are looking for a refreshing idea to start your meal, you can try this lively gazpacho recipe packed with spicy jalapenos, crisp prosciutto, and soft burrata. Chilling the gazpacho can allow the flavors to develop fully. It is possible to make it with red tomatoes. However, it won’t be as vivid as the color.

Melon gazpacho 

The sweet melon gazpacho makes an ideal light summer dish or a starter. It is packed with flavor and garnished with crispy parma ham, and this recipe is less than 250 calories per serving.

starters from all over the globe 

Chicory mixed with pulses and grain 

See this delicious chicory salad that includes lentils, borlotti beans, and crispy panko breadcrumbs. This recipe is easy to make and is straight from Italian Restaurant Bancone, located in Covent Garden.

Dinner Party Starter RecipesClassic manti 

If you’re looking for the perfect comfort food to kick off your meal, you won’t be much wrong by eating dumplings. The Polish have pierogi, the Italians are known for ravioli, the Chinese are known for dim sum, and in Turkey, they’ve got manti. Please take a look at our recipe for manti that is classic. These dumplings are the perfect meal appetizer.

Wings of chicken with Sanbei sauce 

A stunning starter that comes from Taiwan. Take a look at these delicious chicken wings topped with a spicy Sanbei sauce. This recipe is simple to prepare and is from a brand new Taiwanese food chain XU situated in London’s Chinatown.

This recipe for hammock rillettes containing Pistachio salt is directly from Salt and Honey in London and makes a beautiful appetizer for a dinner party.

Explore more delicious Ham recipes using hocks, including salads and terrines, to pasta bakes and risottos.

Thai Red Curry Mussels 

Recipe to make Thai Red Curry mussels a fantastic alternative to serving mussels. It’s effortless to prepare, can be prepared in less than 30 minutes, and has less than 300 calories, but it’s filled with flavor and the perfect chili spice.

Baba Ganoush along with Cumin Crispbreads 

Serve this baba-ganoush with cumin crispbreads for an appetizer with olives, hummus falafel, or lamb kofte. Crispbreads can be stored within an airtight container for up to 3 days.

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Meat starters – Burrata and grilled peaches 

Juicy peaches offer a sweet contrast to the creamy burrata and salted serrano ham in this mouthwatering salad that can be served as an appetizer.

Dinner Party Starter RecipesSummer deli board 

Combine our favorite charcuterie and vegetables and serve it with melting brie to make a simple sharing appetizer.

Fruits marinated, seasoned with cheese and serrano ham 

Please find out how to make our simple fig recipe that includes smooth mozzarella, salty serrano ham, and spicy rocket. Easy pickled figs are an easy recipe perfect for the next dining gathering with your loved ones.

A tomato salad with warm ‘nduja dressing 

One of our most memorable appetizers to date. With the spice of “nduja,” the crunch as well as the freshness and crunch of bright tomatoes and rich, delicious burrata, this delicious tomato salad is an excellent summer meal.

Avocados that are griddled with crab and Chorizo 

Try this easy and quick avocado recipe using spicy chorizo and crab salsa. This avocado recipe is made in only 20 minutes. It’s an ideal appetizer recipe to serve at a summer evening dinner party.

This delicious terrine is a wonderful starter recipe you can prepare for your guests. Filled with succulent meats and delightful pistachio gems, it is a meal that your guests will be able toremember. 

Steak tartare 

The classic recipe doesn’t need to be complicated. This easy recipe makes an excellent appetizer for a dinner party; simply add the items by the number of guests you’ll be hosting. 

Lardo and tomatoes on toast, drizzled with Basil oil 

Try our simple and quick recipe for lardo and tomatoes on toast with deliciously mild basil oil. Crispy toasted sough dough, garnished with velvety soft Lardo, and a good quality tomato ripe and juicy, this recipe is great as part of an antipasti dish. 

BBQ chicken wings in fish sauce 

The next time you host a dinner party, it will delight by starting with our sticky and sweet BBQ chicken wings. This gluten-free recipe can be simple to prepare and a perfect crowd pleaser for any summer barbecue or dinner. 

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