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Punjab Curriculum and Text book Board keeps the object to make national development by stander SNC textbooks, fulfill the need of the students and teachers, There are following certain standers steps for launching a Class Nursery Punjab Textbooks Fully awareness of the  curricular and subject pedagogy. Keeping in various the key  concepts. Chapter  vise elaboration. Use of pre  testing. Making   final   Draft. Following topics are also discussed here:

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Primer  English:

In Class Nursery Punjab Textbooks Primer English 1 four terms have been introduced. In the first term concept of Alphabets including capital letters and  small letters. In the second terms, Uppercase, Lowercase and Nursery Rhymes are included. In the 3rd term completed detail about writing and vocabulary is given.

Class Nursery Primer Math:

Here, Three terms are also introduces. In first terms is comprised of the concept of large and small, counting from 1-20 and introduction of shapes. In 3rd term is consisted of the concept of long and short and the numbers and revision of the exercise.

Class Nursery Primer Urdu:

In Class Nursery Punjab Textbooks Primer urdu there are three Quarters. Ist quarter is comprised on the concept of Haroof-e- Tahajji and Alif to Gaaf. The 2nd quarter comprises on the concept of the laam to Teeh. Half shapes of concept Haroof-e- Tahajji and their initial shapes. The 3rd quarter is comprised on pay concept and the poem Munnay ki Amman.

Class Nursery  Neela Qaida:

Flowing topics are include in the Neela Qaida: Students are introduced with the Haroof-e-Tahhajji (Arabic Alphabets Letters) along with their shapes and facility to write with the lead pencil in the Urdu Qaida.

  • After this complete Haroof-e-Tahajji is written.
  • After this completion of words with the help of Joor Torr is done.
  • After this the concept of Zair, Zabar and Paish has been given Below.
  • At the end exercise has been made by making the complete sentences portion of English and concept of ABC and their shapes are also given. Syllabus Books:
  1. Primer-i English:
  2. Primer-ii Math Urdu medium
  3. Primer-iii Urdu
  4. Neela Qaida (SRM)


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