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Dear Users, Crab tree has a growing list of Free PDF downloadable Teacher’s Guides all Grades (1-12) that are written by experienced educators, Writers and concern curriculum coordinators Only. These comprehensive Teacher guides Grade 1-12 are designed to meet all the needs of classroom teachers and Student’s Needs

All free PDF downloadable Teacher’s Guides include:

  • Key curriculum correlations
  • Chapters goals and objectives
  • Black line masters and so on etc.
  • Assessment guides and necessary rubrics all Grades
  • Vocabulary charts to introduce all subject-specific Modern terminology
  • Comprehensive lesson plans all Grades with modifications to meet the needs of all students

Dear Teachers and Parents Here is our Student’s level chart shown left will help you guide students to the appropriate all levels of ebooks and promote their success as readers.

Guided Reading Book Leve

Sr.NoAlphabet Levels
2B-IGrade 1
3H-MGrade 2
4L-PGrade 3
5O-TGrade 4
6S-WGrade 5
7V-Y Grade 6
8X-ZGrade 7 &
Guided Reading Book Level and Grades Level (1-12)

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PDF Free downloadable Teacher's Guides available for these series (UK, USA ):

  • History PDF
  • Reading PDF
  • Life Science PDF
  • Biographies PDF
  • Social Studies PDF
  • Language Arts PDF
  • My World Series PDF
  • Career Education PDF
  • Science as Inquiry PDF
  • Crabtree Close-Up PDF
  • Types of Geography PDF
  • Health and Guidance PDF
  • Ancient World History PDF
  • Earth and Space Science PDF
  • Computers and Technology PDF
  • Types of Graphic Organizers PDF
  • Environmental Health Science PDF
  • Economic and Financial Literacy PDF
  • Engineering Design and Technology PDF


Remarkable- lives revealed Teacher's-Guide

Career Education

Science and Technology Teacher's-Guide

Computers and Technology

Academy Teacher-s Guide - The Manual

Crabtree Close-Up

Earth's Processes Teacher's Guide

Engineering close up Teacher's Guide

light and Sound waves Teacher's Guide

Motion close up Teacher's Guide - The Manual

Earth and Space Science

Energy revolution - The Manual Free PDF

Natural disasters Teachers Guide Free Full PDF

Rocks Minerals-and Resources PDF

Economic and Financial Literacy

All About Money Teacher's Guide PDF Download

Financial literacy for life teacher's Guide

Introduction to financial literacy Teacher's Guide

Engineering Design and Technology

An Engineer Teacher Guide PDF Download

Breakthrough Inventions Free PDF Download

Stem Gineers Teacher's Guide Free Full PDF

Environmental Science

ECO Facts Teacher-s Guide PDF

Good to be green Teacher-s Guide

Impact on Earth-teacher's Guide Free Full PDF


GEO Facts Teacher-s Guide PDF

Human path Across the continent Teacher's-Guide

Graphic Organizers

3-Cycle Diagram - logic diagram Free Full PDF

4-Cycle Diagram - logic diagram Free Full PDF

Country Explorer - logic diagram Free Full PDF

k-w-h-l-chart -2 - logic diagram Free Full PDF

k-w-h-l-Chart - logic diagram Free Full PDF

My Dictionary - logic diagram Free Full PDF

Star Diagram - logic diagram Free Full PDF

Tiimeline Diagram - logic diagram

Venn Diagram - logic diagram

Word Chart - logic diagram Free Full PDF

Health and Guidance

Be Your best self Teacher-s Guide

Slim Goodbody's-Body Buddies Free Full PDF

slim Goodbody's-lighten up PDF Download

Staying safe Free PDF Download

Staying-Safe-2 Free PDF Download

Step forward-Teacher's Guide PDF Download


Deconstructing Powerful Speeches Teacher's Guide

Uncovering the Past-teacher's Guide PDF

Your Guide to Government Free PDF Download

Language Arts

Full Steam Ahead Free PDF Download

State Your Case Teacher's Guide Free PDF Download

Why does media Literacy matter Teacher's Guide

Life Science

Animals back from the brink Teacher's Guide

Big Science Ideas Free PDF Download

Ecosystems inside out Teacher's Guide

Ecosystems research Journal Teacher's Guided

Epic Animal journeys Teacher-s Guide

Follow the food chain Teacher's Guide

Follow the life cycle Teacher-s Guide

Food Chains - Forest food web Free PDF Download

Introducing Habitats - Forest food web

Map and track Biomes and Animals - Forest food web

Natures Changes - Forest food web

Wildlife in the city Teacher's Guide

Wildlife worlds Teacher-s Guide - Forest food web

World of Insects - Forest food web

My World Series

Lesson Plan---level-a-set - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan--level-b-set - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan--level-c-set - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan--level-d-set - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan--level-e-set - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan--level-f-set - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan--level-g-set - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan--level-h-set - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan--level-j-set - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan---levels-a-h - Teaching ideas

Lesson Plan--levels-a-j - Teaching ideas


Crabtree Connections Grades-2-3 PDF

Crabtree Connections-Grades-3-4 PDF

Tadpoles - Teaching ideas PDF Download

Science as Inquiry

Amazing Science - History of Science PDF

Catch a wave Teacher Guide PDF

Simple Machines - History of Science PDF

Why Chemistry matters - History of Science PDF

World and Ancient History

Ancient worlds inside out Teacher's-Guide

Scientists in action Teacher's-Guide

The Genius of the Ancients - History of Science PDF

Travel with the great explorers Teacher's-Guide

Social Studies

All kinds of people Teacher's Guide

All over the map - History of Science PDF

Be the change Teacher's Guide - History Teks

Citizenship in Action Teacher's Guide

Cultural traditions in my world Teacher's Guides

Design thinking for a better world

Disaster diaries Teacher's Guide - History Teks

Exploring the Continents - Social Studies curriculum

Get informed stay informed teacher's Guide

Hidden History Teacher's Guide - History Teks

Homes Around the World - Social Studies curriculum

How did that get There - Social Studies curriculum

Human Habitats - Social Studies curriculum

In the Footsteps - Social Studies curriculum

journalism that-inspired Teacher's Guide

Learning about our global Community Teacher's Guid

Leaving my Homeland Teacher-s Guide

leaving-my-homel - Social Studies curriculum

Native Nations - Social Studies curriculum

People of the Ancient world - History Teks

Stories of great people - Social Studies curriculum

The Medieval world - Social Studies curriculum

Un Sustainable development goals

Next Article: Graphic organizers are Powerful Tools

Dear Users, Graphic organizers are powerful tools to support content-area literacy in the classroom. Graphic organizers help the students construct meaning, organize academic information, general Information and isolate key concepts of All Academic and Curriculum Activities etc. The graphic organizers listed below can be used with Crabtree books to facilitate content-area instruction, reading comprehension, and writing and note taking skills. Click on the links below to free pdf download these free Teacher Guides. Reminder Keep Touch and remain Active for Latest News.

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