Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier

Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine: Herbal medicine is based on the concept of cure by using the natural methods of extracting herbs to make the best use of them. They are claimed to be the harmless for the patient and are without any harmful aftereffects. The use of herbs for the medicinal point of view is increasing day by day and more and more people are turning to it for better results and with no toxic effects. Herbs were the essential part of the people in the past but with the invention of the allopathic treatment, their use for treatment was abandoned in some regions while in other regions, their use was decreased as it was out of fashion but with new awareness and having the limitless benefits, people are turning to it for common ailments and maladies.

The book on the herbal medicine in hand is of great help in the sense that it contains the uses and benefits attached to the different herbs are given in detail and in the simple language. The herbal medicine book contains almost 550 herbs which are useful for common ailments and maladies. These herbs would surely improve your health and cause life to grow without the danger of catching any harmful disease. The writer of the book has thrown complete light on the herbal encyclopedia and the medicinal effects of the herbs in our daily life. Their use is also presented in simple and interesting manner





Print length

336 pages

The range of the herbs is vast and the book covers each and every herb that is and surely will lead to healthy and disease free life. From ginger to lavender and from mint to the little dandelion, the book offers complete encyclopedia about the herbs, plants and their properties which are useful in the curing the common maladies and ailments. The learning of the chemistry of the plants and herbs is an art and no such book is available in the market which could offer herbs and plants and their uses in the daily life. The book has another advantage and that it is also interesting in the way that it helps you to grow your own beneficial herbs in your own sweet home. You would be able to take the help of these herbs in almost 200 common health concerns.

Treatment of any disease is very tiring as well as long time causing the lot of money and time to spend and even wasting these two precious gifts in mere few weeks. Om the other hand, use the natural method of curing your diseases with little and sometime no money is spent or time is wasted in the pursuits of different doctors and medicine. The instructions given in the book are so simple that even the lay man can follow them to develop their own medicinal garden in your courtyard with the help of just small amount.

Following are the basic characteristics that make the book unique for the readers.

  • Photographs of the different herbs are given in the book so as to enable you to distinguish the different herbs that seem to be similar in size, colour and even pattern.
  • 550 different herbs are made the part of the book.

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