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Botany in a Day by Thomas J. Elpel: Plants and herbs are the basic and essential part of human existence and survival. These plants and herbs not only keep the environment balanced but also provide us oxygen and fuel to run the life. These plants and trees are the greatest and last defense line against the global warming. The basic knowledge about the plants and the herbs is very necessary to learn as the human being and the part of the ecosystem.

It is interesting to note that different geographical tracts have different kinds of plants and herbs with unlimited properties. Books on botany will provide you a lot of basic information about the utility and advantageous of the similar kinds of the plants. We are the part of nature and nature is part of our life and both are necessary for each other and one cannot survive without the other. Existence of the humanity depends entirely on the oxygen provided by these plants and herbs.

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Botany in a day is very fine collection on the properties and qualities of the different plants and herbs. The book on the botany will be of great help for learning about the plants. The book will also throw light on the properties of the similar plants and their different uses. With the boon botany in a day, you will be able to find out how the plants help us in healing our various injuries and ailments. The book is also a valuable gift as it would take us away from the surface details to the deeper understanding the various patterns in the plants and herbs.

 Another interesting quality of the book botany in a day is that it covers more than 700 genera which includes edible and uses applicable to many thousands of species. The books is following the pattern in plants wherever you go either in the forest or desert, either in the seas or lakes, in back garden or house plants of decoration, it is there to guide you towards the right path and sources. It will guide you to understand the pattern of the plants and this understanding will give you deeper sense of the plants and their advantageous about the plants for human sufferings and miseries.   




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Mint is the common plants that are known to everybody for its smell and square stalks and minty fragrance. The book starts with the complete introduction of the mint because this plant is well known and everyone has used it in his life more than once. But they do not know that the similar patterns are present in the other families of the plants. In fact the study of the botany is the study of the plants and their pattern. It is lot of fun to know about the plants and the properties related to these plants. It will take to learn only the 100 patterns to understand the entire group of the plants and their function.

The book is valuable gift for your library and definitely will enhance your knowledge and information about the plants. So hurry up and get the copy to keep in touch with the plants and their properties

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