How to learn Tafseer ul Quran

Tafseer-ul-Quran – The word “Tafseer” means explanation in English. An author of Tafseer is called “Mufasir”. Tafseer -ul-Quran is an attempt by mufasir to provide explanation, interpretation, elucidation, context, or commentary for a clear and better understanding and conviction of Allah’s will in Islam.  Just reciting the Quran without understanding it is not enough. Tafseer helps decipher Allah’s message.

Nowadays there are many ways to learn Tafseer Quran. They are both paid and free. A person can do self-study but it is tough to do without guidance. The teacher provides the necessary guidance and clear confusion.

Modern technology enables online Tafseer classes, proving very effective due to convenience, flexibility, adaptive teaching style, customized syllabus, etc.

By principle, Tafseer deals with three issues

Linguistics i.e. Quranic Arabic or classical Arabic

Jurisprudence i.e. Fiqh

Theology – different schools of thought in Islam There are two main types of Tafseer depending on perspective and approach

  1. Tafseer bi-al-ma’thur

The literal meaning is received Tafseer i.e. transmitted from the beginning of Islam through the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions.

2-      Tafseer bi-al-ra’y 

 The literal meaning is tafseer by opinion i.e. is arrived through mufasir independent rational thinking or personal reflection.

 Importance to learn Tafseer-ul-Quran

There are many reasons for a Muslim to learn Tafseer. Some are

 Comprehension of the Quran – To correctly follow Islam, comprehending it is crucial.

Tafseer importance for Arabic speakers – It is also important for Arab speakers to learn Tafseer as the Arabic, in which Quran is revealed is different from nowadays Arabic and was spoken at that time.

 Arabic is a very eloquent language– Being eloquent means each word has different meanings and knowing the exact meaning of the word in a verse is pivotal for correct interpretation of the Quran.

Tafseer provides context – Tafseer gives a context for comprehension of a verse that literal meaning alone doesn’t. The context helps us understand the Quran better.

Set the basis of Islam rules– Translation & Tafseer of the Quran collectively form the basis of Islam jurisdiction.  It utilizes Quranic verses and Hadith (sunnah & seerah) of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to provide a clear, complete, and comprehensive set of Islamic rules, guidelines, and instructions.

Tafseer-ul-Quran is a science that follows set rules and methodology to unify the interpretation of the Holy Quran to clarify meaning and eliminate any confusion or conflict in it.

How to learn Tafseer-ul-Quran?

There are many ways to learn Taseer Quran. 

1- Self-Learning

  • First, learn Quran translation.
  • Read authenticated Tafseer books.
  • Start with brief Tafseer books such as Al-Tafseer Al-Muyassar or Al-Jalalayn.
  • Memorize these books.
  • Do not read or refer to any other book that causes disputes over Tafseer.

After becoming familiar with the understanding of each verse, you should be able to recall a full understanding of it according to the book after coming across a verse.

After perfecting these books, repeat the same process with more advanced Tafseer Quran books such as Tafseer Al-Tabari or Tafseer Ibn Katheer.

2-      A Mosque or Islamic School /Center

If there is a Mosque close by or an Islamic school /Center, it’ll be a good idea to learn Tafseer -ul- Quran with the assistance of a professional Quran tutor, qualified and has pre-defined learning programs. He/she will offer you guidance and clarify confusion to learn Tafseer.

3-      Private Quran Tafseer Tutor

Ask a nearby Tafseer Quran teacher to provide you with private classes for Tafseer-ul- Quran.

This is a much better way than the previous one because in that method the tutor will be focusing on more than one student, having a divided attention.

4-      Online Tafseer Course

Al- Quran like many other online academies provides online Tafseer courses. It is considered the most effective way to learn Tafseer. It’s a flexible, convenient, and affordable way to learn from a professional Tafseer teacher. Teachers adapt the class environment and syllabus to your needs. One-on-one class sessions help teachers to focus more on students.


Tafseer Quran is crucial in understanding the essence of the Quran. This helps us to be better practicing Muslims. The Tafseer is important as it’s a tool to formulate Islamic rules for individuals and communities. It provides clarity and eliminates confusion.

There are different ways to learn the Tafseer Quran but online Tafseer classes are considered the most effective to offer courses by qualified teachers at a convenience. There are many good online Quran academies and Ql-Quran is one of them to help you in your journey. 

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