Learn Fifth Kalima Astaghfar Arabic English Translation

Dear Brothers and Sisters – Learn Fifth Kalima Astaghfar Arabic English Translation. the 5th Kalma is About Astaghfaar. Astaghfaar (Penitence) is the act of seeking (Learning) forgiveness from Allah. Almighty And it considered as one of the important parts of Islam.Fifth Kalima Astaghfaar (Penitence) means to pray God, Allah that he may protect us from Evil, devil and Save us from doing sin and bad things.

In the Holy  Quran “And return to your Lord (Allah) time after time and submit to Him before there comes to you the punishment, then you shall not be help”. (Quran 39:54). The Holy Quran Guides us to seek Forgiveness from Allah Almighty time after time, when we are alive and can seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty, If we dead without seeking forgiveness from Allah then Because of our sins, devil we’ll Get Severe Punishment. Reading the Fifth Kalma (Penitence) is also a kind of seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty.

The 5 Kalima (Penitence) is called “Kalma-e-Astaghfaar” (Word of Penitence). Every Muslim and New Muslims  should read it and understand its meanings (Learn by heart). It is Pronounced as,

Fifth Kalima- “Astaghfirullaha Rabbi Min Kulli Zambin Aznabtuho Amadan Aau Khataa’an Sirran Aau Alaaniyatanw Wa Atubu Ilaihi Minaz Zambil Lazii A’lamu Wa Minaz Zambil Lazi Laa A’lamu Annaka Anta Allamul Ghuyoobi Wa Sattarul Iyobi Wa Ghaffaruz Zunoobi Wala Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billahil Aliyyil Azeem.”

Whose All nation was destroyed?

  • Hazrat Loot Aleh Salam
  • Hazrat Hood Aleh Salam
  • Hazrat Salih Aleh Salam
  • Hazrat Ibrahim Aleh Salam

►Correct Option- A

Angel who takes out souls of life?

  • Hazrat Jibraeel Aleh Salam
  • Hazrat Izraeel Aleh Salam
  • Hazrat Israfeel Aleh Salam
  • None of the above

►Correct Option-B

who will blow the trumpet on the Day of Judgment is?

  • Hazrat Jibrael Aleh Salam
  • Hazrat Israfeel Aleh Salam
  • Hazrat Izraeel Aleh Salam
  • None of the above

►Correct Option- B

What is the Meaning of Iman-e-Mujammal is?

  • Belief in known things
  • Belief in detail
  • Belief in brief
  • Belief in unknown things

►Correct Option-C

What is the meaning of Aqeeda?

  • Pillar
  • B) Relief
  • Nikkah
  • Belief

►Correct Option-D

Which Umm-ul-Momineen died last?

  • Hazrat Ayesha Radi’Allah
  • Hazrat Safia Radi’Allah
  • Hazrat Javeria Radi’Allah
  • Hazrat Umme Salma Radi’Allah

►Correct Option-D

What is the meaning of Iman-e-Mufassal?

  • Belief in all things
  • Belief in detail
  • Belief in brief
  • Belief in uncertain things

►Correct Option-B

What was the title of Hazrat Ayesha?

  • Siddiqa
  • Umm-ul-Masakeen
  • Tahira
  • None of the above

►Correct Option is: A

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