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Dear Users, Education is the process of   learning, or , skills, core values, basic beliefs, and good habits. Educational methods include teaching, training, discussion, conversation and directed research in any topic. Education continuous takes place under the guidance of well educators, however learners can also educate themselves. Education can take place in formal (formal informal and non-formal education) or informal settings and any experience in the life that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, good feels Good direction, or acts may be considered educational learning. The methodology of teaching is called pedagogy.

Formal education (formal education definition) is commonly divided formally into such stages as preschool, Pre learners or kindergarten, primary school, Middle school (elementary school), secondary school, Higher Secondary School and then college, university

Dear, Education goes beyond what takes place in the classroom Activities. A child, Kids, and Toddlers receives Formal education from both their experiences outside the school and those inside with them. There are mainly three types of education namely

Dear Users, There are three forms of education: Formal informal and non-formal education and Informal education.

  1. Formal education
  2. Informal education
  3. Non-formal education

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All Educational Form Free Download

02GPF -formPDF
04Cond supdtPDF
06Change FormPDF
08Equivalence formPDF
10Salary bill ggajated officerPDF
12Scholarship PerformaPDF
13Special Qouta form PeefPDF
14Supervision AgreementPDF
15Degree verification-formPDF
16Cond practical-examinerPDF
18Exams Rechecking formPDF
19Salary bill_ggajated officerPDF
20Ta -Da Bill Gazetted OfficerPDF
21Degrees verification PerfoemaPDF
22Calculation of Qualifying servicePDF
23Casual leave for staff ApplicationPDF
24Form PEC-TL (final)PDF
26Form for family members of PensionerPDF
27Form for permanent-GPF-loanPDF
28Funeral Grant FormPDF
30Invigilator Performa PDF
31Joining-relieving report-non-GazzatedPDF
32PEC Form 2B Interview1PDF
33Permission ExaminationPDF
35Leave Account PDF
36LPC (Last Pay Slip)PDF
37Marriage Grant FormPDF
38Medical DocketPDF
39Monthly Grant FormPDF
40Pay bill-of-Gazzetted OfficerPDF
42Gazetted-Bill for Gazetted officersPDF
43Gazetted-charge-joining-relieving-Performa blankPDF
44No-Accommodation CertificatePDF
45leave Earned or any other long leavePDF
46optional form for direct credit-of pensionPDF
48Application form for-family pensionPDF
49Benevolent fund-scholarship form-1PDF
50Application for casual-leave for staffPDF
51Certificate-for-deduction for PunjabPDF
52Affidavit-GP Fund-Zakat DeductionPDF
53Amendment form-in-membershipPDF
54Registration form-private School-5thPDF
55Registration form-private-school-8thPDF
57Joining report-of-non-Gazetted-teachersPDF
58Master level-scholarship form-2012-PeefPDF
59Departmental Permission for-educatorsPDF
60Change form for District Accounts officesPDF
61Basic pay Scale wise-GP Fund deductionPDF
62Endorsement of Higher Qualification-NewPDF
63Fact sheet for grant of-financial-AssistancePDF
64Form-for-temporary- GPF -loan or AdvancePDF
65Income tax Statement form for TeachersPDF
66GP-Fund-Detail Form monthly instalmentPDF
67Application for Duplicate PEC Regn CertificatePDF
68Application form for family pension & GradualityPDF
69Application form for regular-pension and-GradualityPDF
70Ta-Bill-for-Gazetted officer General for All ServantsPDF
71Form for leave Account under the revised leave Rules-1981PDF
72Punjab school-teachers Self-Assessment-proforma for Transfer newPDF
73Emergency-Alert System-Registration-form for-schools-colleges-universitiesPDF
74Travelling Allowance-TA form-for gazetted officers for Government EmployeesPDF
All Educational Forms (School Education Department)

Account-verification-form - Schools forms

Affidavit-GP Fund-Zakat Deduction

Ammendment form-in-membership

Application for Casual leave for Staff

Application for Duplicate PEC Regn

Application for Page and Volume - Schools forms

Application form for regular Pension

Application form for-family pension

Application for family-pension and Grant

Basic pay Scale Wise GP Fund deduction


Bill-Gazetted - Educational Forms - Schools forms

Calculation of Qualifying Service - Schools forms

Casual leave for staff Application

Certificate for deduction for Punjab - Schools forms

Challan-32 - Educational Forms - Schools forms

Change form for District Accounts offices

Changre Form -School Education Department

Cond supdt -School Education Department

cond practical-Examiner - Schools forms

Contigent Bill -School Education Department

Degree Verification form - Educational Forms

Degrees varification Perfoema - Schools forms

Departmental Permission - Schools forms

Educators form-2014 - Educational Forms

Emergency alert system registration forms

Endorsement of Higher Qualification-New

Equvalance form -School Education Department

Exams Rechecking form - Educational Forms

f24-lpr School Education Department

f24-lpr fill School Education Department

Fact Sheet for Grant of financial Assistance

Form for detail of GPF-deductions

Form PEC-TL (final) - Educational Forms

Form for family members of pensioner

Form for leave Account - Educational Forms

form-for-permanent-gpf-loan - Schools forms


Funeral Grant Form - Educational Forms

Gazetted-Bill for Gazetted officers - Schools forms

Gazetted charge-joining-Relieving - Schools forms

gpf-form -School Education Department

GP-fund -School Education Department

GP-Fund-Detail Form monthly instalment

Hiring-Form -School Education Department

Income Tax Statement form for Teachers

Invigilator Performa - Educational Forms

Joining Relieving-non-Gazzated Teachers

joining report form for gazetted Teachers

joining report of non-Gazetted Teachers

Leave Account -School Education Department

leave Earned-or-any-other-long-leave

LPC (Last Pay Slip) - Educational Forms

Marriage Grant Form - Educational Forms

Master level-scholarship-2012 peef

Medical Doket -School Education Department

Monthly Grant Form - Educational Forms

No-accomodation Certificate - Schools forms

optional form for direct credit-of pension

Pay Bill of-Gazzetted-officer - Schools forms

PEC Form 1B EPE - Educational Forms

PEC Form 2B interview 1 - Educational Forms

Permission Examination - Educational Forms

permission for exam - Educational Forms

Punjab school Teachers-self - Schools forms

Reapear -School Education Department

Refund form for pgshf - Educational Forms

Registration- form- private School-5th


Scholarship Performa - Educational Forms

Special Qouta form Peef - Educational Forms

Supervision Agreement - Educational Forms

Synopsis of character roll - Educational Forms

Ta -Da-Bill Gazetted Officer - Schools forms

Ta Bill for Gazetted officer - Schools forms

Termination form for Punjab govt servant

Traveling Allowance-TA form for Gazetted

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