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For I Know The Plans I Have For You – Allah   had a plan for you before you have been born, and He nonetheless has a plan for you. Allah’s plan for you is vital and glorious. His plan is crucial to your achievement and important to the arena.

Allah’s plan isn’t set in stone, as though we were robots pre-programmed inside the manufacturing facility. That might strip us of loose will and deny our natures. Rather, I trust that Allah has a flexible plan for each individual: a plan that allows that man or woman to benefit the sector with his/her unique abilities.

This is in reality the Islamic view of al-Qadar, or predestination. There isn’t any doubt that Allah has decreed the entirety that occurs in the universe from the start of time to the stop, and that Allah has written all of it in al-Lawh al-Mahfooz (the Book of Decrees).

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“Know you not that Allah knows all this is inside the heaven and on earth? Verily, it’s miles (all) inside the Book (Al‑Lawh Al‑Mahfooz). Verily, that is easy for Allah” (Quran, al-Hajj 22:70)

In Saheeh Muslim (2653) it’s miles narrated that ‘Abd-Allah ibn ‘Amr ibn al-‘Aas (may also Allah be pleased with him) stated: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and benefits of Allah be upon him) say: “Allah wrote down the decrees of introduction fifty thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth.”

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i know the plans i have for you, for i know the plans that i have for youfor i know the plans i have for you scripture, i know the plans for you

For I Know The Plans I Have For You Everything takes place by using the desire of Allah. Whatever He wills occurs, and some thing he does now not will does no longer appear. However, as Sheikh Muhammad Saalih Al-Munajjid explains,

Belief in al-qadar does now not contradict the concept that someone has loose will with reference to movements in which he has free choice. Sharee’ah and actual existence both imply that human beings have this will.

Allaah says regarding man’s will (interpretation of the which means):

“That is (surely) the True Day. So, whosoever wills, let him are seeking a place with (or a manner to) His Lord (by way of obeying Him in this worldly lifestyles)!” [al-Naba’ 78:39] (and other similar ayaat)

These verses verify that guy has a will and the ability to do what he wants and no longer to do what he does now not want.

With regard to actual existence, absolutely everyone knows that he has a will and the capability to do what he needs and not to do what he does now not want. And he can distinguish between the matters that happen whilst he wishes them to, such as on foot, and those that manifest without him trying them to, including shivering. But the will and capacity of guy are subject to the desire and decree of Allaah.

Sheikh Al-Munajjid’s remaining paragraph is the important thing to know-how Al-Qadar: on foot (voluntary) versus shivering (involuntary). Other students have explained it as sorts of Qadar, fixed and flexible. The fixed Qadar is that which takes place to us from past our control. For instance the time and vicinity of our delivery, any ailments and natural failures that befall us, and so on. The bendy Qadar is that which is inside the realm of our free will. Whether we do appropriate or evil, and what we select to believe and how we pick out to stay. Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah wrote:

There are two sorts of provision and lifespan: the primary type has already been decreed and is written in Umm al-kitaab, and can not be changed or altered. The next form of qadar, Allah has informed His angels of His decrees. This is the kind where provisions and lifespan can also boom or decrease.

Hence Allah the Almighty says what can be translated as, “Allah blots out what he wills and confirms [what He wills]. And with Him is the Mother of the e-book.” (Surat Ar-Ra’ad, verse 39) The mother of the Book (Umm al-Kitaab) is Al-Lawh al-Mahfoodh, in which Allah has decreed all things as they will continually be with out change.

However, the decrees contained inside the books of the angels, along with lifespan and provisions, may boom or decrease according to various instances; thereafter, the angels will re-write a person’s provision and lifespan. If someone upholds the binds of kinship, his provisions and lifespan could be extended, in any other case they will decrease.” [See Majmoo’al-Fataawa 8/540]

So Allah has a plan for you, but fulfillment of that plan is as much as you: the alternatives you’re making, as well as your degree of religion, persistence and backbone.

