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The Group Task officer  gives a model to the candidates of a group and tell them of the situations, The group has to make out a strategy from this. There may be some difficulties and impediments and you are to give the solutions those problems and finish the plan rightly.

How you should do?

To accomplish the tasks of ISSB group planning there is a simple trick.

First listen the told problem and the conditions carefully. Then solve the problem in your mind and then apply that solution on the ground, If members of the group are not agreed upon any point then the  decision should be made on the basis of majority, After determining all the solution , the group selects a  Spokes  person who explains the whole plan to the GTO. The spokesperson demonstrate about your planning to execute it .The allotted time for every group for demonstration is Twenty minutes in the ISSB test of group planning?

What type of model is given?

GTO gives a situation elating to fields, destroying enemy, battle and bridges etc. The model is not tough but keen interest to solve the problem is necessary.

What is the objective of Group Planning, ISSB.

The foremost objective of the ISSB group planning is to evaluate the capability of a candidate and to judge that how he deals in the given situation. His capability of observance and his skill of making the decision in time quickly, and consideration of his team members responsibilities are observed in this group planning. Here we provide tips for the attempting the ISSB group planning.

Tips  for group planning of ISSB.

  • Carefully, listen the every word of GTO.
  • Your work should be visible as a team work.
  • First, your consider yourself present in the given conditions and then devise a plan to be executed,
  • Do not ignore the tiny details of the model. You should be careful.
  • IF during  or after the execution of plan, you should show tolerance and calmness and contentment cheerfully.
  • Always attentively focus on all numeric information’s e.g. distance, time and speed etc,
  • The spokesman must give demonstration your palm properly.

Group discussion in ISSB, ISSB books PDF, Topics and Tips:

Candidates sit in the spherical order in the chairs in a room for group discussion. In front of the GTO, group discussion is the first task GTO takes the impression regarding any candidate thus candidate must be careful in his views. Every candidate introduces himself about the qualifications, native city and hobbies etc, Topic is given by GTO.

Tips for Group Discussion:

  • First explain your topic.
  • Elaborate its key points.
  • Logically favor or be against you topic.
  • Present the appropriate solution for this issue.

Physical Tests:

Candidate should be in while short list and while short, shoes of white canvas and socks of while color.

Individual Obstacles:

Following ten individual hindrances is faced by candidate in three minutes only.

  • Long jump.
  • Crawling like monkey.
  • Rope climbing.
  • Tarzan  swing.
  • Passing  through Tyre.
  • Tarzan  Jump.
  • Hanging Bridge.
  • Zig Zag.
  • Double  Boxing Ring.
  • Crossing the plank.
  • Intelligence Tests.

At selection center on computer , the intelligence tests are conducted, Where as ISSB intelligence will be on paper. Candidate solves 105 minutes verbal In 30 minutes. Candidates solve 70 questions in thirty minutes. Candidates solve fifty questions in fifteen minutes.

Selection System of ISSB

Following various tests are conducted in the selection system of ISSB.

  • Psychological Tests.
  • Intelligence Test.
  • Mechanical Aptitude Tests. Personality Test.
  • Out Door Test.
  • Out Door tests include the following:
  • Group discussion
  • Group Planning.
  • Group Tasks.
  • Individual Obstacles.
  • Interviews:

Candidate is assessed in objective manner and informal way by the interviewer. Questions regarding the candidates like and his qualification and his confidence are asked in interviews

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Detail of Testing Program:

  • Reception.
  • Checking the Documents.
  • Allotment of the ID/ chest numbers.
  • Photography.
  • Address of the administration Staff.
  • Complection of the Board Question and Questionnaires.

Schedule of Ist Day:

  • Deputy president addresses for opening
  • Intelligence Tests.
  • Announcement of result of screen out.
  • Rest of psychological Test.
  • Note Screened out are dispatched out.

Schedule of 2nd day.

  • Briefing.
  • Indoor Tasks.
  • Test of group discussion.
  • Test of group planning.
  • Test of out door Tasks.
  • Test of progressive group Tasks.
  • Tests of half Group Tasks.
  • Interview Test.

Shedule of 3rd Day.

  • Individual Obstacles.
  • Test of command Tasks.
  • Tests of final Group Tasks.
  • Interviews half over

Shedule of 4th Day.

  • Conduct of conference.
  • Result preparation.
  • Candidates Dispersal.
Complete ISSB books PDF download |Quranmualim, issb test preparation book free download, issb book pdf download, issb notes pdf

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