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Teaching Method for Class Five: Various Teaching Techniques and method are devised to teach the lessons to the students. Teachers use these methods for effective learning process. These strategies are adopted on the bases of subjects and the nature of leaner. The teaching approach can be classified into teacher centered and student centered. In teacher centered approach the teacher is active and student is passive ehere as in the vice versa in the student centered approach the learners are active and teacher is passive. In the later described method the students play an active role in the process of learning the lesson. The method used in the past and present can be categorized under the following topics:

  • Method of teaching:
  • Lecture method.
  • Demonstration Method.
  • Collaboration  Method.
  • Classroom discussion  Method
  • Ancient educational   Method
  • History and Evolution of Teaching Approach
  • Classroom action  research method.
  • 19th Century  educational Method.
  • 20th centaury   method 
  • Meeting are entrusted things.
  • Hurriedness is from the Satan.
  • Keep your eyes down ward.
  • Hoarder is a cursed person.
  • Stop carnality with your hand.
  • Neither harm yourself, nor others.
  • Man’s parent’s uncle is like his father.
  • Return of borrowed things is necessary.
  • Worship the Al Rehman (Allah Almighty).
  • Back biting is more severe than fornication.
  • To whom advice is taken, he is trustee (custodian).

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