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What is CSS (Central Superior Services)? 

Civil Services as it defines have become the basic wheels on which the whole engine of the country has to move. Although the leaders for these services and drawn through the competitive examination. Central Superior Services exam usually conducted in the month of February each year. In this regard proper advertisement is publicized every year in the month of September. Complete information about CSS Examination own word in Pakistan Guide for fresh applicants as well as repeated candidates may be search below and can get free download pdf books.

Structure of CSS Exam in Pakistan

The CSS exams are based on 4 main types of tests in order to ability, quantify knowledge, skills and mental abilities of the fresh and repeated candidates.

  • 1st- Theory Test
  • 2nd- Medical Test
  • 3rd- Psychological Test
  • 4th- Viva Voce only

Dear Students, Let’s get to know a little more about these above tests.


The series of theory tests in CSS Exams are based on 12 papers only, out of which 6 papers are compulsory and the remaining ones are optional papers . To qualify in compulsory papers, you need to get  40% marks and for optional exams, you need 33%. marks . You can pick from the list of optional papers specified by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) according to your preferred educational discipline. The names of compulsory and optional subjects has been listed below in the table.


Students, Once you get done with your writing test successfully , the next step for you as a CSS student is to undergo a medical test. The purpose of medical test is to check the physical condition of the candidates. Candidates who fail to fulfil all medical requirements will not be chosen.

In case of a disabled candidate, the disability certificates, which should be issued by a recognized authority, must be submitted beforehand. Physically challenged people are allowed to give CSS Examination in four disciplines: Pakistan Audit and Account, Postal Service, Commerce and Trade and Information Services. Upon special request, physically impaired candidates can also be provided with a helper who can assist them during the exams.

Note : It is suggested for candidates to have a thorough medical examination by a well-reputed medical institution before appearing in the CSS Exam.


The psychological test in CSS Examination is designed to judge the mental aptness, attitudinal aspects and behavioural traits of the candidates with regards to their competency to undergo civil services. Both Psychological Test and Viva Voce carry 300 marks together. To pass Viva Voce, which is basically an interview to assess the intelligence and readiness of mind of a CSS candidate, you must possess good general knowledge and communication skills. 

The CSS  selects only 7.5 percent  of the applicants on  merit, education, qualification and experience[6] while the 92.5% candidates  are selected by a quota system[7]. The civil service exams are competitive[1] and provides equal opportunities to males and females candidates  , depending on their qualifications. The CSS Examinations are hold  on  the start of every year. The exams are conducted and supervised by the Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan . CSS exams have a reputation of a very low pass percentage, in 2015, only 3 Percent  of the 12,176 candidates  cleared the multi-staged exam.

Students, Following are the Federal Government Services where you can apply if you have cleared the exams depending on your chosen discipline of education.

  • Information Group
  • Income Tax Group
  • Postal Service Group
  • Police Service of Pakistan
  • District Management Group
  • Foreign Service of Pakistan
  • Custom and Excise Service
  • Office Management Group
  • e Commerce and Trade Services
  • Military Lands and Cantonments Group
  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  • Railways (Commercial and Transportation Group)

Age Limit (CSS Pakistan age limit)

The age limit of the candidates for admission in CSS Examination is 21-30 years old must, which is relatable up-to 2 years for those who are already in Government Service and have completed 2 years’ service.

How to Apply For CSS (CSS How to Apply )

  • One must deposit the exam fee in the nearest Govt Treasury/State Bank of Pakistan/National Bank Under the account head”CO2102-organs of state exam fee (FPSC Receipt)
  • Fill in the online Application Form on the official website of FPSC.
  • Attach the all hard-copies of the Online form along with copies of your all relevant documents and bank-receipt to the FPSC headquarter, Islamabad Pakistan.
  • Your Complete application must reach FPSC headquarter Islamabad within ten days of the closing date.

 Number of Chances

A candidate who is  eligible can get  maximum three chances  .

Recruitment Policies / CSS Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for a CSS Exam in the State of Pakistan, you must fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

The following merit of the candidates and provincial quotas shall be observed in filling vacancies reserved for direct recruitment to posts under the Federal Government of Pakistan which are filled on all Pakistan basis in pursuance of establishment.

  • Merit: 7.5% Only
  • Punjab:50% Only
  • Sindh:19% Only
  • KPK:11.5% Only
  • Balochistan:6% Only
  • Gilgit baltistan:4% Only
  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir:2% Only
  • 10% Quota is reserved for Women Only
  • 5% quota is for Minorities (Non-Muslims)
  • Disable candidates will compete in accordance with the Govt Recruitment policy.

Note: 10% quota is reserved for women from the share of Provinces/Regions, and vacant vacancies will be carried forward to the next CSS examination.

