KPK Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Level 3 Text Books Download

In this Article We will learn about KPK Class Three Books Download.  The Government of KPk Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gives us Class 3 Free Textbooks for our children. Because, many a lot of Children in the KPK deserved these Class 3 Free Textbooks. The main purpose of Government of KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) to give our children awareness about education free of cost . In this way we can give a bright future to our children.

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What is 3 Class?

KPK Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Level 3 –  “School Education Categories  : Primary Education (1-5), Elementary  Education (6-8),  Secondary   Education (9-10) and other Higher Secondary education (11-12): In the Pakistan Education system, best higher education includes the education level imparted after the 10+4 stage – ten years of primary and the secondary education followed by two years Education of higher best secondary education“.

Class Three Textbook in PDF by KPK

  • Book Title: Class-3 KPK
  • Format: PDF (ebook)
  • Edition: 2020-2021 to onward
  • Publisher: KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Level 3 Pashto and Urdu PDF 
     Islamiat – Hanafi PDF (2009)(2012)(2020-2021)
  •  Islamiat – Jafari PDF (2009)(2012)(2020-2021)
  •  Maths PDF (2012)(2020-2021)
  • Pashto PDF (2009)(2012)(2020-2021)
  • Living PDF (2009)(2012)(2020-2021)
  •  Handwriting PDF (2009)(2012)(2020-2021)
  •  Arts PDF (2009)(2012)(2020-2021)

Class 3 Books Names

Class 3 All Books for kpk textbook board Peshawar

Sr NoTextbooks /Workbooks Class
01Creative Art (Drawing) PDFThree
02English PDF Three
03WB English PDFThree
04Urdu PDFThree
05WB Urdu PDFThree
06Pashto PDFThree
07Hindko PDFThree
08Khowar PDFThree
09Maths PDFThree
10WB Maths PDFThree
11General Knowledge PDFThree
12WB General Knowledge PDFThree
13Islamyat (U) PDFThree
14Islamyat (P) PDFThree
Detail KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Text Books Class 3 Year 2021-22 PDF Download

Aim and Purposes:

Education is very expensive source these days. The Government of KPK the main purpose is to educate everyone for free (Primary to Matric Level). We want to bring an educational revolution in the Pakistan. The Aim of the KPK Government is that nobody should be left behind, blind, uneducated and, everyone should get basic knowledge and quench his thirst for knowledge. For this noble cause, we have hired a lot of experienced teachers, Free Books and technical experts, who are serving the nation all over the Pakistan. And for the noble purpose of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

I will giving Free Service of PDF Books for All class Primary to Intermediate Level Free of cost.  If you want to be a part of this noble cause, you can contact us at Contact us +923017363500 Thanks

Class Nursery to Class 12 Books Link

Urdu Books Class Three PDF Download

Drawing 3th - kp textbook board

English-class-3 - kp textbook board

General-Knowledge-Class-3 PDF Download

islamiat - kp textbook board

Nazera-Quran - kp textbook board

Pashto-Class-3 - kp textbook board

Urdu-Class-3-1 - kp textbook board

Pashto Books Class Three PDF Download

03-arts - Grade type in Pakistan

03-handwriting - Grade type in Pakistan

03-islamiat - Grade type in Pakistan

03-islamiat-hanafi - Grade type in Pakistan

03-islamiat-jafari - Grade type in Pakistan

03-living - PDF text book board

03-maths - PDF text book board

03-pashto - PDF text book board

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