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How To Become Muslim? – As a highly high-profile convert to the culture, I get hold of a whole lot of contact from folks who are considering, or have currently come into the fold of Islam and are looking for steering. Most of those human beings are keen, and enthusiastic, and absolutely properly intentioned .

In my function guiding new converts through the fine details of the faith, I even have visible a ways too many humans enthusiastically take the shahada (the Muslim declaration of religion) to later disavow Islam and by no means return.

It can be weeks or months later, or sometimes even years. Some people are driven out by using bigotry and ignorance. Some had a misinformed angle on Islam. Some simply didn’t find what they have been looking for ultimately. All of it may had been averted with a bit extra education and intention.

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How To Become Muslim? – This is one woman’s try to clear the direction a bit and offer a framework for brand spanking new converts to build a wholesome, lively dating with the religion we name Islam. I will notice, It is simply one in all an countless wide variety of ways to come to Islam — I do no longer declare to be the beginning and cease of this communique, just a car for the structure and subject that made Islam the maximum crucial a part of my lifestyles.

Let’s dive in.


Why Islam? Why do you need to be a Muslim? Before we go any similarly, you should have a solution to that query. Sit down somewhere snug and have a lengthy communicate with your self about why you’re here at all.

Consider the words of the Shahada: while you declare that there may be no god however God and Muhammad is the messenger of God. Think about what that encompasses, what meaning to you. There are lots of approaches to be a Muslim but there are things all of us have in commonplace. First is Tawhid, or the oneness of Allah.

Our other uniting element is that ideal Word of Allah, the Qur’an. AT THE VERY LEAST, we should be at the same web page on those truths before going ahead. If you have doubts (and that’s k! doubt is a natural human experience, in particular considering large decisions like this) deliver your self area for the ones doubts and meditate on them for some time.

You don’t have to declare your undying faith just yet, however you have to start this technique by using thinking about the gravity of the choice. Coming to Islam can also imply a dramatic shift in how you live your lifestyles. It may also imply restructuring your courting with others. It can mean dealing with your private demons and shaping yourself right into a better character. This will take time. That’s top. This must take time.

Ready? Alright, shifting on:


The first tier of attaining expertise is to confess your own complete lack of expertise. — Imam Ali, a.S.

SO YOU’VE been exposed to the light and reality of Islam and need to join the Ummah. Awesome! Great. Now: I’m going to want you to neglect the entirety you believe you studied you realize approximately Islam.

Here is the fact: you stay in a way of life that’s imaginative and prescient of Islam is shaded in equal parts islamophobic nightmare and orientalist daydream.

As outsiders to the religion, we’re saturated with incorrect information — each superb and negative. If you’re thinking about Islam as a manner of lifestyles you’re optimistically less saturated with the Islamophobic nightmare model of the religion, however in case you don’t disengage with the fantasy now, down the road those rose colored glasses will come to be growing strife.

Islam (the religion) isn’t always described by the photos you spot on TV. It is a non secular tradition that stands impartial from so-referred to as “Islamic culture”. In the same manner that Christianity isn’t described with the aid of the Pope, the Westboro Baptist Church or Chance the Rapper; Islam is not described by it’s cultural merchandise or well-known practitioners.

Forget the so-referred to as “Islamic State”, forget about Malala Yousafzai. Forget all those media tales approximately badass muslim girls shattering stereotypes. These cultural/historic/political markers may be critical entry factors to the religion, however if you allow them to outline your belief of Islam you emerge as sporting along the cultural luggage that comes along side being a made of centuries of Judeo-Christian Western/American normativity.

I need you to confess that you know truly not anything about the finer factors of Islam. Of path, completely disassembling an entire life of conditioning is not possible. You can’t un-research every poisonous idea that’s been borne in your orientalist/Islamophobic head, but you may work at it. Every day. Unlearning Islam is an ongoing procedure, and a essential one to virtually embracing the religion afterward.



Being a Muslim is like holding a totally easy contract with Allah — you live by using the Word, pray and do accurate deeds, and in change you get hold of a new lifestyles in Understanding and Justice. When you decide to embody Islam, the Qur’an is your terms and conditions. Now I recognise y’all don’t examine your iTunes contracts in complete anymore, however what do you do while a settlement has existence-and-dying implications on your lifestyles?

When you recite the shahada and claim that There isn’t any god however Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, how will you believe in that message, certainly embody it and publish your self to that truth if you haven’t considered the entire message itself? Coming to Islam can be a long, occasionally difficult and difficult course to navigate. Let faith be your anchor and the phrase of the Qur’an be your guiding mild.

“But Mahdia, I don’t should examine the whole Qur’an to know Islam, I study scholars interpretations!” — you, right now, @ me WhatsApp +923017363500

Let’s cross back to highschool for a moment, to English class. Students need to examine Shakespeare’s Hamlet and write an essay about issues and meaning, with sources. One scholar reads the complete play, thinks seriously approximately it and writes an essay the use of their own evaluations and interpretations of the text; some other pupil reveals a few prepared-made essays online and ctrl+c ctrl+v’s that toddler right to their instructor’s inbox. Both college students get an excellent grade, and skip the magnificence. They were given the identical grade — did each college students examine the identical factor? Do you truly wanna cheat your way into the mosque?

When you depend upon interpretations of the Qur’an in place of the Qur’an itself, you aren’t putting your faith in Allah — you’re placing your faith in a scholar. And wherein scholar’s are fallible, the phrase of God isn’t always. Of course, in some unspecified time in the future you’ll attain locations wherein it’s far essential to recall Islamic history, prophetic example and scholarly exegesis at the text. History, exegesis and the example set by the prophet and his successors is a essential thing of a healthy courting to the religion however from my revel in if you don’t have the Qur’an itself as your anchor, it is a ways too clean to get tossed round and pressured.