  • 5% quota is reserved for Minorities (Non-Muslims) from the share of Provinces/Regions. vacant vacancies will be carried forward to next CSS examination.
  • Nationality Criteria: The candidate must be Pakistani Nationality or State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Note: A candidate who has married a person who is not a citizen of Pakistan State shall not be eligible for appointment CSS Posts. Although, with the prior permission of Government the candidate may be regarded as eligible for appointment.


For applying on Provincial/Regional Quotas, domicile certificate of the respective region is required Must.

Educational Criteria:

CSS applicants needs to have completed their Bachelor’s Degree with at least having 2nd division from any university in Pakistan or outside Pakistan, which is recognized by the s (HEC).

Note: A candidate who have Third Division (or ‘D’ grade) in his/her Bachelor’s Degree will be eligible for the Examination such condition, if he/she has obtained a higher Division in Master’s Degree only

  • Age Criteria: Candidates ranging between 21 and 30 years of age can appear in CSS Exam in Pakistan.
  • Notification of Age Limit 2016-17 :

The increase in CSS exams age limit up to 30 years only was a hot issue since many months. Previously age limit for CSS exams was 22 To 28 Years just & Qualification required for this test was graduation. But yesterday Minister of Planning, Mr Iqbal Ihsan announced that government has approved new age limit 21 To 30 Years for fresh candidates & 21 To 32 Years for old graduates. Although, there is no any notification announced for increase in qualification for CSS Exam.

CSS Fee Structure:

The following CSS fees Structure  must be paid by the candidates Through bank Callahan: To the FPSC Pakistan (Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan).

  • Exam Application Fee:  2,200 for Fresh and repeated Candidates Only
  • Rs. 100 Rupees /- for each description   request
  • Rs.500 /- per paper as fee for rechecking/recounting of marks the Papers.

The Method for the payment of rechecking/recounting of marks fee is given in the “Instructions to candidates” which have been printed separately and a copy of which is attached with the Application form.

 The Medical Board

Rs. 50 Rupees to be deposited by all the candidates in the Government Treasury account / State Bank of Pakistan under the  Head of Account “1252—Health MISC MEDICAL (CENTRAL)”. The original copy of this challan should be handed over to the President of the Central Medical Board at the time of Medical Examination.

Rs. 300/- before examination by a Medical Board Checkup, when the candidates who qualify in the written examination. The Method Payment of this fee will be required to be made in cash to the Medical Board concerned at the time of Physical Examination of the candidates. Candidates will be present their original National Identity Cards & Admission Certificate to the Medical authorities concerned at that time.

Note: A candidate can only appear in CSS Exam for three times in the whole career.

Allotment of the CSS Group

  • The Successful candidates in CSS are allocated or selected CSS groups take into account   merit suitability report for any group/service, domicile of the candidate availability of post in concerned CSS  group.

• The seats for each group are mention to the commission by the establishment division which different in numbers from every year to year

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How should I select the CSS Exam subject?

Dear Candidates For selection CSS exam Subjects and CSS optional Subjects , keep in mind the following Key points in his mind:Please Note: There are Total Number in CSS Exam 1200. You Will Select Compulsory Subject All 600 Marks And in Optional Subject You will Select Subject  600 Marks. These marks can be 100 Number or can be 200 Marks one Subject.

  • You Should Try to have the subjects that you have studied before.
  • Don’t ever go for “that easy subject”, try to find out its result.
  • Previous statistics data tells that subjects with 100 marks give more score than subjects with 200 marks.
  • Science subjects give high score   than their arts equivalent
  • People even have number 2 marks in some subjects like Constitutional Law because they thought it was too easy.
  • Languages are usually high scoring subjects.
  • India And Pakistan, History does not usually result in a high score–avoiding it as generally helpful. However, other history subject scan give you High Score.

Compulsory Subjects CSS Syllabus (600 Marks)

Compulsory Subjects Total Marks
English (Precis & Composition) 100
English Essay Writing100
General Science & Ability 100
Current Affairs100
Pakistan Affairs100
Islamic Studies or Alternative Subject for Non-Muslims100
Total Marks100
CSS Compulsory Subjects

Group No 1= Optional Group detail in CSS Syllabus

Subject Names Total Marks
Accountancy & Auditing200
Economics 200
Computer Science200
Political Science 200
International Relations200
Dear Students, Here you have to select one subject only in optional Group No 1.