Allah’s plan for you is critical to the arena because Allah created nothing in vain. Look at His introduction. Everything has a cause, from the solar that heats our global, to the micro organism that eat waste.

You are the equal. You have a motive. You are vital to the arena. If your presence were no longer essential in some way, you then could not were made.

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Discovering Allah’s Plan

For I Know The Plans I Have For You – Allah’s plan for us isn’t always always what we might desire it to be. How can we find out Allah’s plan for us? Where do we find it? How can we realize it in our lives?

It’s now not as hard as we would assume. It wouldn’t make feel for Allah to have a plan for us after which go away us stumbling inside the dark. Allah’s plan doesn’t should be a mystery. If we agree with Him, do what He asks, and follow our hearts, His plan will spread in our lives like a brightly lit direction.

If you are trying to follow Allah’s guidance, but you find yourself faced by way of limitations and hassle, don’t despair. The difficulty is probably a sign that you are on the right route. Consider our Prophets (may additionally Allah bless them all) who faced terrific limitations:

The Prophet Ibrahim   turned into disowned by his circle of relatives and thrown by his people right into a blazing hearth; Allah rescued him from that, and made him the father of two international locations.

Allah inspired the mom of the baby Musa   and instructed her to place her infant into a chest and send it floating down the Nile. If the squaddies of Pharaoh ever found out approximately his start:

“We discovered to Moses’ mom, ‘Suckle him and then when you fear for him solid him into the sea. Do not fear or grieve; We will go back him to you and make him one of the Messengers.’” (Surat al-Qasas: 7)

That was a tough plan to follow, however she trusted her Lord, and performed her project.

The younger Yusuf   became thrown via his brothers into a nicely; later he become offered into slavery, then imprisoned for years; however in the long run he became an critical minister, and turned into reunited together with his father.

Maryam  , the mom of Isa  , brought her child alone under a palm tree, a ways from her humans as she feared their reaction; but Allah helped her through miracles, till she became the commemorated mom of a outstanding Prophet.

The Prophet Yunus   gave up on his challenge to the people of Nineveh, ventured onto a deliver and became then solid into the sea, wherein he turned into swallowed through a fish. At the factor of melancholy, he known as upon Allah with all his heart and became rescued. He back to his task and performed fulfillment.

Aishah  , the wife of the Prophet  , become slandered by way of an ugly lie, however Allah delivered the fact to mild, and Aishah have become a frontrunner and pupil in her own proper.

The accomplice Umm Salamah   misplaced her cherished husband Abu Salamah within the conflict of Uhud; she thought that no husband could ever be better than him, and but she ended up marrying the Prophet himself  . Things are not constantly what they seem.

Be patient. Allah has a plan for you.

Following Allah’s Plan

This is the hard component. Allah’s plan for us is authentic to who we are at our middle, in our very essence. It will not correlate to an synthetic persona we’ve followed, or our choice to be visible and identified. Allah’s plan might not bring us fame, fortune, or physical satisfaction. It might imply giving up cloth comfort. So Allah’s plan for us might not be what we would want it to be.

Abu Hurayrah  , the companion of the Messenger of Allah  , was requested approximately Taqwa (God-consciousness). He stated, “It is a road full of thorns. One who walks it desires to have extreme endurance.”

In truth, Allah’s plan can be so hard that we might also perceive it however decline to comply with it. I actually have recognized all my existence that I become a writer. I’ve been talking for years approximately writing certain books. And but it took me until the age of 44 to start writing approximately the things that really mattered to me, and I nevertheless have now not posted a ebook (search for it this yr, insha’Allah!). Why did it take me see you later to do what I turned into supposed to do?

I actually have a chum who says that Africa has been calling her all her life. She believes that her future is to head there and help the African humans in some way. But she has not completed it. Why?

I actually have some other pal who believes that da’wah is his task in existence. He spent ten years analyzing Japanese at the college level, and he desires of dwelling in Japan and doing da’wah there. But he has no concrete plan to accomplish that. Why?