Let your time with the Qur’an be a non-public communication between yourself and Allah. Read. The rattling. Book.

It will take time: that’s okay. This can come to be being one of the most essential selections you’ll ever make. This ought to take time.


Nobody simply comes to someday and comes to a decision to be someone who wakes up for fajr and prays 5 times an afternoon with flawlessly memorized surahs and delightful recitation. You get there with subject and practice.

Discipline. And Practice.

Start small: Commit to constructing your practice every day. If you don’t know the phrases but then just take 5 times a day to exercise stillness and keep in mind Allah. Get your self in the addiction of praying — no longer just in following the motions perfectly, the motions come later. Don’t fear about shape yet, and don’t fear about recitation. Let your body get used to the habitual. Get an adhan app on your smartphone. Pray when your phone reminds you – this is existence within the destiny. Just PRAY.

Fostering a prayer habitual and gaining knowledge of the words of the Qur’an is a splendid opportunity to paintings on bettering the self. Instill area. Stretch your thoughts. Let your recitation emerge as a meditation in your dating to Islam itself.

Start with al-Fatiha. In your very own hand, write down the surah in some thing language you’re most comfortable with, and copy it again every day. Consider what it manner. Begin to memorize it — first for your native tongue, then in Arabic. Once you’re prepared, pass onto the following surah. When you already know what it means, while it isn’t just sounds, it will likely be lots easier to don’t forget and much greater worthwhile for you in the long run.

In time, you begin to experience the liberty prayer presents; the pleasure in remembering Allah; the connection you construct along with your faith and your frame as your prayer journey develops. Take a second to breathe and say alhamdulillah.


I understand it may experience like I’m asking a variety of you. It may additionally feel like it, but I am not scripting this to sluggish or deter you at the route to Islam. I write this due to the fact Islam is the maximum vital element in my life. It’s number one of two easy motives I’m even alive these days to put in writing this. It is the pressure in my day-to-day, it’s the cause I wake up and it’s the motive I select not to kill myself each day. I write this now not to deter people who are curious approximately the faith but to empower women like me to make the right, informed, INSPIRED selection for themselves.

That kind of selection takes time. That’s excellent. It need to. Still here? Great. Moving on:


Try to get engaged with different Muslims and broader Muslim groups. Go to the mosque. Reach out and examine and connect with Muslims to your network. Most mosques have a contact man or woman for assisting new Muslims. There are on-line communities and useful resource networks out there to help.

If Islam is a practice, then network involvement and religion-justice work is a important component of that practice. As Muslims we are called upon to searching for justice and show compassion for the maximum marginalized. When I first came to Islam, it became this issue of the faith that pulled me in.

Don’t oversell yourself or your involvement within the religion. Be sincere about your manner of getting to know and coming to the religion. There are masses people who are inclined to assist new converts and those considering the faith just the same, however please don’t claim to be committed if you’re nonetheless now not pretty sure.

Coming to the door with an earnest “I would really like to convert to Islam and I want to get worried to realize extra,” is going to work out far higher than declaring “I’m Muslim like you” best to change your thoughts a few weeks later. I say this as someone who has visible a number of converts come and cross through the years: the previous is sincere and respectable; the latter can feel like betrayal of accept as true with.

It’s an act of bravery to say, “I don’t understand, I’m no longer positive, I’m nonetheless getting to know. Will you assist?”

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Be brave.


How To Become Muslim? – Alright, so, right here we are. Do you make your statement of religion? I can’t determine that for you. Let time, schooling, area practice and network lead your coronary heart as you don’t forget the phrases of the shahada. I’ve stated this like a dozen instances already however I’m going to mention it once more: This procedure will take time. It need to. This is the kind of choice with a view to define the rest of your existence. Give this choice the burden and recognize the religion subculture merits.

Read the Qur’an. Reading the Qur’an is sort of a verbal exchange among your self and the divine. Have that conversation with Allah. Get rid of all different mediators and just suppose for yourself: What is the the Book telling you? Is Allah speaking to you through the word of the e book? What is she pronouncing? What do you analyze from the shared records of the faith? Does this communicate to you as Truth, as something undeniable, something you couldn’t let cross even if you attempted?

If you don’t feel that way approximately the Word, then… Why? Genuinely ask yourself why. Doubt is ok, it’s a herbal human emotion. But interact together with your doubts. Be mindful of your emotions — take a seat with the high quality and the poor all of the identical. Because you will be attempted to your faith on the opposite facet of this statement, it’s miles first-class to have a stable, heartstrong expertise of why you’re right here before you stroll within the door.

While you are going through the procedure of unlearning Islam, studying the Qur’an, learning to pray, and getting involved, we are right here to help you. Maybe it turns out this isn’t the proper path for you — that’s ok! This subculture isn’t for every body and that’s flawlessly o.K.. Maybe Islam is the reality you’ve been in search of all alongside — alhamdulillah!

A non secular mentor to many and the imam who presided over my personal shahada, Imam el-Farouk Khaki of the el-Tawhid Juma Circle stated: “By the time a person is ready to take the announcement of religion, they’ve already been Muslim for a long term.” Let this method lead you to strengthen your religion and lead you onto the genuine path of Islam for a relationship which can ultimate the relaxation of your life. Welcome to the Ummah. Asalaamu alaikum.

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