How Many Wives Did The Prophet Muhammad Have?

WivesProphet Muhammad’s own family tree is not clean to apprehend in general because there aren’t many evidences to guide some thing is said and known on the situation thus far. Known as the very last real messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, turned into the only who spent maximum of his youth as a trader and service provider.

He acquired his first revelation from Allah whilst he changed into forty years vintage and spent the relaxation of his lifestyles preaching the message of God. He constructed and led the largest network of Muslims and unified the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula beneath Islam. In addition to being a community chief and statesman, prophet Muhammad (PBUH) become additionally acknowledged for being a circle of relatives guy.

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sister wives, define wives, the prophet muhammad, when was prophet muhammad born, muhammad prophet
Prophet Muhammads Family

Wives – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) turned into born in 570 CE to Abd Allah bin Al-Muttalib and Amina bint Wahb. He turned into their first and best son. His family turned into one of Makkah’s maximum prominent families and belonged to the Quraysh tribe’s Banu Hashim clan. His father handed away quickly earlier than his start and he become raised with the aid of his mom, who entrusted her son to a wet nurse called Halima bint Abi Dhuayb and her husband, who belonged to the nomadic tribe of Sa’d ibn Bakr. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived with his foster mother until the age of 2.

Muhammad lost his mom whilst he turned into 6 years antique, after which he turned into exceeded into the care of Abd al-Muttalib, his paternal grandfather. Then, his grandfather died while the Prophet become 8 years vintage. And, he was raised with the aid of Abu Talib, his paternal uncle and the brand new leader of the Banu Hashim clan.

sister wives, define wives, the prophet muhammad, when was prophet muhammad born, muhammad prophet

1.Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (may also Allah be thrilled together with her)

Wives – Khadijah is the mother of all the Messenger’s youngsters except Ibrahim, whose mom become Maria. After the death of Khadijah (might also Allah be pleased with her), the Messenger (peace be upon him) married once more, multiple time. Khadijah is the high-quality female from the Islamic state, and she isn’t the same as ‘Aisha (may also Allah be thrilled together with her) as she became the primary woman to agree with in Allah and His Messenger.

Khadijah never disobeyed him and in no way made him angry. And Khadijah did no longer get hold of any damage at all from him or blame, and he never abandoned her. This, in itself, is enough to signify her virtue. Allah despatched His greetings of peace to her through Gibrael (peace be upon him), which Allah’s Messenger relayed to her. Abu Hurayrah (may additionally Allah be pleased with him) stated,

Gibrael got here to the Messenger (peace be upon him) and said, ‘Oh Messenger of Allah, that is Khadijah coming to you with a box protecting meat soup, or meals or drink. When she reaches you, greet her on behalf of her Lord and on my behalf and supply her the best news of a residence in paradise made of Qasab, i.E. A hollow pearl that looks as if a amazing palace, where there will be no noise or fatigue’ related with the aid of Al-Bukhari.

2. Sawda bint Zamʿa

Wives – The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) married Sawda bint Zamʿa after Khadijah died and earlier than he immigrated to Medina. She changed into the identical age as Khadijah (may additionally Allah be pleased with them both), i.E. 66 years vintage. The Messenger (peace be upon him) married Sawda bint Zamʿa because she had immigrated together with her husband to Abyssinia as a way to break out torment from the tribe of Quraish.

But whilst her husband died and he or she back to Quraish, her own family almost made her go away Islam and go back to her family’s religion. This is why the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) married Sawda bint Zamʿa, so that it will shield her religion from the difficulties she become experiencing.

3. Aisha bint Abu Bakr

Wives – Prophet Mohammed and Aisha married whilst Aisha became approximately 9 years antique, but the marriage changed into now not consummated till after the immigration to Medina.

The goal of marrying her changed into to strength his friendship with Abu Bakr (may additionally Allah be pleased with him). All the other halves of the Messenger (peace be upon him) had formerly been married except Aisha, she changed into the most effective virgin the Messenger (peace be upon him) married.

