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Various Interesting elements like electronic technology, electrical current, resistance, volt, capacitance, and inductance are studied and used in electronics. Radio, Television, LCDs and other electronic gadgets are also included in the field of electronics. Electronics technology is becoming popular even among common masses. Electronics mater is available here to learn the Electronics.

Digital  Multimeters :

Enginer  Shahbaz  Hussain and Ahsan Raza wrote a book ”Electricals and Networks”. In this book, basic principles of electricity have been car rated. DC fundamentals and network theorems are also integral part of this book. Electromagnetism, magnetism and electrostatics are best described in this book. Other topics like AC fundamentals assonance, transformers, fitters and coupling circuits have also been discussed in this book, Vacuum Tubes BJT, special diodes, FET, diodes and applications, thruster and special diodes have been explained in this book. One can click and download the above said topics. Millimeters have two kinds, analog and digital. Mostly digital Millimeters are used. Liquid crystal technology is used in these meters to get accuracy in readings. Higher input impedances is other benefit.


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Electronic Device and Circuits:

Electronic – the Engineering branch conducts the study of flow and control of the equipment or device controlling the electrons flow is named as elonic device.

How Do I use Digital Millimeters?

Here surely you will learn the use of Digital Multimeter.  This is an integral tool in dealing the electronic circuits and even to check a battery. That’s why it is also called “Multiple measurement maters”

Multimeter Manual:

Multimeter is also called Multitester or VOM (Volt Ohm Millimeter). It is a device to read accurate measurement.

How to use Manual Multimeter:

In next pages you will definitely learn, How to use the  manual Multimeter to read resistance, current, Volt in DC and AC.

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