Academic Calendar for School 2020 by Quranmualim

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School Educational  Department (SED) emphases on the devising the Academic calendar for all the classes. In Taleemi Calendar, Syllabus is determined month wise. In Pakistan Educational session starts from 1st April f every year. Appropriate and good education system plays pivotal role in the development of society, People, region and country. It is a system of getting the knowledge, values, moral ethics, skills good habits and beliefs. Education improve our social life, To get good education is birth right of every child. Government had made easier for teacher the process of education through devising the educational/ Academic calendar. The study according to the planed way of Academic calendar children not only get education but they also get confidence.  In a Academic calendar, Syllabus is divided in Twelve month. Teaching the lesson continuous to January and last two month of February and March are fixed for revision and tests. It is mandatory for every educational institution to devise and keep Academic calendar. Without this Monthly assessment cannot be done. The date of the result announcement is 31th March of every year. In this website, Teacher Guide, Academic calendar from class Nursery to class 12th and text books of Government of Punjab are uploaded.. Detail of Taleemi Calendar is as under:

  1. Class Kachi (Nursery)
  2. Class one
  3. Class Two
  4. Class Three
  5. Class Four
  6. Class Five
  7. Class Six
  8. Class Seven
  9. Class Eight
  10. Class Nine
  11. Class Ten
  12. Class Eleven
  13. Class Twelve

Note: More over PDF Books regarding various jobs are also available on this Website for the convenience of our regular users. All our educational martial is for helpful for the people linked with the educational process.


Here Educational Calendars are being uploaded which are editable and you can change in it with your own will according to the Syllabus. I upload the Educational Calendar from class one to class Twelve.

Grade I-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 2-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 3-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 4-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 5-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 6-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 7-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 8-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 9-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 10-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 11-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

Grade 12-2020 Editable(Quranmualim)

The Educational Calendars which are being uploaded here regarding class one to 8th. These are in the form of PDF and the one subject is set on the same page and uploaded by 2020-2021.

Class Nursery PDF(Quranmualim)

Class One PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Two PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Three PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Four PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Five PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Six PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Seven Horizontal PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Eight PDF(Quranmualim)

Dear readers, Here uploaded Educational Calendars have print out and sessions 2020-2021. At this website, Inshallah ,all Educational material is being uploarded

Class Nursery PDF(Quranmualim)

Class One PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Two PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Landscape PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Landscape PDF(Quranmualim)

Class Five PDF(Quranmualim)

Class PDF(Quranmualim)

Class PDF(Quranmualim)

Class PDF(Quranmualim)

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