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Class four and its teaching methods: In this Article we will learn and free download Class 4 Punjab Textbooks free PDF eBooks download The field of education has become advanced now-a-days. The traditional methods are although not absolute but today education resolves around the techniques of stimulating the learners thirst and desire to learn.

A lot of teaching techniques have been disclosed by virtue of this change in the field of education. Various teaching techniques are not infect new but few are new, The use of Technology sophisticated and made a tendency to adopt new techniques and new methods.

Dear Students and Honorable Teachers, Teaching method relates to the pedagogy (Teaching Techniques), General rules and strategy, used for teaching in class room. The teaching method links your educational philosophy, classroom demographic, Subject matter and statement of school mission.

In teaching methods there are two main following parameters. Teacher centered approach verses student centered approach. High-tech material l use versus low-tech material use. Teaching theories are categorized in four kinds: Following techniques should be followed: The piped classroom method encourages students to prepare them for lesson before the class.

As classroom depicts a good environment in which students elaborate their knowledge. This method allows them to thinks and discusses the knowledge beyond boundaries, to explore divine thirst of knowledge. They prepare at the home and disclose themselves in the class.

Design thinking (case method) techniques are used to solve real life problems by group analysis, innovation and creative ideas. Game based learning techniques are to keep the students in learning process by the games. Personalized learning (high Tech) is a new technique. Expeditionary learning (High Tech) is project bases style and this technique is helpful also.

Inquiry-based learning (High Tech) is on the basis of investigation by students and role of teaching is only supportive. Kinesthetic learning (Low tech) is also collected Hand on learning and tactile learning that bases on the multiple intelligence thoughts.

Students do the physically activities like Drama, Sports, Roll play and Drawing. Direct instructions (low -Tech) method is a common old way of teaching. Teacher deliver lectures and demonstration which are teacher-led. This is a traditional way of teaching. This is teacher centered method. Students are almost passive and teacher is active in this method.


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