I requested several brothers and sisters if they recognize what their venture in lifestyles might be. Some said yes. I requested them if they had been wearing out their task. Most stated no, and gave these reasons:

  • I experience that others are greater certified than me.
  • It looks like a fable.
  • It appears like a dream.
  • I tried as soon as and it didn’t move my way.
  • Right now I want to cognizance on financial safety.
  • I’m now not prepared but.

Brothers and sisters, no person greater certified than you to fulfill the plan that Allah has for you! Allah’s plan isn’t always a fantasy, nor a dream. It might not move your way the primary time, or the second one, or the 1/3. It may not make you rich, however there is no authentic monetary security on this existence – that’s an phantasm. 

No one expects you to allow your circle of relatives go hungry. Work difficult and provide for them, however don’t get stuck in the lure of thinking that the buildup of wealth will prevent, because the simplest authentic protection is with Allah. And ultimate of all, nobody is ever prepared to stroll charge-sabeel-illah (inside the direction of Allah). It is a avenue complete of thorns. But it’s also the street to achievement, happiness, barakah and success.

Fulfilling Allah’s plan for us requires that we silence the voice of our own desire, open ourselves to Allah, and appearance inside with overall sincerity. It takes braveness, persistence and backbone. It is the direction to Jannah (Paradise), Insha’Allah.

Math Corner

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i know the plans i have for you, for i know the plans that i have for youfor i know the plans i have for you scripture, i know the plans for you


For I Know The Plans I Have For You – Allah is the One which can come up with something so, if you’ve carried out the above and you’re continuously taking action, then you definately have the maximum took left.

Rely upon Allah, have tawakkul (reliance). Just as you constantly take action, you must be even more chronic in calling upon Allah for assist.

He, the Most Glorious, the Most Compassion, the Most Powerful can provide us whatever. This is the maximum critical device that the believer has but I left it ultimate due to the fact we have to apprehend that Allah expects us to do our element.

It’s no longer true enough that we accept as true with simplest. Allah constantly connects beliefs with moves at some point of the Quran, much like in this verse. In fact, this verse Allah says:

“You are the pleasant of human beings, due to the fact You enjoin inside the Good”

Allah suggests us honestly that movement is important to grow to be the excellent you could be. But motion on my own received’t assist you prevail. You want to believe in Allah, because it is He, who offers us the consequences and effects we are seeking.

I can’t specific how essential this is, it’s possibly one of the greatest training I’ve found out in my years of examine and studies into the Quran and Sunnah and how I can use it to optimize my life.

Allah offers us clean tips to observe, however it requires us to take a look at, ponder and action to be able to get the first-rate out of existence.

If you’re making Dua for the not possible, Allah could make it occur. There is nothing beyond His abilties. Afterall you are simply soliciting for some thing from his Creation

Finally, I want to reiterate the significance of turning into the Person of fulfillment over and above the easy attainment of desires. You can achieve some thing in life, but when you go back to Allah you may depart all of your possessions at the back of inside the dunya.

However, in case you end up someone of greatness as Allah describes you in this verse, you’ll now not best attain this worldly life, but you may take that man or woman to the Akhira with you. The character that you construct, the deeds that you accumulate will all go together with you to the eternal hereafter.

To exhibit how the Companions of the Prophet (Pbuh) lived like this, I’m reminded by way of the tale of Umar ibn Al Khattab (RA) who came upon to Prophet (Pbuh) and Abu-Bakr Sadiq (RA) and they were each crying. So, Umar (RA) requested them “Why are you?” He wanted to realize what it turned into that they had been doing, what they had been feeling, what were they wondering. And his reaction became that tell me what it’s miles due to the fact if it doesn’t make me cry then I will force myself to cry.

He (RA) knew that so long as you continually behave in a positive manner, you becomes that manner. He desired to be like the Prophet (pbuh) and so he could emulate Him.

I pray this is of gain to you, take action, consider it’s feasible and share this with someone you suspect it’ll advantage insha’Allah.

May Allah swt provide you with the finest success.

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