Class 7 Punjab Textbooks free PDF eBooks download

The Students of Class 7 are growing their skills and add more skill in with the passage of time. The Students of the Class 7 are expected to do the work himself independently and organize their time and schedules. Regarding the writing and Reading the Class 7 can deal complex and longer text and essays using good and more sophisticated language and strategies in writing on topics on all subjects. The Students of Class 7 should solve and study more complex mathematical and scientific concepts. They shall work in such a manner that they shall prepare themselves for the Class 8 , where they can enhance their skills. Eventually they will set them for high school classes.

Reading in the Class 7

Here in this Grade leaner’s increase their ability to evaluate and analyze the texts. They can examine more closely to get detail for developing their ideas.

Math Class 7

In this Grade Class 7  Learners focus on  proportions and proportional relationship, solving linear equations, equations with rational numbers, finding the area, surface area, and volume of 3-2-3 dimensional shapes. Learners can solve more complex, multistep equations, to apply these in real life applications. And they can solve equations by using rational numbers including negation numbers.

 Science of Class 7 – Teaching Method

In this Grade Class 7  learners continue to depend heir knowledge and their skill in the physical life , earth and all kinds of sciences including space sciences. Focuses in given to explain and understand real life incidents and the relation to the topic learned concepts. The learners work in the subject of science as they are real and actual scents.

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English-7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Math 7 EM PDF (Quranmualim)

Math-UM PDF (Quranmualim)

Science 7 PDF (Quranmualim)

COMPUTER-EM PDF (Quranmualim)

Geographic-UM PDF (Quranmualim)

Geography-EM PDF (Quranmualim)

Arabic Book 7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Art and Drawing-7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Choob Kari PDF (Quranmualim)

Dhat Kari-7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Farsi-7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Home Economics 7 UM PDF (Quranmualim)

Home Economics-7 (EM) PDF (Quranmualim)

Iklaqiat for class 7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Islamiyat 7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Itlaqi Barqiat 7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Punjabi 7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Zarai Taleem-7 PDF (Quranmualim)


English-Tense PDF (Quranmualim)

Preposition Time PDF (Quranmualim)

PDF (Quranmualim) آسان اردو گرامر

English Teacher Grade 7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Math_Grade_7_Teacher_Guide PDF (Quranmualim)

Oxford Teaching_G uide_7 Oxford PDF (Quranmualim)

Teacher Guide Science PDF (Quranmualim)

Teacher Guide & Lesson Plan PDF (Quranmualim)


Annual Papers class 7 papers PDF (Quranmualim)

Annual Result Card Class Seven

7th HW Summer vacation PDF (Quranmualim)

Mark sheet G-7 PDF (Quranmualim)

Lesson Plan Grade-7- Abstinence (Quranmualim)

Lesson Plan Grade-7- Decision-Making (Quranmualim)

Lesson Plan Grade-7- Puberty-Review (Quranmualim)

Lesson Plan Grade-7- -Reproduction (Quranmualim)

Lesson Plan Grade-7-- Social-Influences (Quranmualim)

Lesson Plan Grade-7-Evaluation-Overview (Quranmualim)

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