Muharram: The complete Story of Hussain (AS)

Hussain is a leader, whose story has crossed the generations and geographical barriers for the past fourteen hundred years now. He has inspired tens of millions of people for his attempt of searching moral justice under the cruel oppression. The warfare of Karbala when Hussain and his 72 steadfast companions faced a group of thousands thus changed the course of history.

This relates about the youth of hussain ibn ali, ethical and political warfare against yazid, the event of ashura, the aftermath, and what hussain stands for thirteen centuries on.

Muharram: The complete Story of Hussain (AS), News


Only a bit over fifty years after the demise of Muhammad (the final Prophet of Islam), the Muslim executive turned into sinking into corruption by the tyrant Yazid of the Ummayad household.

Imam Hossein himself being the son of Ali and the grandson of Muhammad had too come out for the struggle against the wicked rule of Yazid. While Yazid grown to be feared and loathed by society, Hussain transform into respectable and adored by society. Yazid comprehended it fully and knew that if he can convince the human beings to help him, the same could be done to Hussain.

Imam Hossein had a preference. To help the tyrant and thus obtain warmth and good food and a life of any conceivable refinement, or not to help and probably be killed because of that decision. What has to he do؟ What would you or I do? For Hussain he could not live his life as a supporter of tyranny, and the selection for him turned into easy. Imam Hossein refused. He said “I most effective desire to disseminate good and eradicate evil”

Unfortunately, Hussain declined a help from Yazid, and he clearly understood that his lifestyles were at risk. Yazid did not permit any one to go against him, and used to be addressing the coverage of killing anyone who goes towards his coverage. MINDFUL of this, Hussain determined to depart his native land of Medina, and go along with his own family to Mecca.

Mecca the Black city, the capital of Islam and the home of the Ka’ba, Hussain prayed that Yazid could at least distinguish the holy town and stop cherishing Hussain and his own kinsfolk. But Yazid did no longer – he concentrated on the company which was on its upward mobility and striving for great heights. As per forced to leave the Mecca, Hussain started moving towards Kufa. An Iraqi metropolis in which he had received letters of guide from. This Yazid already foresaw and despatched a giant military so that Hussain can not reach Kufa and pressured to the barren city of Karbala.

Upon arriving in Karbala, Hussain along with his entire family as well as seventy two companian had been blocked by the forces of Yazid ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 men. Thus, no matter the fact that Hussain was highly outnumbered and was allowed limited access to water only, he did not relent. Yazid then offered the last option to Hussain. Either assist the authorities, or be killed.

Finally when Yazid gave him the final offer of non-stop hate and torture; Hussain understood that he would be dead within days.

Hussain gathered all his companions and told them that it is time for them to flee. He, in simple terms, clarified to them that it was him that Yazid wished to kill and not them. Yet again, Hussain being the family favorite soared through the ethanol by being entirely selfless. As he used to be deprived of water within the hot barren region, he appealed to his fans to save lots of themselves.

That notwithstanding, Hussain’s guys were loyal to him and remained true to their ideals. In a few days Yazid instructed his troops to massacre Imam Hossein and his friends. When the dust setteled, all the investors that accompanied Hussain were eliminated. Every time the forces of Yazid allowed him to go free if he wished to join Yazid’s side, but Hussain declined and was eventually killed, staying true to principles.

After the death his family, Hussain has been captured by his opponents. His sister, Zainab, as headed the young girls and giving a powerful speech in Yazid’s palace against his deeds and his policies.his style of leadership.

Far from being intimidated, Zainab turned into one of the primary examples of those influenced by means of Hussain’s stand and his thoughts. Even if feminine issues had been marginalized in society at the time, she did not maintain quiet and questioned Yazid together with his ministers relating to his or her position within the ethical depravity of society.

Hussain’s case is an example where one man symbolically stood up against an entire army, and in his dying moments, provide the next generation with a reason to rise up to depose the tyrannous Umayyad rule. Same as the individuals of 7th century have been moved by the stance of Hussain today also thousands of thousands of people come forward to pay their tribute to Hussain for his stance and his death. Many pilgrims from all over the world make a point of going to Karbala to physically visit the grave of Hussain.

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