Class 6 Punjab Textbooks free PDF eBooks download

At this stage of age the boys leave their toys and enter the teenage. Student of these classes can do bigger work than the work done in the previous class. Best curriculum is the best way to use as a text to teach the students. There should be some special approaches for the students of Class 6.

English Teaching Ideas Class 6.

Capability of reading and writing in English of the students of Class 6 is focused. As this ability goes to the entire carrier of the students, You can find here some important lessons and activities for grammar story elements writing and reading under mentioned are the ips for the students of Class 6:

  • Activities should be in groups
  • Keep the eye contact during lectures.
  • Use technology for enhancing the interest.

Science Teaching –Plans and Projects

Experiments and project are the foremost elements for the teaching of science to the Class 6. Students are expected to keep data record, and findings they should use their thinking skills  and they should get experience during the learning of concepts regarding the science subjects and topics. Here are the given tips for science topics.

Math Teaching Class 6.

Till this stage of Class 6 students should have all the fundamental concepts of the foundation of Math’s. And when they will reach in Class 7 and Class 8 they may be able to learn Algebra. Here we describe some concepts and skills Class 6 learn in Math are following:

  • Pre Algebra.
  • Equation Solutions.
  • Knowledge of Geometry.
  • Proportional relationships.
  • Knowledge of Stat and probability.
  • Fully understanding the system of numbers.
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Art and Drawing-6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Choob Kari-6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Dhat Kari PDF (Quranmualim)

English 6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Ethics-6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Farsi 6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Arabic-OM PDF (Quranmualim)

COMPUTER-EM PDF (Quranmualim)

Islamiat-UM PDF (Quranmualim)

Math-UM PDF (Quranmualim)

Geography 6 EM PDF (Quranmualim)

Geography 6 UM PDF (Quranmualim)

Itlaqi Barqiat 6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Math 6 EM PDF (Quranmualim)

Punjabi 6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Science 6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Urdu 6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Zarae Taleem 6 PDF (Quranmualim)

All Tenses Information PDF (Quranmualim)

Best English Learn with Pictures PDF (Quranmualim)

English_Grammar_Tenses PDF (Quranmualim)

How_to_Be_Good_at_Science PDF (Quranmualim)

NCERT-Class-6-Urdu-Part-1 PDF (Quranmualim)

NCERT-Class-6-Urdu-Part-2 PDF (Quranmualim)

Urdu Grammar Book PDF (Quranmualim)


Elementary Teacher Education PDF (Quranmualim)

English Elemantary Level PDF (Quranmualim)

Maths Elemantary Level PDF (Quranmualim)

Science Elemantary Level PDF (Quranmualim)


TEACHER GUIDE (Internal Structure of Leaf )

Lesson Plan Blood Borne Infection

Lesson Plan Evaluation-Overview PDF (Quranmualim)

Lesson Plan Growing-Baby PDF (Quranmualim)

Lesson Plan Reproduction-Review PDF (Quranmualim)

6thClass Academic Calendar

Class 6 Annual papers PDF (Quranmualim)

Class-6 Peef Model Papers PDF (Quranmualim)

Mark sheet G-6 PDF (Quranmualim)

Annual Result Card PDF (Quranmualim)

RESULT CARD PDF (Quranmualim)

6th Summer vacation HW PDF (Quranmualim)

Homework for summer vactions All Subject

Short Essay , Letters, Stories PDF (Quranmualim)

TENSE IN URDU PDF (Quranmualim)

Class 6 (Weekly Test) PDF (Quranmualim)

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