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Smart Series Teacher Guides Cambridge university primary school. Access the latest Teacher’s Guides for the Smart Start Primary Level and NEW Smart Primary series for Nigerian schools Teacher guides (New smart series)

The guides include advice and guidance on teaching strategies (reciprocal reading, project method of teaching, Classroom teaching strategies, collaborative teaching, interactive teaching, direct teaching, core teaching strategies, active learning methods, station teaching,), assessment Plan. They provide a general introduction to the main content, structure and underlying concept of philosophy of education of Cambridge university Primary School.  

Every Primary teacher’s guides also bring together sample lesson plans for teacher, Teacher training activities class room and information about further resources Primary and support available from Cambridge

The Cambridge the Teacher’s  Guides support teachers in implementing Cambridge Primary level in five key areas: Planning, Teaching Approach, Assessment Plan, Information Communication Technology and The learning Environment Dear Student, you can free download here Teachers Guides grade 1, Teachers Guide grade 2, Teachers Guide grade 3, Teachers Guide grade 4, Teachers Guide grade 5, Teachers Guide grade 6.

Smart Series | Cambridge University Primary School , the Teacher’ Guide, international primary curriculum, Cambridge English and Smart series

Planning (Lesson Plan Model)

Every Teacher Guides provides tells us how to plan and activities. They demonstrate how teachers can cover all the curriculum content Primary Level for lesson plan grade 1, lesson plan grade 2, lesson plan grade 3, lesson plan grade 4, lesson plan grade 5, lesson plan grade 6, grade 7  and provide guidance on the long-term, the medium-term and  the short-term planning.

Resources include detailed guides on different planning approaches in the class room, and teacher training activities to develop planning skills further. This information is supplemented by sample schemes of work, sample lesson plans and planning templates that teachers can adapt and use in the class room.

Teaching approaches

The Teaching approaches section considers some of the different ways (Direct instruction, Constructive Teaching, inductive method of Teaching, Constructive Teaching, Teaching Centered Approach, Thematic Teaching, Direct Instruction Model, Teaching Approaches and method, inquiry teaching , inductive Grammar and Contextual teaching learning etc ) that teachers may choose to deliver particular activities whole the year. It is not despotic, but encourages to the teachers to think in different learning styles.  The guide is supported by teaching environment and training activities that help teachers to think about how to apply different types approaches in practice.

Assessment Plan (Formative and Assumptive Assessment)

Each Teacher Guide explores the types and role of School assessment Plan. Explanations are given about formative and assumptive assessment and assessment along with practical assessment techniques (One minute Paper, self assessment technique, ) that can be used in the classroom.

ICT (Information Communication Technology)

The ICT  (Information Communication Technology) section helps teachers to consider which areas of the curriculum may benefit from ICT (Information Communication Technology) and where this may offer the best added value. Suggestions and examples are given showing how ICT (Information Communication Technology) may successfully be linked with the Cambridge Primary curriculum for each subject.  A detailed appendix gives specific ideas showing how ICT (Information Communication Technology) could potentially enhance each stage of the curriculum.

The Learning environment

Each Teacher Guide provides advice on classroom environment (positive learning environment, Conductive to Learning, Language Rich Classroom) and types of learning environment and developing strategies for the effective management of learning. Teachers are given opinions on how they can support learners during different activities in the class room and how to create a positive and active atmosphere in the classroom. Dear Student There are 4 types of Teacher Guides. Smart Start English, Smart Start Mathematics, Smart Start Basic Science and Smart Start Teacher Guide Kindergarten.

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Smart Series, Cambridge university primary school are available for each subject (Smart English, Smart Mathematics and Smart Science & Technology). They make suggestions and improvement about how to approach the implementation and delivery of Cambridge Primary Subjects in your school.

Smart Series | Cambridge University Primary School , the Teacher’ Guide, international primary curriculum, Cambridge English and Smart series

Integrated Teachers Guide -KG

Integrated Teachers Guide Nursery-1

Integrated Teachers Guide-2

Dear Students,  Smart Series Mathematics Teacher Guides  Grade1 to Grade 6. You can download free of cost neat and clean data here this site www. Quranmualim com , Thanks

Smart Series Mathematics-Primary-1

Smart Series Mathematics-Primary-2

Smart Series Mathematics-Primary-3

Smart Series Mathematics-Primary-4

Smart Series Mathematics-Primary-5

Smart Series Mathematics-Primary-6

Dear Students Smart Series English  Teacher Guides  Grade1 to Grade 6. You can download free of cost neat and clean data here Thanks

Smart Series -Smart English-1

Smart Series -Smart English-2

Smart Series -Smart English-3

Smart Series -Smart English-4

Smart Series -Smart English-5

Smart Series -Smart English-6

Dear Students Smart Series Smart Basic Science & Technology Teacher Guides  Grade 1 to Grade 6. You can download free of cost neat and clean data here Thanks

Smart Basic Science & Technology Grade-1

Smart Basic Science & Technology Grade-2

Smart Basic Science & Technology Grade-3

Smart Basic Science & Technology Grade-4

Smart Basic Science & Technology Grade-5

Smart Basic Science & Technology Grade-6

Dear Students, Smart Series PDF Books (CAM-International-Secondary, History, International Baccalaureate, International -CAIE, Primary Catalogue, UK- Primary2020 PDF , UK-Computer Science, UK-English-2000 PDF , UK-Geography 2020 PDF , UK-Mathematics 2020 PDF ) You can download free of cost neat and clean data here, Thanks


History pdf- QuranMualim

International Baccalaureate PDF

International-CAIE- QuranMualim

Primary Catalogue QuranMualim

UK- Primary2020 PDF Quranmualim

UK-Computer Science QuranMualim

UK-English-2000 PDF QuranMualim

UK-Geography 2020 PDF QuranMualim

UK-Mathematics 2020 PDF QuranMualim

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