leisure Definition and Sports Words (مفردات الرياضات والهوايات)

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Vocabulary (Sports, Arabic Learning, Hobbies) is the most important thing in daily Life Uses when you start learning any new language. It’s basic Arabic  vocabulary about Sport and Leisure and basic word meanings through which you are able to learn read and write and get  new language. In this article , you will learn the Most Important Arabic Sport words and basic  Arabic Words with  English to  Arabic Translation. It contains the most important and frequently used Arabic words in daily routine work. Start learning Arabic with these sport Words.

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How can you find the translation of 1000 basic Arabic words into English  and Arabic ? You might be wanting to Free download this Article in PDF form, please go to the bottom of the page and download from there.

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Dear Students, Some Hobbies Words: Hobbies Games, Hobbies Reading , Hobbies Reading & Writing, Hobbies Speaking, Sports and Games , Sport , Hobbies and Daily  Routine work, Reading books.Hobbies Blogging. Hobbies Dancing. Hobbies Singing. Hobbies Listening to music. Hobbies Learning new languages. Hobbies Shopping. Hobbies Traveling, Hobbies  Hiking,  Hobbies Cycling,  Hobbies Exercising, Hobbies  Drawing, Hobbies Painting, Hobbies Collecting things, Hobbies Playing computer games, Hobbies Cooking, Hobbies Baking, Hobbies  Gardening, Hobbies Doing crafts (handmade), Hobbies  Embroidering, Hobbies  Sewing, Hobbies  Knitting, Hobbies Playing board games, Hobbies  Walking, Hobbies Writing stories,  Hobbies  Fishing , Hobbies Photography,  Hobbies Skydiving,  Hobbies Skating, Hobbies Skiing, Hobbies  Roller skating, Hobbies Longboarding and Hobbies Surfing

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