Commemorating Yom-E-Ashura of Imam Hussain

Yom-E-Ashura – Reflecting on the Sacrifice and Legacy of Imam Hussain on This Sacred Day. Ceremonies of Yom-e-Ashura are among the most important and expressive in the Muslim world.

The event of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet of Islam occurred in the primary month of Islamic lunar calendar known as Muharram, particularly on 10th Muharram, or 19th August On this day, Imam Hussain was martyred. Muslims international do commemorate that disastrous event on this day on 680 AD.

It become a war among top and evil and evilest of all was the one hell bent on ripping the world apart. The object of grief of all the Shia and the worthy grandson of the Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.W) Imam Hussain rose against Yazid, who became made the caliph (Khalifah) by his father, Amir Muawiyya.

In this way yazeed turned out to be a person who was devoid of any Islamic features i.e. man or woman or behavior comparable to a Khalifah. Imam Hussain Sahib did not agree to acknowledge or nominate himself as the head of a Muslim Ummah and Muslim country on the spur of the moment.

Commemorating Yom-E-Ashura of Imam Hussain, News

Muslims recall the month of Muharram special through all Muslims because it is thought to be one of the four sacred months of the Islamic lunar calendar. Making it clear that the Prophet Muhammed had to leave Makkah and founded a new society on Justice in Yathrib, known today as Medina. Muslims have a look at the 10th of Muharram with the first voluntary day of fasting in the Islamic year that honors the prophetic sayings. Regarding the story narrated by Ayesha, the wife of the Prophet, “Ashura is the day when Kaaba is fortified.

Sunni Muslims have fasted on days of Muharram (ninth and tenth) in understanding that Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) shifted his calendar to Medina. Some of them also fast to know the feeling of Imam Hussain and own family members who was martyred in Karbala through Yazid’s army.

Yazid, an Umayyad caliph demanded allegiance from Hussain and the latter declined to do so as he considered Yazid’s Shariat unlawful and unsuitable. Umayyad Caliphate have turned into a dynasty which does not pay heed to human life and human rights, Liberty, and Justice.

Yazid was a corrupt as well as immoral chief. For that reason, Imam Hussain opposed it as it grew to become autocratic, and the brand latest ruler had a substandard non-public character. He questioned Yazid’s leadership and initiated the hackneyed saying that every once in awhile, the traditions and values of life are of more importance than life it self. Imam Hussain was the most likeable by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and from his childhood, he used to follow Quranic direction and was devoted to Quranic objectives of Justice and equality.

It was antecedent planned that Imam Hussain was to move to Kufa invited by the Muslim inhabitants of Kufa. However, by the time he got to Karbala he discovered there was no individual to assist him in the whole Muslim structure. All of them were fear of Yazid’s power or affect for his navy steal combative ability. But hearing all this Imam Hussain also came to know the crave of the situation but decided to give Yazid a lesson to have a speak with.

His refusal to take a pledge of allegiance to Yazid resulted in a stand-off near the place called Karbala, the modern-day Iraq between Umayyad’s huge army and few of Imam Hussain’s followers, which included his half-brother, wives, children, sisters and close friends. His follower betrayed him, but his own kinsmen stood by him at Karbala ‘. He preferred to fight and thus he and his fans could be wiped out by the end of the scrap. He fought for the right and justice for Islam and offered his life for the same.

It is one of the saddest epics and is a daily wakeup call to all Muslims to stand up to decency. All of us should be bold with a lifelong commitment to stand up for Justice following the path of Imam Hussain.

The people, who identify themselves with the certain Sufi branches and denominations, remember the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, while the Shia Muslims, of course, do this traditionally. They carry each day ceremonials (Majlis) and recite the incidents that led the happenings of Shahadat (Martyrdom). However, beyond the message of sorrow, the message that has to be conveyed to these young people – men and women – is message that each one of us should possess light like Imam Hussain to survive this calamity and join the company of the principles of Righteousness and justice.

Since the tragedy of Imam Hussain, the area has too faced such circumstances many a times and responded with the same sort of behavior because the Kufan people who invited the Imam. Man extremely gets encouraged and at the same time gets apprehensive through means of people of power and does not have the courage to look at a real leader. For instance within a very short time of some years and under the leadership of one of the most uttermost dictators of theatre- Hitler, the whole Germany has been turned into fans of NAZI doctrine.

Even today it becomes clear that the human beings controlling such assets and power are leading hundreds of thousands of people to rather dubious, unethical and immoral behaviour. It is awesome to peer how some few knowledgeable/complicated people bow to power and influence.

