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by which the Companions (may God be pleased with them) and those who came after them learned to read the In this article, I’ll share a study guide for teaching kids the rules of intonation using Mushafaha, which is the first method Holy Quran, it was perhaps the best way to teach children the rules of intonation (Tajweed) and their mastery before the science of intonation appeared and became a separate science with its scholars.

Therefore, I suggest that you use Mushafaha to teach kids the rules of Tajweed, and I advise you to read books that make intonation rules easier to understand, like Dr. Ayman Suwaid’s “altajwid almusawiri”

Now here is the study guide:

  1. First, create a plan for each class by dividing the Holy Quran and by the number of classes.
  2. Prepare the required number of verses to read to the class kids.
  3. Make the kids look at you as you read the verses aloud while being sure to pronounce them clearly, accurately, and slowly.
  4. Use audio or videos for one of the skilled reciters. Al-Minshawi the teacher is my recommendation. This allows the little listeners the chance to hear and repeat along with the reciter.
  5. This should be repeated several times throughout the lesson, at the start, middle, and end.
  6. Children will respond if you make sure they hear the verses and repeat them and they will immediately start to apply the rules.
  7. To ensure that they are pronouncing the verses correctly, have the kids each read them aloud.
  8. Divide the amount of memorization among the students so that one student reads a verse after another.
  9. Make as many facial or hand gestures as you can to explain the verse’s meaning so that the child can associate it with the start of the following verse.
  10. Be in touch with their mothers and explain the strategy you use with their kids, ask them to play the required verses at home more than once, especially before bed. Another wonderful and effective strategy is to listen to them in the car as the parents drive out together.
  11. At the start of each lesson, you must go through the previous lesson with the students once more and have them memorize the verses before starting the new lesson.
  12. Give the student who has finished the memorization amount a little gift or give them a moral award by having them read from the Holy Quran on the school broadcast.

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