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Assalaamu Aalaikum السّلام عليكم…Peace be with you, Hello Readers:) Today,We will discuss here praepositus  and like to share  with you all about Arabic Grammar  and  Arabic  prepositions.

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Where Did the Word Preposition Stem From?

It root from English preposition, French preposicion, Latin:  praepositiō, praepositiōn-, a putting before, preposition, from praepositus, past participle of praepōnere, to put in front : prae-, pre- + pōnere,.

What is the Arabic Word for Preposition?

Fromm Arabic derived  , a preposition is called: “harful-jarr حَرْفُ الجَرِّ”. The plural  حَرْفُ الجَرِّ” is, “hurooful-jarr  حُرُوْفُ الجَرِّ”. literally means of praepōnere : “the Sentence of jarr”, that is a particle that causes the ism إسم that follows it to be in the genitive case (jarr جرّ).

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Examples of Prepositional Phrases in Arabic:

  • fawqa ra’see/ فوق رأسِي…above my head
  • ‘abrash-shaari’i عبر الشّارعِ…across the street
  • ba’dal-‘ashaa’iبعد العشاءِ…after dinner
  • hawlad-daari حول الدّارِ…around the house
  • fil-funduqi في الفندقِ…at the hotel
  • fee makaanil-fee makaanil-3amali في مكانِ العملِ
  • qablal-‘ashaa’iقبل العشاءِ…before dinner
  • khalfash-shajarati خلف الشّجرةِ…behind the tree
  • tahtash-shurfati تحت الشّرفةِ… under the balcony
  • qurbal-baabi قُرْبَ البابِِ… near the door
  • hattal-ithnaini حتّى الإثنينِ…by Monday
  • ‘alal-maktabi على المكتبِ…on the desk
  • أمام السّيّارةِ…in front of the car
  • في البيتِ…in the house

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