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They trust a god named Allah. Islam is the second one largest religious community in the worldwide, and via 2020 it’s far greater than 1.Eight billion, as a percent it’s miles 24.1%.

Muslim Chat Room The term Chat enriched with the discussions, gossips, making ideas, sharing of various fabric and knowledge approximately a person. It could make the relationship among or greater people in robust ties.

Like others, we also provide you a chatting place in which you may be able to percentage your cloth, generate mind approximately some thing, and make new contacts in our most valuable and really worth Muslim Chat Room.


Where you could speak something related to the religion Islam. And get the solutions on your questions. It will beautify its significance when you make a reference to someone student who knows nearly the whole thing in a far better manner in comparison to others.

Here you may discover all the people nearly from all the estates of the area. You may be entered into it without paying any price or loose. All the entries in our chat rooms are freed from price as are to be had in all different Chat Rooms covered Pakistani and Indian.

This platform incorporates a variety of facts and records. You can get an advantage of it by way of discussing it together along with your on line buddies to make better ideas about your troubles.

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Is It Haram to Talk to Non-Mahram Online?

Well a 12 months from now considered one of my pals, a woman, had delivered me to one in every of her online brothers. We have been speaking on line for about a 12 months now. It’s now not like we’ve got got ever mentioned some factor indecent, we communicate in a properly-reputable way, and he from time to time jokes spherical too. 

We each are aware of our faith and we recognize how it’s miles haram to have girlfriends or boyfriends. But through the years we each have grown interested by every exceptional. He has counseled me that he wants to marry me, but proper now might be too quickly, i m handiest 16 and may be 17 in 2 months… The situation is just too tough to provide an explanation for…And i’m honestly careworn on what need to be carried out..And what shouldn’t.

I actually don’t want to do something that is Haram or isn’t always proper.. And that i do have faith in Allah..That if he is right for me sooner or later we can be together… So i absolutely needed some recommendation in this.. Is talking to a non-mahram guy on-line wrong?.. And that is the most effective manner we realize each different which is through internet…

We have not met..But we have were given seen each extraordinary’s pics.. Well i hope all this makes revel in to you..And you may be able to assist me out here, motive proper now i really need it.. I’ve been searching through ur website and looking to analyze more about our faith..And it is mashallah a terrific supply.. However me still forced..About this situation…

We have no longer finished some thing incorrect..Just communicate on-line.. And hoping that Allah will guide us to be together… But the question that continues developing in my thoughts is if Islamicaly is all this suitable..

I sincerely have talked to specific ppl..And he has talked to people too..And some say it’s wrong…And some say it is good enough as long as our niyyat is right and we haven’t completed some thing wrong.

please supply me a few recommendation here..Thanks.. Khuda hafiz

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