All 3rd Grade Math Worksheets pdf free Printable Download

Dear Students and parents, 3rd Grade Math worksheets – at this time most students are of age 8 to 9, and have mastered the most basic math skills. 3 Grade is the time for more Compound math 3 problems, and here kids move from mastering basics to learning new and more complex matters. Grade 3 is the most important class. You can download here all math 3rd Grade printable Worksheets free of cost.

There is no doubt that mathematics is a vast and deep field, which requires a lot of understanding; and in order to understand any concept better we have to be able to solve it. Which is why we have designed various worksheets for students of the 3rd grade, keeping in mind their level of understanding; and how far they have come. Worksheets are an interactive and fun way to boost independent learning, and at this stage in their life; students should be pushed towards independent learning.

Dear Students, With the help of our worksheets you will be able to cover all the basics and advance (according to their level) concepts. As they will be a proof that all your kids concepts are in fact clear. Worksheets are not just a great way to learn, they are a great way to revise your skills and knowledge.

Dear Teacher and parents Keep in mind, the worksheets we are providing you with are not a test for your child, these are a fun activity to do; which enables them to learn, revise, and polish them mathematical skills. These worksheets were specially designed to to ensure that students are having fun, it is a fun task; that give the intention of working on something fun, rather than plain old school work.

Dear Students, As our worksheets will be covering the same curriculum taught in schools, they will help kids develop and polish skills they are being taught. The main aim of these worksheets is to offer children a fun task, which will help them learn, revise, and polish their math skill.

Dear parents3rd Grade math activities are structured around slightly advanced math topics than those children saw in the previous grades. We have made reviewing math’s for class 3 easy since there is an answer key attached to each of the worksheets in this page.

Dear Students, All you need is a printer to start making your own collection of tests. Our worksheets are free and you are allowed to share them in your forums. We appreciate sharing these resources to other teachers and parents who may be in need. We are constantly upgrading this section based on the grade 3 mathematics curriculum. Remember to come back for more.

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All 3rd Grade Math Worksheets pdf free Printable Download , Grade 3, 3rd Grade math word problems. balance equations worksheet answer key, circle worksheet,

Dear Student, here you can Free Download All 3rd   Grade Math Worksheets PDF free Printable.  Dear We will discuss here in these worksheets all Topics e.g  Grade 3 math Printable worksheets, math worksheets 3rd grade, grade 3 math worksheets, third grade math printable tests. Every Printable Math Grade 3  sheet below is PDF printable download that can be used for creating an eBook collection. With these worksheets, students will learn about numbers (Two Numbers, Base 2, 2 Decimal Places, Percentage between two numbers, Multiple of 2, Base 2 to Ten, Roman numbers 1 to 20, Roman numbers 1 to 1000  etc), how to count in twos and threes, counting using Roman numerals, learn

3rd Grade - Addition-2-4-digit-Numbers

3rd Grade -Addition-2-to-3-digit-Numbers

Addition-3-to-1-digit-Numbers worksheet


Addition-balance-Equations worksheet

Addition Brackets- multiplcation worksheet

3rd Grade - Addition Circle Drill-worksheet

3rd Grade - Addition daily-facts worksheet

3rd Grade-Addition-Estimation-worksheet


3rd Grade-Addition-Magic-Square-exercise

Addition Matchup-exercises1 worksheet


Addition-of-2-3digit-Numbers worksheet

Addition-of-2-3-digit-Numbers worksheet



3rd Grade-Addition-of-2-Numbers



3rd Grade-Addition Subtraction- Match ups

Addition-sentence Word Problems PDF

Additio-of-5-plus-5-digit Numbers

3rd Grade Angles worksheet Free PDF

Arabic to Roman Numerals Worksheet

Areas & perimeter-of Rectangles worksheet

Areas of-shapes & formulas worksheet

3rd Grade Bar Graphs worksheet FreePrintable

Comparison of fractions worksheet FreePrintable

Comparisons-of-numbers-2 worksheet

Comparisons of numbers-3 worksheet

Comparisons of Numbers -4-worksheet

Comparisons of Numbers-5-worksheet

3rd Grade Congruent-Shapes Worksheet

Converting-mm-to-cm Worksheet Free PDF

Counting Pattern-by-twos Worksheet PDF

3rd Grade Counting-puzzle-Worksheet PDF

Data-on-graphs worksheet Free PDF

Decimals Sentence Problems worksheet

3rd Grade division-basic Worksheet Free PDF

Division-Circle Drill-worksheet Free PDF

Division-long Division Worksheet Free PDF

Division Match-ups Worksheet Free PDF

Division-of-toys Worksheet Free PDF

Division-with Dots worksheet Free PDF

Division-with Pictures Worksheet Free PDF

Equivalent Fractions Worksheet Free PDF

Estimation Nearest Thousand-Worksheet

Even-odd-numbers worksheet Free PDF

Find the Perimeter area worksheet Free PDF

fractions Addition-1 worksheet Free PDF

Fractions-addition-2-worksheet Free PDF

3rd Grade- Fractions- Comaparisons Free PDF

Fractions Comparisons-worksheet Free PDF

Fractions-converted-to-Decimals worksheet

Fractions -Half-Quater -Third worksheet

Fractions-of-circles-worksheet Free PDF

Fractions-Shown-with-Circles-Squares PDF

Fractions-Shown with-Pictures-worksheet PDF

All 3rd Grade Math Worksheets pdf free Printable Download , Grade 3, 3rd Grade math word problems. balance equations worksheet answer key, circle worksheet,

