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Punjab Government established a committee to develop an appropriate curriculum for English, by considering students level, teachers, childhood development, our environment etc. By using SLOs they have made textbook of English for Class I, a standard one.

Urdu Class One:            

Total ____________lessons are included in it. The facility of note book is also available in this Urdu 1. The concept of Jorr Torr (جوڑ توڑ) is also given in it . Thus it is the best book of Urdu for this level of class. This Urdu 1 app. Book have mixed material, acts for little sage.


Class 1 Punjab Textbooks In it, complete Alphabet (ABC), Greetings, Nursery Rhymes, Things, in class room and thins shapes, picture story, fruits and vegetables, vowels, Days of weeks and months, Body parts, Greetings cards, Flash Cards, action words etc are included. Me may say this, none stop English book, one English, spoken English, lesson I, English for primary I, English 1,2,3,

Math: English Medium  

In this Class 1 Punjab Textbook of Math English Medium, children are given the concept of following things:-

  1. Comparison of Objects and Positions
  2. Continuing 1 to 09
  3. Order of numbers, comparison of numbers, missing numbers,
  4. Zero, Addition
  5. Subtraction
  6. Tens and ones
  7. Counting 10 -100
  8. Addition and Subtraction
  9. Shapes, time and days of week
  10. Money

Math: Urdu Medium        

The same as above said sequence is adopted in Urdu medium Math book. The only difference is this that here children are taught in Urdu language in Urdu medium Text Book where as in English medium text book, in English language, children are given the concepts of Mathematics.

We may say this book, one to one math, and Math one. Step one math. Place value learning math book, Book of 1st grade.

General Knowledge: English Medium   

In Class  1 Punjab Textbooks, issued by Punjab Curriculum and Text Book Board, Lahore, in the book regarding General Knowledge English Medium following contents have been given:

  • Sky
  • My Body
  • Cleanliness
  • My Family
  • Our Food
  • Games
  • School
  • Health Shop
  • The Earth
  • Seasons etc.
  • Allah is Almighty
  • My Introduction
  • Good Members
  • Ambiya-e-Karaam
  • Taawooz, Tasmiyah
  • Plants and Animals
  • Hazrat Muhammad, Holy Book Prayers.

General Knowledge:  Urdu Medium        

Class 1 Punjab Textbooks, In this subject book, the content list is same as the above said English book of G.K. The only difference is on language Urdu. This book can be named as General Knowledge one.

  1. Urdu:
  2. English:
  3. Math: English Medium
  4. Math: Urdu Medium        
  5. General Knowledge: Urdu Medium
  6. General Knowledge: English Medium


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