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Dear Students, British English Dictionary | Cambridge Advanced Dictionary  are the important element of the English language  that is help to get the meaning of the words in the same language or the other different language. Good Dictionary help us to know the Correct meaning of the words from other different languages. And it also helps to convert language to each other languages. It will help to communication.

Dear Student, One of the most particular goals every student should have is to become an self, self-sufficient learner, who can continue learning and improving for their whole life. As a result, my aim as a teacher is to help my students to learning Clearly, taking advantage of the many wonderful resources available. . So how can a good dictionary help you to develop good learning habits for your Good future?

  1. Free yourself from bad translations! Google’s technology has come a long way, but its translator (like all translators) is still not able to read your mind clear . A word can have many meanings, and can even be different parts of speech (e.g. noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, interjection, conjunction and pronunciation etc.) depending on the context.
  2. Use your dictionary to help you with spelling, pronunciation, grammatically, word families, prepositions, phrasal verbs, idioms, and more!

Dear Students, Dictionary is a book containing meanings of words ranging from words beginning with letters A to Z along with examples of different parts of speech in sentences. For learners at a beginning stage using or consulting a good dictionaries could be of sufficient help particularly when translating one language to another language . Dear Students, if you are a beginner, learning English as a second language or a foreign English speaker.

To identify the language in which a dictionary you need depends on which language you are smooth enough in. There are various types of dictionaries available here like English to Spanish Language, English to Spanish, English to French , English  to Italian,  English  to German, English  to Japanese , and so on. Choose the one that you are comfortable enough with it . You can also check American to British dictionary or just the opposite if you have need.

Now choosing the right dictionary is the first step towards your destination to learn, speak and write English smoothly. But wait, this is just the beginning. To be smoothly enough in a foreign language you need to read and listen to contents in English as well.

The Best Scopes of learning English in your Routine Life

Dear Student, Read and listen carefully to contents in English on TV program  or  English  movies in and write  down the words that you don’t know the meanings of in a notebook that you can carry with you. Now, look up the words or phrases in a dictionary (English to your native language or Eng to Eng, English to other language which you like ) if you have one in your free time  and note the meanings in the same notebook. Revise them as frequently as possible as  if you need faster improvement in your skills in English language .Dear Students , I  prefer for you English  to English dictionaries because  you will  go through English contents and  speedily  your skills will be  improve.

However, let me not get distracted. Now a Days the main  topic is the advantages of using a good dictionary right?

There are the sufficient benefit of using a dictionary. The first and most important of all that I feel is, 1st, Proper Spelling of Words, 2nd, Parts of Speech, 3rd, Pronunciation, 4th, Examples in Sentences, 5th, Talking dictionary, 6th, Usage of Words and Phrases, 7th, Guessing the Meaning, 8th, Abbreviations

Why are Dictionaries important?

You can use a dictionary to look up the meaning of any words that you don’t understand in your daily routine. However, there are many different types of dictionaries, so which one should you use?

Dear Students, Let’s look at some of the different types of dictionaries to see which will be most helpful to you during your study period.

Cambridge Advanced Dictionary is one of the most important tools during your time studying at a university level. A good dictionary can help you understand your subject better, improve your communication skill and improve your grades by making sure you are using words correctly.

However, all dictionaries are not the same and if you don’t know how to use a dictionary correctly, it could actually teach you the wrong meaning of a word and make it more difficult to get a good grade. In the end I will suggest you that British English Dictionary | Cambridge Advanced Dictionary in you the right way.

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