Give with Purpose: Unleash the Impact of Your Zakat with a 100% Donation Policy

The Impact of Your Zakat with a 100% Donation Policy, Empower Change Fully – Understanding the Significance of 100% Zakat Donations and Their Transformative Effect” “Establish prayer and offer Zakat. Whatever you can do to improve yourself, you will be rewarded by Allah. Sure, Allah knows the good your actions are.” (2:110)

PS50 could provide life-saving medical care in Gaza.

PS30 will provide one month of nutritious food to an abandoned child in Sudan.

PS50 will provide essential medical care to two mothers or infants in Al Imaan Hospital in Idlib, Syria.

PS100 can help construct an enduring, durable home that includes a living space, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom for families of five affected by the earthquake in Key.

Your Zakat is given to us. We are accountable for you, to the people whom your Zakat benefits, but foremost, to the Most Merciful Allah.

Zakat acts as an affirmation that our wealth was bestowed to us by Allah and that cleansing it for His sake it fulfils our obligations as people who have been given privileges. With more than 30 years of experience, you can confidently confide the responsibility of your Zakat with us.

Zakat guarantees that a percentage of our wealth surplus is distributed to those trying to make ends meet. It is a magnificent foundation of our faith, offering mercy to those who have received it and the people who donate.

Donate to the Zakat Fund and ensure that 100 per cent of your donation is given to those most in need by checking in the gift Aid box at checkout.

The Memorial of Mercy since the year 1991

Over the past three decades, we’ve been your conduits for mercy, making us one of the UK’s longest-running and most prestigious Muslim charitable organizations.

With offices in 25 countries worldwide, Human Appeal has transformed the lives of more than 3.8 million people by 2022, the sole year of your generous Zakat contributions. Our scope extends to Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, and Bangladesh.

As we enter this 32nd season, we’re determined to implement long-lasting and impactful projects that use your Zakat to give communities access to clean water, employment opportunities, health, education, and healthcare for many years. This will ensure that your blessings and impact last for a long time.

Thanks to your generous Zakat contributions, we will ensure strict supervision and oversight of our initiatives. This ensures that your donations to their intended recipients are overseen by tests, engineers and other experts to ensure the safety of our clients and sustainable development.

The Zakat you receive: kind gesture to the suffering

Your Zakat is a gift of mercy to those suffering from displacement, war, and climate crisis. We work to ensure that it gets to them in a safe way and efficiently.

Zakat initiatives are planned to last and will bring positive changes year after year. We appreciate you trusting our organization with the responsibility of your Zakat.

Your donations are the reason that our life-changing initiatives become an actuality. Let us all work together to show the love of Zakat today and into the future.


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