Sadly and unfortunately, maximum of the Muslim international locations are now ruled through dictators, and we have no longer bred a chief to emulate the steps of Imam Hussain . But we have seen some of the leaders in the international level who have shown braveness as Imam Hussain did and was firm towards the oppressors.

For example, Martin Luther kIng fighting for the blacks in America, Nelson Mandela standing up against the harshest apartheid government in South Africa and Mahatma Gandhi, fighting for India to be liberated from the British Empire. Hussain taught me, when I have seventy two companions like Hussain, I might have been able to free India in 24 hours from British, the progress of Islam happened for the supreme sacrifice of Imam Hussian, Hence the submission of the sentiments said, to acquire victory while one is being suppressed.

There is a pronouncing that “Islam Zinda Hoota Hai her Karbala Ke Baad (Islam alive after the like Karbala).” After the bloodshed of Karbala, Imam Zain al-Abidin-Son of Imam Hussain changed into the nice male survivor from the family of the Imam as he can’t follow any fight of Karbala due to high fever. There he was predominant function in the wake of Karbala but was indeed indispensable in the process of reconstructing the ethic, spiritual and moral order of Islamic society.

Thus, the post-Karbala period lasted to become a state of super inner conflict and turmoil in the lands of Islam. People have shed respect to difficult or, they have not wanted to challenge the Umayyad Khilafat(country) lest they anger the state.

Imam Zain al Abedin further continued the light of positive, pious, moral Islam by preaching and teaching at Masjid-e-Nabawi. Zainab, who was a little four year old girl, the granddaughter of the Holy Prophet Mohammed, is reported to have delivered the speeches in the remembrance of which Karbala as a tragedy was condemned, the violence of which was deplored and Hussain’s ‘shahadat’ was glorified. Zainab today is a positive representation of a strong female icon of resistance. The object which used to be a symbol of Martyrdom, today evokes much more; it is become a call for social Justice all over the globe.

A Muslim cherishes Imam-Hussain and hates his oppressors and still can frequently be grief-stricken by the story of his assassination, although he or she doesn’t openly demonstrate it every year on Ashoura. All the honorable schools of thought in the Islamic world completely disapprove of the people who murdered Imam-Hussain. It turned into a sacrifice provided in guide of human rights and human dignity.

However, in today’s world, we are Muslims of all the factions and denominations, and we are all zombies who perform mechanical Islamic actions as if we forgot the essence of Islam and real Islamic principles. Actually, there are some sisters and brothers among Shia people who can flog and put the chests to themselves.

Some use nylon ropes with sharp metal hooks, while others flog nude shoulders with iron balls wired to a bar with blades attached to indicate the suffering of Karbala martyrs, although some Shia scholars have banned those actions. Nevertheless when watching those rituals the younger technology fails to grasp the intended message which is, and the motive of Martyrdom.

As the Ashura is around the corner, the Shia intellectuals should conduct an open session for the whole community to foster team spirit and to, explain the which means of the brave move that was made by Imam Hussain and the sacrifice the complete family made for preserving the rule of the Quran which is Justice and human dignity.

Such concrete instructions should enable people to endorse the fact that oppression and injustice are evil, which requires peoples’ confrontation of the oppressive authority with determination and passion. Young Muslims need to be given an appealing experience that conveys the message concerning the meaning of Ashura.

Muslims must use this present day as an impetus for uniting us, now not an afternoon that separates us, and regardless of the proven fact that we differ, we must provide the other the benefit of the doubt, rather than anticipating malevolence based totally at the events of historical past. It is due to him that Muslims have a dwelling legacy today in the form of Imam Hussain. Shia and Sunni desire to come together to ensure they defend the principles and the fight that Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, made.

It is for this reason that all bonds of human unity are the purpose of the teachings of Islam. The doctrinal and ideological differences should not have to come out in blood. Quran states that; And hold firmly to Ramadan and be together through the rope which Allah has stretched for you and be not divided amongst.

yourselves and recall with gratitude Allah’s desire on you” ( three: Quran also says ‘’The believers are not anything else than brothers (in Islam)’’ (Quran 49: 10). So, make reconciliation among your brothers, and fear Allah, that you may get hold of mercy” (forty nine: In this scheme: The candidate(s) must be registered for a programmed of study at a UK HEI that starts in the academic year 2019/20 and has been a UK national or settled in the UK on the first day of the academic year (criteria no. 10).

To make an unbeatable sturdy country, the unification of people is highly important. In essence, Islam puts too much emphasis on the aspect of balance. Concerning the obstacles Muslim Umma experiences in state-of-the-art in the global world, it or the team spirit among the Muslims is critical for our survival.

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