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What is the importance of the Sixth Kalima (Radde Kufr)?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, the sixth kalma (Radde Kufr), also referred to as radde kufr or radde-e-kuffer, meaning words of this word is rejecting. This Kalima (Radde Kufr) teaches the important Islamic concept and teaching of kufr. This in itself is a wide  topic, but generally kufr is not believing in the faith (Belief in Allah, Belief in the Mesenger of Allah is the Last Prophet, belief in the Day of judgment, Belief in the Angle) or rejecting the faith, i.e. being a non-believer.

The word Kufr (Radde Kufr) translates to “conceal” or to “hide”, so a kuffar is anyone who denies and conceals the truth. The truth being the tawheed (Allah is the one and Only), there is no deity but Allah, and Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) is his last messenger.a

The many kinds of Kufr that we need to be aware of are:

  • Denial and Rejectiondisbelief in the heart. An outward rejection.
  • Turning away in arrogance – the best example would be iblees . In Surah Al-Noor, “They (hypocrites) say: ‘We have believed in Allah Almighty and the Messenger, and we obey, then a party of them turn away thereafter, such are not believers”.
  • The Kufr of hypocrisy – those that outwardly have the appearance of being believers but do so for show and to signal virtue, good deeds. They may say they believe in Allah and the day of judgment, their actions may show it, but in there hearts they conceal it.
  • Kufr of doubt – not being sure or showing hesitancy. This is similar to skepticism, those who say they don’t know. A person who charges neither faith nor disbelief in God.

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