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Golden tips for preparation for AEO Test:

Like the pasts of SST, EST, PST or ESE, SESE and SSE in Pakistan, the post of Assistant Education Officer free  (AEOs)  are also announced and AEO are recruits after giving the test. We here guide the candidate how to prepare for the AEO test, and what is the pattern? Following topics will be elaborated here:

AEO test information.

  • Criteria and strategies for AEO test.
  • Curriculum of AEO test.
  • Tips for preparation.
  • Modal paper of AEO test.
  • AEO Information:

AEO  is abbreviation of Assistance Education Officer. He visits schools, checks progress of school and makes reports about attendance of students and teachers to submit this reports to Deputy education Officer, He must visit twice in a month. He is recruited in BPS-16th and the salary of Assistant Education Officer free  is  RS-60000 including RS.30000 pay and 30000 allowances. He deals at last Ten Schools.

Criteria  and Strategies for AEO Test.

For Assistant Education Officer free  Master Degree holder can apply. Passing marks in Assistant Education Officer free  test is 60% Questions are up to secondary level.

Curriculum of AEO Test.

Subject                              Marks

  • Urdu                                                15
  • English                                            15
  • Islamiyat/social Studies              10
  • Computer Science                        10
  • Chem, Phy,Bio, Botany                 40
  • Current Affairs                               10

Tips  for preparation of Assistant Education Officer free  Test. If one continuously studies, there are two main sources: Online Sources & Books PDF

Online Sources In this age of Technology, everyone uses computer and internet, Man can use various sites or social groups, face book and whatsapp etc. for the preparation of AEO test. Online MCQs test are also available.

BOOK PDF. Various of books can be taken from the market, First study thoroughly 9th  and 10th  Punjab textbooks Board  PDF, then following  Publishers can be studies;

  • Dogars pblishers for educators.
  • Ilmi book for Educators.
  • Bhatti brothers for Educators.
  • Sample paper of AEO Test:

Here many sample papers are provides to be downloaded.

  • AEO sample papers.
  • Current  Affairs.
  • General  knowledge.
  • NTS MCQs  (AEO)  Download.
  • NTS preparation (AEO ) Download.
  • NTS sample paper (AEO) Download.
  • NTS past papers  Solved –free download.

Assistant Education Officer MCQs

AEO Sample Papers


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