Geometry Identifying-Segments Worksheet

Geometry open & close Curves Worksheet PDF

3rd Grade graph 2-worksheet Free PDF

Graph Daily Attendance-worksheet Free PDF

Graph- Tickets-Sold worksheet Free PDF

Graphs-linear Curve worksheet Free PDF

Graphs-locate-in-x-y worksheet Free PDF

Graphs-Food items-worksheet Free PDF

Graphs-Fruits Picked a Farm worksheet PDF

Graphs-Tally-Marks worksheet Free PDF

Illustrated-Decimal exercise-worksheet Free

logic-Word Problems1 worksheet Free PDF

logic word problems 2-worksheet Free PDF

Measurements-Ruler-worksheet Free PDF

Measure Rectangles & Squares worksheet PDF

Measure Rectangles-worksheet Free PDF

Measuring-lines worksheet Free PDF

Mixed Decimal Number- Free Printable Download

Mixed-exercises worksheet Free PDF

Mixed-operations1-worksheet Fee PDF

Mixed-operations2-worksheet Free PDF

Mix-Shapes Perimeter Area-worksheet PDF

Mode Median mean-PDF Free Printable

Money-Canada3-Addition-Coins PDF

Money-Canada 4 addition-Coins PDF

Money-Coins-Addition-of-Coins Free Printable

Money-Dime used- Addition- Coins PDF

Money-Euro 1-Addition Coins Worksheet PDF

Money-Euro 2 Addition -Coins-Worksheet PDF

Money-Names used -Addition-coins PDF

Money-Nickel- & - Dime-US Dollars PDF

money-nickel-penny-us-Dollars-worksheet PDF

Money-Nickel-Quarter-Addition Coins PDF

Money-Nickel usd-Addition-Coins

Money-Penny Addition-Coins-worksheet PDF

Money penny-Dime-Addition Coins

Money-Penny Dime Nickle US-worksheet

Money-Penny Nickel-Addition Coins PDF

Money-penny-Quarter-usd-Addition Coins

Money-Pounds British-Addition Coins

Money-Pounds-UK-Sheet-2 Free Printable




Money-Shopping-worksheet Free PDF

Money-usd Addition coins-sheet 1 PDF

Money- usd- Addition coins-worksheet PDF

Multiplication-by-1-Free Printable Worksheet

Multiplication-of-1-& -2-digit-Numbers PDF

Multiplication-of-1-by-1-digit-numbers PDF

Multiplication-of-2-by-1-digit-Numbers PDF



Multiplication-of-single-digit-numbers PDF

Multiplication-sheet-1-worksheet PDF

Multiplication-sheet-2-worksheet PDF

Number-lines-up-to-1000 worksheet

Number--positions-worksheet Free PDF

Number--101-200-worksheet Free PDF

Numbers-401-410-worksheet Free PDF

Numbers-system-worksheet Free PDF

Ordering-Numbers-worksheet Free PDF

Perimeter-worksheet Free Printable Download

place-value -illustrated-worksheet Free PDF

place-value-boards-worksheet Free PDF

place-value-exercise-2-worksheet Free PDF



ploting-graphs-worksheet Free PDF

Prime-Numbers worksheet Free PDF



Probability-Illustrated-worksheet Free PDF

Readings- Thermomete Free Printable Download


Roman-numerals-puzzle-worksheet PDF

Roman-numerals-worksheet Free PDF

Roman to Arabic-numerals-worksheet

Roman to arabic Numerals-worksheet-2

Rounding -to-nearest-10-worksheet Free PDF

Rounding to nearest-10-worksheet Free PDF

Rounding to the nearest Thousand PDF

skip-counting-by-2-5-3-worksheet Free PDF







Subtraction-circle-drill-worksheet Free PDF

subtraction facts-worksheet Free PDF

subtraction-find-missing-Number PDF

subtraction-Match-ups-worksheet Free PDF

Subtraction-mix-skills-worksheet Free PDF


subtraction-Quick facks-worksheet

Symmetry-of-shapes-worksheet Free PDF

Tally Marks-representation PDF Free Download

Time-5-Minutes-worksheet Free PDF

Time-15-minutes-worksheet Free PDF

Time Digital-to-analogue- Free PDF

Time -Elapsed-worksheet Free PDF

Time Electronic clocks 15 mins-worksheet

time-Electronic-clocks-worksheet Free PDF


Time -Half-hour-worksheet Free PDF

Time-Hours worksheet Free Printable

Time-minutes-past-worksheet Free PDF

Venn-Diagrams-2-worksheet Free PDF

Venn-Diagrams-worksheet Free PDF

Venn -Diagram-worksheet Free PDF

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