KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Level 1 to Level 12) Text Books PDF Download

Dear Students, in this Blog you will All kpk (khyber pakhtunkhwa Level 1 to Level 12) Text Books PDF Download for class Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, 11th and 12th in pdf Here. We have worked very hard to provide you the best study materials for Middle Level to inter exams. You can use these PDF Books of Kpk for your board and entry tests exams like ETEA, MDCAT, NUMS, and NTS etc.

List Of 59 all current subject KPK Textbooks for Class Wise (V1 to XiX)

KPK (khyber pakhtunkhwa) Free textbook board Peshawar all classes’ textbooks PDF Free download now. Class I-XII all books pdf format. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board Peshwar. All PDF Free Download here this Site Whats App : +923017363500 Gmail : hdhuddi @ Like and Share Thanks

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Best 59 kpk textbook board books pdf Free Download

  • Urdu (I-XII), Textile & Clothing (Class 9 & 10), Statistics (XI-XII), Social Studies (IV-V), Sindhi language, Secretarial_ Practice (Class 9 & 10 ), Psychology (XI-XII), Physiology and Hygiene (Class 9 & 10 ), Physics (XI-XII), Physics (IX-X), Persian (VI-VIII), Pashto Language and Pakistan Studies (Class 9 & 10 ).
  • Pakistan Culture (XI-XII), Muslim History and Culture (XI-XII), Muslim History (Class 9 & 10), Maths (I-XII), Literacy (Sindhi), Literacy (Urdu), Literacy (Eng), Library Science (XI-XII), Islamiat Advanced (IX-XII), Islamiat (Class 8 to 12th), Introduction to Technologies (Clas 6th to 8th) and History of Modern World (XI-XII).
  • History of Civilizations PDF (Class 9 & 10), History PDF (Class 6 to 8th), Health and Physical Education PDF (I-XII), Geography (VI-VIII), Geography (IX-XII), General Science (Class 9 & 10), General Science (IV-VIII), General Maths (Class 9 & 10 , General Mathematics (XI-XII), Gen. Knowledge PDF (Class 1 to Three), Food & Nutrition (Class 9th to 10th), Fine Arts PDF (XI-XII), Ethics PDF (VIII-XII), Ess. of Home Economic (Class 9 & 10 ), Ess of Home Economic (Class 6 to 8th) and Environmental Studies (Class 9 & 10 ).
  • English Literature (XI-XII), English (I-XII), Education (XI-XII), Early Childhood Education, Drawing (Class 6 to 8th), Computer Science (IX-XII), Computer Education (Class 6 to 8th), Civics (IX-XII), Chinese Language (Class 9 & 10 ), Chemistry (XI-XII), Chemistry (Class 9 & 10 ), Business Studies (Class 9 & 10 ), Biology IX-X, Biology (XI-XII), Art & Model Drawing (Class 9 & 10 ), Arabic (Class 6 to 8th), Arabic (IX-XII) and Advanced Pakistan Studies (XI-XII).

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01. Advanced Pakistan Studies (XI-XII) PDF

02. Arabic (VI-VIII) PDF Download

03. Arabic (IX-XII) PDF Download

05. Biology (IX-X) PDF Download

06. Biology (XI-XII) PDF Download

8. Chemistry (IX-X) PDF Download

9. Chemistry (XI-XII) PDF Download

11. Civics (IX-XII) Free PDF Download

14. Chinese Language (IX-X) PDF Download

16. Computer Education (VI-VIII)

17. English (I-XII) PDF Download

18. Computer_Science Grades IX-X-XI-XII

18. English Literature (XI-XII) PDF Download

19. Drawing (VI-VIII) PDF Download

19. Environmental Studies (IX-X) PDF

20. Early Childhood Education PDF

20. Ess of Home Economic (VI-VIII)

21. Education (XI-XII) PDF Download

21. Ess of Home Economic (IX-X) PDF

22. Ethics (III-XII) PDF Download

24. Food & Nutrition (IX-X) PDF Download

25. Gen Maths (IX-X) PDF Download

26. General Mathematics (XI-XII)

27. General Science (IV-VIII) PDF Download

28. General Science (IX-X) PDF Download

29. Geography (VI-VIII) PDF Download

30. Geography (IX-XII) PDF Download

32. History (VI-VIII) PDF Download

33. History of Civilizations (IX-X) PDF Download

34. History of Modern World (XI-XII)

35. Islamiat (III-XII) PDF Download

36. Islamiat Advanced (IX-XII) PDF Download

37. Literacy (Eng) PDF Download

38. Litracy(sindhi) PDF Download

39. Health and Physical Education (1-XII)

40. Library Science (XI-XII) PDF Download

41. Maths (I-XII) Free PDF Download

42. Muslim History (IX-X) PDF Download

43. Introduction ToTechologies (VI-VIII)

44. Muslim History and Culture (XI-XII)

45. Pakistan Culture (XI-XII) PDF Download

46. Pakistan Studies (IX-X) PDF Download

47. Litracy(urdu) PDF Download

48. Pashto Language PDF Download

49. Persian (VI-VIII) PDF Download

50. Physics (IX-X) PDF Download

51. Physics (XI-XII) PDF Download

52. Physiology and Hygiene (IX-X)

53. Psychology (XI-XII) PDF Download

54. Secretarial_Practice (IX-X) PDF Download

55. Sindhi language PDF Download

56. Social Studies (IV-V) PDF Download

57. Ststistics (XI-XII) PDF Download

58. Textile & Clothing (IX-X) PDF Download

59. Urdu (I-XII) PDF Download


List of Textbooks 2017-18 PDF Download

List of textbooks 2018-19 PDF Download


Scheme of studies 2007 PDF Download

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