Some of her unique traits included: she turned into the simplest wife for whom revelation got here right down to the Messenger (peace be upon him) whilst he was in her bed. Allah introduced her innocence from the slanderous lie that become spread approximately her, and this announcement became inside the form of revelation in Surah Nur on the way to be recited till the Resurrection Day. Moreover, every time the aged Companions (can also Allah be pleased with them) did no longer understand any count number inside the religion, they used to invite Aisha for her opinion and they discovered that Aisha become informed.

4. Hafsa bint Umar

The noble Messenger (peace be upon him) married Hafsa bint Umar after the immigration. The intention of marrying Hafsa bint Umar became to power his friendship with Umar ibn Al-Khattab (may also Allah be pleased with him). Umar became the second closest consultant for the Messenger (peace be upon him).

5.Zaynab bint Khuzayma

Wives – Zaynab bint Khuzayma changed into in her sixtiess while she married the Messenger (peace be upon him), and he or she did not stay with him for greater than years.

Zaynab bint Khuzayma changed into referred to as the mother of the negative. Her husband died within the war of Uhud and the Messenger (peace be upon him) married her to assist and inspire her to keep giving useful resource to the poor.

6.Hind bint Abu Umayya (Um Salamah)

Wives – She changed into from the tribe of Banu Makhzum. Her husband died when she become nonetheless younger. The Messenger (peace be upon him) saw that she had younger children and needed a person to look after them. She and her husband have been among folks that immigrated and were separated from her parents and spouse and children, so the Messenger (peace be upon him) married her as a way to defend and appearance after her and her children.

7. Ramla bint Abu Sufyan (Um Habeebah)

Ramla bint Abu Sufyan had travelled with her husband to Abyssinia, but he became a Christian there.

Wives – Consequently, Ramla bint Abu Sufyan had the choice to return to her father, who become nevertheless combating the Messenger (peace be upon him) at that point, or revel in difficulties in retaining directly to her faith whilst her husband had left Islam. As a end result, the Messenger (peace be upon him) married Ramla bint Abu Sufyan as a way to protect her from these difficulties and to shield her from returning to polytheism. This marriage to 1 from the family of Abu Sufyan also softened Abu Sufyan’s coronary heart; at that time it changed into an Arab custom to respect the in-laws, and marriage among households became a manner of the 2 families turning into close.

8. Juwayriyya bint Al Harith

The Messenger (peace be upon him) married Juwayriyya bint Al Harith after the conflict of Bani Al-Mustalaq.

Juwayriyya bint Al Harith entered Islam and, as a end result, the Companions freed what prisoners of battle they had, saying, “How can the Messenger’s in-laws be held as captives?!” Consequently, the Messenger’s marriage to Juwayriyya bint Al Harith ended in 100 of her loved ones being freed.

9.Maymunah bint Al Harith

Wives – Maymunah bint Al Harith is the one who supplied herself to the Messenger (peace be upon him). And when Maymunah bint Al Harith learned that the Messenger (peace be upon him) had agreed to marry her, Maymunah bint Al Harith said, “The camel and what’s on it is for the Messenger (peace be upon him).” Then Allah found out:

…and any believing female who gives herself to the Prophet, if the Prophet desires to marry her. This is a privilege only for you and now not the opposite believers Surah Al-Ahzab: 50.

10.Safiyya bint Huyayy

Wives – Safiyya bint Huyayy was captured [became a prisoner of war]

along with her sister for the duration of the conflict of Khaybar. From the prisoners who have been captured in the conflict, Safiyya bint Huyayy was initially allocated to Dahiya Al-Kalby.

Ibn Hajar inside the ebook Al-Fath explains: his allocation is what he (Dahiya Al-Kalby) chose for himself. This is because he requested the Messenger (peace be upon him) to offer him a slave girl, so the Messenger (peace be upon him) accredited him to take a slave lady and he took Safiyya bint Huyayy.

