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What is pedagogy?

Although pedagogy is sometimes seen as a indefinite concept, it is essentially a combination of knowledge and skills required for effective  and modern teaching. The more traditional definitions describe pedagogy as either the science subject , art , computer science /theory or art/ teaching practice  that makes a difference in the psychology  and mind  development of the students.

More particularly , new research is defining pedagogy as “a highly complex blend of theoretical understanding and practical skill” (Lovat, ACDE, p.11 2003). This research is underline  the vast complication  of teachers’ work and specifying just what the nature of that work truly is. As Loved  further highlight  a teacher is “a highly developed self-sufficient professional, with a requisite professional knowledge base and practitioner skills which could stand parallel  to  the equivalent in medicine, law and engineering” (ACDE, p.11).

Different research and theories of the  may support  different styles of pedagogy but it is the disagreement  of Free body and Luke that within a certain range of procedures, differing teaching approaches work differential with different cultures  of students; and effective teachers know that” (A Map of Possible Practices, Luke & Free body, June, 1999).

Dear Users, Effective teachers “have a good  understanding of the subjects they teach and appreciate how knowledge in their subject is created, well prepared , linked to other disciplines and applied to good world settings an according to the new techniques .So that , loyal   representing the collective natural  of our culture and initial   the value of good  knowledge, they also develop the analytical and logical volume  of their students” (NBPTS 1999, 3-4 in Lovat, ACDE p12).

In other words, good pedagogy requires a broad repertoire of techniques and go through attention to what produces student learning in a specific content domain, with a given group of students and a particular teacher. Teachers need to rely on quality educational research for different pedagogical models techniques  and strategies; at the same time they have to practice the art, computer science  and science of teaching themselves, refining it as they go according to their own  basic needs and resources and particularly those of their students.

Fortunately, research has banish  two myths about teaching: (Shulman in Lovat, p12) These two myths are that:

  1. Good teaching follows naturally from theme mastery
  2. A good teacher can teach anything at all and have command in his subject.

Although, well expert  and good command teaching “proceed  neither from sheer knowledge of a subject nor from sheer teaching craft….” The good  notions are the result  of ‘authentic pedagogy’ (Newmann, 1996), ‘ Hammond Said ,good quality pedagogy  and ‘productive pedagogues’ (QSRLS 1999) have all arisen in the last few years out of the need to identify that essential blend of  good knowledge and skills required for effective and good teaching.

Within such a factors , this sketch  on pedagogy provides a bird eye view  of various pedagogical frameworks, techniques  and strategies to give teachers a reference point for the succeeding modules on the mingle of ICT(Information and Communication Technology.) into classroom practice.

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