Laylat al Qadr: Transforming Lives Through The Power of Knowledge

Harnessing the Blessings – How Laylat al Qadr Illuminates Lives with Spiritual Enlightenment and Wisdom” Laylat al Qadr or”the” Night of Power, have you ever wondered where the power originates?

Meccan society before prophethood was a city in which the system of economics and religion abused the ordinary people to ensure wealth and power for the aristocratic class.

Arrogance, recklessness, and egotism were the norm, as well as the awe of wealth, not honor. Night of the Power is when the Quran was revealed for the first time to his Prophet (pbuh). 

It was the moment when he went from his thoughts on the depravities of society to his active effort to bring about an environment that promotes social justice.

There is no doubt that we can draw parallels to the present when people of the middle classes are being marginalized. The poor are ensconced in poverty, and the wealthy accumulate colossal wealth!

A lack of health care causes a lot of deaths! The hatred that is to dehumanize others! The soaring pollution and destruction of the environment threaten our planet’s future! 

“The Night of Power” serves as an opportunity to remind ourselves that following in the footsteps of Prophet PBUH is to foster the values of justice, kinship, and kindness in our culture.

“BEHOLD, God enjoins justice and the performing of kindness and generosity to the people around you; and He encourages you to avoid all that is unclean, and all that is contrary to rationality, and also jealousy; and He rebukes you repeatedly so that you can keep all this in the heart. 16:90”

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