But after the Messenger (peace be upon him) was informed that she changed into the daughter of a king, he realized that Safiyya bint Huyayy was now not suitable for Dahiya as there had been many Companions like Dahiya or maybe extra noble than him, and there were few captives that had been as noble as Safiyya bint Huyayy.

Therefore, if the Messenger (peace be upon him) had singled him out by allocating Safiyya bint Huyayy to him, others may become dissatisfied. Consequently, it became for the gain of anybody in preferred to change his thoughts approximately allowing Dahiya to take Safiyya bint Huyayy, and to maintain her for himself (peace be upon him) as an alternative. This became to make all of us happy.

Fath Al-Bari by means of Ibn Hajar.

For this cause, the Messenger (peace be upon him) dealt with her properly via liberating her, making her freedom her dowry in his marriage to her, as is narrated in the genuine books of Al-Bukhari and Muslim as well as different books.

11. Zaynab bint Jahsh

Wives – Zaynab bint Jahsh became married to Zaid ibn Haritha [who was the adopted son of the Messenger (peace be upon him) before adoption was forbidden]. And while Zaid divorced her, an ayah (verse) inside the Quran changed into revealed ordering the Messenger (peace be upon him) to marry her. This become in order to establish a rule within the Islamic legislation: for the believers not to sense embarrassed in the event that they desired to marry those who their adopted sons had divorced.

The following become revealed approximately this. Allah (Gorified is He) says:

Then while Zayd divorced her, We married her to you so that there ought to be no restriction for the believers concerning the other halves of their followed sons when they have divorced them. Allah´s command is usually achieved

sister wives, define wives, the prophet muhammad, when was prophet muhammad born, muhammad prophet

Surah Al-Ahzab: 37

Wives – What do you believe you studied the expertise at the back of permitting the Messenger (peace be upon him) to marry more than 4 other halves can be?

After thinking about each circumstance of the marriages the Messenger (peace be upon him) entered into, do you suspect that they were done to benefit the call?

These are the 11 other halves that the Messenger (peace be upon him) married and with whom he consummated the wedding. Two of them–Khadijah and Zaynab, the Mother of the Poor–died during his existence, and nine of them survived him.

The conclusion is that the Messenger (peace be upon him) married for the advantage of Islam and the call, for noble motives and elegant motives, like fixing disagreements, heading off calamities, strengthening relationships for the benefit of Islam, and a number of them due to revelation from Allah. They have been now not due to simply physical desires, because it has been recorded that the Messenger (peace be upon him) did no longer marry any virgin or younger lady but ‘Aisha (may additionally Allah be thrilled with her).

All the alternative other halves were previously married. If the Messenger (peace be upon him) married due to his preference, he might have chosen younger virgins to marry, particularly after he immigrated and started to liberate many towns, the Islamic nation became set up and the Muslim army have become robust, their numbers becoming huge.

Moreover, we realize from his biography that after he changed into younger and sturdy he most effective had one spouse, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, and he or she become even older than him. Furthermore, we realize that he became very honest and never abusive as regards to how he distributed his time and so forth. Amongst his other halves, despite the fact that they have been of diverse age and beauty. What is greater, the permission to have many better halves was no longer only for our Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), however for a number of the sooner Prophets too (taken from Fatwas of the Standing Committee: 19/171-173).

How Many Wives Did The Prophet Muhammad Have?

Sons & daughters

Wives – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had 7 children: 3 sons and four daughters. With the exception of son Ibrahim, Khadijah (RAH) bore him all his children. He had no youngsters with any of his different better halves.

Prophet Muhammad’s kids with first wife Khadijah (RAH)
  1. Al-Qasim
  2. Abdullah (also, likely, nicknamed as At-Tahir and At-Taiyyib)
  1. Zainab
  2. Ruqaiyah
  3. Umm Kulthum
  4. Fatimah Zahra

His first child is Al-Qasim, who was born on the age of jahiliya prior to his prophethood. It became said that Al-Qasim reached the age where he could as a minimum experience the camel and then he exceeded away. So he changed into in all likelihood 6 – eight years old. That’s all we know of him. No story has been preserved approximately him.