Group 2: Optional Subjects In CSS Exam

Subject namesTotal marks
Chemistry 200
Physics 200
Pure Mathematics100
Applied Mathematics 100
Dear Students, Here you can select one or more than one subjects carrying equivalent to 200 marks only

Group 3= Optional Subjects in CSS Exam

Subject Names Total Marks
Public Administration100
Business Administration100
Government & Public Policies 100
Town Planning & Urban Management100

Group 4 = Optional Subjects in CSS

Optional Subject Total Marks
British History 100
European History100
History of USA100
Islamic History and Culture 100
History of Pakistan & India 100
Dear Students, Here you have to select one subject only in CSS Exam

Group 5= Optional Subject in CSS

Subject Names Total Marks
Zoology 100
Botany 100
Gender Studies 100
Urdu Literature 100
English Literature100
Environmental Sciences100
Agriculture and Forestry 100
Dear Students, Here you have to select one subject only in CSS Exam

Group 6= Optional Subject in CSS

Subject Names Total Marks
Criminology 100
Philosophy 100
Mercantile Law100
International Law 100
Constitutional Law100
Muslim Law and Jurisprudence100
Dear Students, Here you have to select one subject only in CSS Exam

Group 7 = Optiional Subjects in CSS

Subject Names Total Marks
Punjabi 100
Balochi 100
Arabic 100
Dear Students, Here you have to select one subject only in CSS Exam. Note: CSS exam carrying 100 marks has one paper. Similarly, exams with 200 marks are split into two papers.

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CSS Examination Centers and Numbers in Pakistan.

CSS Exam is conducted in Different cities across Pakistan. Following are the exam centers for in Pakistan.

  •  Karachi City  (H.M.2 Bath Island,Karachi. Ph: 021-9250926 )
  • Lahore District  (31-Civic Centre, Mustafa Town, Wahdat Road,Lahore. Ph: 042-99260201)
  • Islamabad, Abbottabad, Peshawar (Plot No.29, Behind Rahman Medical Complex, Sector B-2, Phase-V, Hayatabad District , Peshawar. Ph: 091-9217337 ), Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad, D.I. Khan (House No.30, Shami Road, D.I.Khan Cantt. Ph: 0333-5349158 )
  • Gilgit District  (House No.1, Gulsher Colony, Eidgha Road,Konodas, Near Sakarkovi,Opposite Amphary,Gilgit. Ph or Fax: 05811-920687 ),
  • Hyderabad District , Gujranwala, Khuzdar, Larkana, Multan (House No.10,Haider Street, Shalimar Colony Multan. Ph: 061-9239727 )
  • Okara District  , Muzaffarabad District, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Skardu, Sialkot , Quetta City  (No.758/A/A-2, Sharah Samungli, Jinnah Town, Quetta. Phone No : 081-9202955)
  •  Sukkur (Bungalow No.B-41, Professor Co-Operative Housing Society, Shikarpur Road,Sukkur. Ph/Fax: 071-5630510 )  

So that Here , interviewing sessions for CSS Examination are only held in five major cities in Pakistan Like:  Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Peshawar.

CSS Interview Centers In Pakistan:

CSS Head Office:

  • Address: F-5/1 Aga Khan road, Islamabad.
  • Tel: 51-9205075
  • Fax: 51-9203410
  • UAN:51-111-000-248
  • Email: fpsc@fpsc.gov.pk

Regional Offices:


  • House No.10,Haider Street, Shalimar Colony Multan.
  • Ph: 061-9239727


  • Bungalow No.B-41, Professor Co-Operative Housing Society, Shikarpur Road,Sukkur.
  • Ph/Fax: 071-5630510

DI Khan:

  • House No.30, Shami Road, D.I.Khan Cantt.
  • Ph: 0333-5349158


  • House No.1, Gulsher Colony, Eidgha Road,Konodas, Near Sakarkovi,Opposite Amphary,Gilgit District .
  • Phone or  Fax: 05811-920687


  • 31-Civic Centre, Mustafa Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore.
  • Ph: 042-99260201

Karachi: H.M.2 Bath Island,Karachi Ph: 021-9250926


  • Plot No.29, Behind Rehman Medical Complex, Sector B-2, Phase-V, Hayatabad, Peshawar.
  • Phone No : 091-9217337

Quetta: No.758/A/A-2, Sharah Samungli, Jinnah Town, Quetta. Ph:081-9202955

Dear Students, Which are document require to submit online CSS Application

The Hard copy of your online CSS application needs to be submitted along with the following documents,  Document requirements may vary from applicant to applicant so read the CSS advertisement in the newspaper thoroughly before applying.

  • Copy of Educational Certificates
  • Latest Photographs
  • Original Bank Receipt of Exam Fee
  • Any Experience Certificates, if required

CSS Date Sheet

Dear Students, You know that CSS Exams are held every year in different cities of Pakistan. Datasheet announce for the CSS exam three months before the start of papers. The Exam held in the month of February and result announce in the Month of September or October.

CSS Academies In Pakistan

  • CSS Academies in Karachi
  • CSS Academies in Islamabad
  • CSS Academies for CSS in Lahore
  • CSS Academies In Faisalabad
  • CSS Academies in Multan
  • CSS Academies in Rawalpindi

We hope that this article will be  helpful to everyone who needed complete information about CSS Exam . IF You can find more information on MArtic, FSC and FA  about CSS in the future. So, keep visiting our these articles  for the purpose of  information about the CSS exam. These Information will be give you 100 % Success.,Dear Student Please Join Our Social Media CSS Forum: Some Important Suggestions for your bright Future

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