GAT – Step by Step General Classes for Preparation

What is GAT General Test?  (GAT) is for admissions in MS / M.Phil. programs only.

NOTE The General Achievement Test result will remain valid for “TWO YEARS” for admissions only.

  • All Candidates with a minimum of sixteen years of education are eligible to appear in the GAT test only
  • Candidate improve their previous Graduate Assessment Test score can also apply again.
  • The All candidates will have to qualify other specified criteria of the all Universities over the world.

 Prohibited in the examination center

  • Mobile phones, Laptop, Smart phone are not allowed in test examination center premises.
  • The General Achievement Test validity  – General / Subject) for TWO YEARS will be effective from 1st January 2007 onward.

Like GAT - Step by Step General Classes for Preparation

GAT Test General Paper All categories

All Category       Test Type             Quantitative Reasoning Analytical Reasoning AND Total

-> Graduate Assessment Test -A Paper Distribution: GAT A    Business and Engineering Students PDF 35%        35%        30%        100%

-> Graduate Assessment Test -B Paper Distribution: GAT B Art, Humanities and Social Sciences Students PDF              50%        30%        20%        100%

-> Graduate Assessment Test -C All Paper Distribution: Graduate Assessment Test  C    Agricultural, Veterinary, Biological & Related Sciences Students PDF   45%        35%        20%        100%

-> Graduate Assessment Test -D All Paper Distribution: NOTE :

This Graduate Assessment Test  category is specially prepared for all GAT students coming from Madrassa background (Shadat-Ul-Aalmiya) or equivalent having equivalence from Higher Education Commission (HEC) and desired to seek admission in M. Phil/MS/LLM disciplines.

Graduate Assessment Test D    Religious: Studies Students PDF     50%        30%        20%        100%

Graduate Assessment Test Eligible Fields for All Graduate Assessment Test , Graduate Assessment Test (Graduate Assessment Test-A)

  • Total No of Questions = 100
  • Time Allowed = 120 minutes

GAT Subject

Subject NameSubject NameSubject Name
Public Finance PDFIndustrial Engineering PDFCivil Engineering PDF
Banking PDFComputer Engineering PDFBio Engineering PDF
Finance Management PDFSystems Engineering PDFEnvironmental Engineering PDF
Commerce PDFEngineering Economy PDFEngineering Meteorology PDF
Business Administration & ManagementApplied Mechanics PDFAcoustical Engineering PDF
Engineering & TechnologyStructural Engineering PDFEngineering Geology PDF
Technology IncludingTransportation Engineering PDFApplied Optics PDF
Management Engineering PDFPhotonics PDFPlasma Engineering PDF
Management Information Systems PDFHydraulic Engineering PDFEnvironmental Engineering PDF
Ergonomics PDFMechanical Engineering PDFElectrical Engineering PDF
Technical & Vocational Education PDFElectronics PDFNuclear Engineering PDF
Industrial Research PDFAeronautics PDFAstronautics PDF
Engineering Including PDFMining Engineering PDFMetallurgy
Textile Engineering PDF

Graduate Assessment Test (Graduate Assessment Test-B)

  • Total No of Questions = 100
  • Time Allowed = 120 minutes

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT™-B)

Subject NamesSubject NamesSubject Names
Arts & HumanitiesFine Arts PDFPhotography PDF
Recreational & Pergorming Arts, Music PDFTechnical & Vocational Education PDFLanguages and Literature PDF
Museology (Museum science) PDFJournalism, AdvertisementMass Communication
Social SciencesAnthropology Including Physical Anthropology PDF
Archeology PDFEconomics PDFStatistics PDF
Political Science PDFInternational Relations PDFPsychology PDF
Philosophy PDFSociology PDFCriminology PDF
Public Administration PDFLibrary and Archival Sciences PDFHistory PDF
Religious Studies PDFEducation PDFLaw and Legislature
Administrative Sciences IncludingGeography PDF

Graduate Assessment Test (Graduate Assessment Test-C)

  • Total No of Questions = 100
  • Time Allowed = 120 minutes

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT™-C)

Subject Names Subject Names Subject Names
Agriculture & Veterinary SciencesAgriculture PDFPlant Culture PDF
Forestry, Horticulture PDFAnimal Culture PDFBiological & Medical Sciences
Aquaculture, FisheriesBiology IncludingEvolution & Genetics PDF
Microbiology PDFBotanical Sciences PDFBotany PDF
Paleo-Botany PDFZoological Sciences PDFZoology PDF
Paleo-Zoology PDFMarine Sciences (Biological Aspects) PDFBiological Anthropology PDF
Biotechnology PDFMedicine All Subjects IncludingMedicine PDF
Human Anatomy, Cytology, Histology PDFHuman Physiology PDFPathology PDF
Internal Medicine PDFPharmacy, Pharmacology & Therapeutics PDFMedicine (Clinical) Including PDF
Surgery & Related Medical Specialities PDFGynecology Related Medical Specialties PDFExperimental Medicine

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