Afterward, Prophet had 4 daughters: Zainab, Ruqaiyah, Umm Kulthum and Fatimah. Then he had another son, and final baby, with Khadijah: Abdullah. He was born after the prophethood. Some humans say he also had At-Tahir and At-Taiyyib, so that they add two greater to make it eight youngsters. However, the strongest function is that Abdullah had two nicknames ‘At-Tahir’ and ‘At-Taiyyib’, each of which mean ‘the pure one’. So it’s miles likely that Prophet most effective had 6 youngsters with Khadijah.

How Many Wives Did The Prophet Muhammad Have?
Son named Ibrahim bin Muhammad together with his maidservant Maria al-Qibtiyya

Wives – Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had son named Ibrahim with his maidservant Maria al-Qibtiyya. Muhammad (pbuh) had Ibrahim while he turned into around 59 – 60 years vintage. Ibrahim only lived a year-and-a-half or 18 months. Allah knew that the Prophet (pbuh) could no longer stay lengthy so he took Ibrahim’s lifestyles additionally. The Prophet became substantially saddened by using this and crying.

Had Ibrahim lived he might have been a prophet. But there may be going to be no prophet after me. So Allah had to seal the prophecy.

Muhammad on his son Ibrahim’s passing

Wives – It’s now not viable for the son of Muhammad (pbuh) no longer to be a prophet. Hence the cause why handiest the daughters survived. But the Muslim network increased the daughter’s youngsters to such tiers and fashioned more than one organizations – the Shia department is an appropriate instance of this. If such communal division have been created so fast due to the lady lineage of the Prophet (pbuh), just consider what might’ve came about if Muhammad (pbuh) left behind a male progeny. So Muslims view the dying of Muhammad’s sons as, to a degree, a mercy of Allah at the ummah (community).

All children, besides Fatimah, die for the duration of his lifetime

Wives – Abdullah died in infancy as a Muslim. When he handed away, Abu Jahl – Prophet’s worst enemy – ran through Makkah with pleasure and joy that the Prophet’s progeny or lineage has been cut-off. For the Arabs of that time, it become all about male youngsters. They didn’t care about daughters. So Allah discovered Surah Al-Kawthar (The Abundance) to offer Muhammad (pbuh) with assist and assurance at some stage in this sad phase:

How Many Wives Did The Prophet Muhammad Have?

Prophet Muhammad Family FAQs

What is the family lineage of Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) changed into the direct descendent of the Prophet Ismail. His circle of relatives lineage from the Prophet Adam to his parents become extremely pure.

What did the Prophet’s grandfather do?

Abdul Al-Muttalib, Prophet`s paternal grandfather, was a reputable leader of Makkah and presided over its council of elders. He additionally managed important pilgrimage concessions.

Did the Prophet have any siblings?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) changed into the first and handiest son of Amina bint Wahb and Abd Allah bin Al-Muttalib. His father died before his beginning.

When and the way did the Prophet die?

In March 632, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took his closing pilgrimage to Makkah and delivered his ultimate sermon at Mount Arafat. Later, he back to his wife`s home in Madinah, where he fell sick for several days. On June eight, 632, he died at the age of 62. He turned into buried at al-Masjid an-Nabawi, which became one of the first mosques he had built in Madinah.

What did the Prophet do earlier than he acquired his first revelation from Allah?

In his young adults, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to paintings in a camel caravan and won enjoy in commercial change while traveling to Syria and between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. He turned into also a deeply religious man and spent masses of time meditating on Mount Hira.

Who are Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) children?

Hadhrat Zaiinab, Ruqaiyyah, Umm Kulthum, and Fatimah have been the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) youngsters.

Who become Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) first wife?

Khadījah become the first spouse of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

How Many Wives Did The Prophet Muhammad Have?
How Many Wives Did The Prophet Muhammad Have?
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