Is Jollibee Halal or Haram?

Who doesn’t experience eating fast food from Jollibee? But is Jollibee halal in Islam? It is fried chicken, which has a crispy skin and a succulent internal pro with delicious mystery spices. To learn extra, see the info below!

Table of Contents

  • What Exactly Is Halal?
  • Jollibee: Filipino Fast-Food Corporation
  • Is Jollibee Halal or Haram?
  • Jollibee’s Allowable And Prohibited Food
  • A Statement Made By Jollibee
  • Islamic Halal And Harama Principles
  • Can Muslims Consume Jollibee?
  • Is ItHalal In The UK?
  • Is It Halal In Singapore?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs: Is Jollibee Halal
  • Is Jollibee A Halal Restaurant?
  • Can Muslims Eat Jollibee’s Products?
  • What Jollibee Items Are Halal?
  • What Should Muslims Keep In Mind When Eating Jollibee Products?
  • What Steps May Muslims Take To Guarantee That Jollibee’s Products Are Halal?
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What Exactly Is Halal?

Before diving into the topic of Jollibee’s halal designation, it’s important to define halal. Halal is a term in Arabic meaning “permissible.” It refers to the entirety permissible or prison under Islamic regulation. Halal signifies meals that has been made and ate up following Islamic dietary rules.

Alcohol and meat of animals that weren’t killed in Allah’s call are a number of the items that are prohibited by way of Islamic nutritional regulations, along with pig and its byproducts. Muslims ought to additionally avoid any meal containing substances originating from creatures that weren’t killed in conformity with Islamic law.

In easy phrases, Halal is a phrase used to describe food that Muslims can devour. The antithesis of Halal is Haram; it signifies meals that Muslims aren’t authorized to devour. So, is Jollibee Halal? 

Jollibee: Filipino Fast-Food Corporation

Jollibee is a international Filipino rapid-meals company. Jollibee’s trademark food are Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and Yumburger.

Its global operations have accelerated, with branches inside the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the Sultanate of O Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Jollibee is a well-known and nicely-loved Filipino rapid-food logo that has come to represent Filipino pleasure and accomplishment in the global marketplace.

Halal or Haram?

Jollibee is Halal in part.

Jollibee is only partially halal due to the fact now not all of its restaurants are halal-licensed, in step with information from many places in one-of-a-kind international locations uploaded at the chain’s respectable website.

Jollibee restaurants in Muslim-majority nations like Malaysia claimed that they had obtained halal certification from nearby religious groups. During the identical length, only a few Jollibee shops in the UK furnished halal meat authorized through Islamic groups in every vicinity.

Is Jollibee halal in USA, The Jollibee outlet, at the opposite, indicated that they could not ensure their objects were halal for diverse reasons.

No well-known halal certifying agencies have granted Jollibee halal certification. Jollibee, however, has indicated that in Muslim-majority countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, they make use of halal-certified hen in their merchandise.

Despite this, it is important to highlight that the dearth of a halal label does no longer usually suggest that an object is haram (forbidden). Certification as Halal is voluntary, and lots of halal objects aren’t licensed.

Furthermore, halal certification policies can also fluctuate by place and certifying energy, making the certification method difficult for worldwide groups.

Jollibee’s Allowable And Prohibited Food

Jollibee’s menu includes hamburgers, fried fowl, spaghetti, and rice. Some Jollibee dishes are Halal, while some aren’t. For instance, Jollibee’s Chickenjoy, the chain’s iconic fried chook, is Halal licensed in international locations where Jollibee has executed Halal certification.

In a few places, the beef utilized in Jollibee’s hamburgers and different beef-based food is Halal licensed. However, the red meat utilized in Jollibee’s menu objects is not Halal and unacceptable for Muslim customers.

Muslim customers need to end up familiar with Jollibee’s services to decide if meals healthy them. They should also inquire about the Halal fame of the elements used in cooking.

A Statement Made By Jollibee
Islamic Halal And Haram Principles

The essential premise of the two classes is the notion that Allah created the whole thing besides what is forbidden. The exclusions include blood, beef, and meat from animals who died due to causes apart from suitable butchering.

What is allowed is good enough, and what is prohibited is superfluous. Allah banned precisely what become forbidden at the same time as concurrently offering higher options. People may additionally survive without consuming dangerous carrion, pig, blood, or alcoholic drinks, which might be the rules of many vices.

The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand and the Islamic Foundation of Ireland can label all meats as Halal.

The following products have the approval of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland:

  • Beef, lamb, and chicken are examples of meat merchandise.
  • Products derived from milk.
  • Pizzas and sauces are examples of processed steaks-based totally and non-meat food items.
  • Vitamin and mineral premixes are examples of food ingredients.
Can Muslims Consume Jollibee?

Now you’ve got the answer to “Is It Halal?” According to the facts reachable, Muslims must use caution when eating Jollibee merchandise.

While Jollibee has but to reap halal certification, the company has indicated using halal-licensed chicken in a few regions. Furthermore, many Jollibee items do no longer consist of beef or alcohol, which might be forbidden to Muslims.

For Muslims, it’s vital to recognize that some Jollibee gadgets can be halal. Jollibee’s menu gadgets may additionally contain non-halal additives, consisting of red meat or meat merchandise that have been processed that aren’t halal-licensed. Cross-contamination can also occur at some stage in the cooking and getting ready procedures, rendering a product non-halal.

Is It Halal In The UK?

Jollibee has a few stores inside the United Kingdom, all providing halal meals. The Halal Foods Authority (HFA), a famous and trustworthy halal certification employer inside the UK, has granted the organization halal certification.

The HFA guarantees that the food supplied at Jollibee restaurants complies with Islamic regulation’s halal criteria. As a result, Muslim customers in the United Kingdom might also optimistically devour their favorite Jollibee dishes.

Is Jollibee Halal In Singapore?

Jollibee has also acquired halal approval from the Islamic Religious Commission of Singapore (MUIS) in Singapore. MUIS is Singapore’s simplest diagnosed and truthful halal certification organisation, and it assures that Jollibee’s food products are halal-compliant. No reservations are needed for Muslim customers to consume at Jollibee.

It is vital to note that Jollibee’s halal certification differs in every country, relying on the certifying agencies and present day rules. As a end result, it’s far constantly crucial to test with a close-by Jollibee eating place and appropriate halal certification agencies earlier than eating any meals products.


Finally, Jollibee has not acquired a halal designation from any recognized certifying enterprise. However, the organisation has indicated making use of halal-certified hen in some regions. Muslims ought to use warning at the same time as ingesting Jollibee items.

However, they need to consider that now not all items are halal. Before eating Jollibee goods, Muslims have to take warning and conduct their research to affirm that they’re accepted under Islamic nutritional recommendations.


Is Jollibee A Halal Restaurant?

No, no diagnosed certifying authority has granted Jollibee halal certification.

Can Muslims Eat Jollibee’s Products?

Muslims must use caution whilst eating Jollibee items; but, they have to bear in mind that now not all items are halal.

What Jollibee Items Are Halal?

Jollibee has but to achieve halal repute for its items; but, the firm has indicated that they make use of halal-certified hen in some regions.

What Should Muslims Keep In Mind When Eating Jollibee Products?

Before consuming Jollibee goods, Muslims need to take warning and conduct their look at to verify that they’re accredited beneath Islamic nutritional necessities.

What Steps May Muslims Take To Guarantee That Jollibee’s Products Are Halal?

Muslims can ask at once with Jollibee approximately the halal certification of certain items and behavior their look at of the components used.

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