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It’s essential to have a list instead of very if you want your writing stand out as exceptional. Although the word very is useful, it can be overused and inaccurate, especially when used in conjunction with other words. To make your writing more powerful, reduce the frequency with which you use phrases that start with the word very. This list contains other words for very. Begin with very general synonyms, then look at alternatives to phrases that begin with the word very.

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Synonyms for Very

Many words can be used as synonyms for very. These words can be combined with other words to create a descriptive phrase.

  • amazingly
  • It is truly shocking
  • Definitely
  • Exceptionally
  • Extremely
  • Exceptionally
  • Excessively
  • extraordinarily
  • Extremely
  • It is horribly
  • It is a wonderful opportunity
  • Amazing
  • Majorly
  • Massive
  • Overly
  • staggeringly
  • supremely
  • Amazing
  • Exceptionally
  • It is a vastly appreciated

Alternatives for Very Angrily

The term angry is often preceded by the word very. Instead of using the word “very angry”, use one of these phrases.

  • Enraged
  • Furious
  • Incensed
  • Livid
  • outraged
  • Seething

There are many ways to say very bad

Sometimes, the word “bad” is not enough to express how bad something is. These other ways of saying “very bad” might help you get your point across.

  • Absurd
  • It is terrible
  • Terrible
  • Terrible

Words to Replace Very Beautiful

Although the word beautiful can be more powerful than it is pretty, sometimes it is not enough to describe beauty. These words are more than beautiful.

  • Beautiful
  • Beautiful
  • Beautiful
  • ravishing
  • stunning

Options for Large or Very Large

There are many options for one-word descriptions of large or very big things.

  • Incredible
  • It is enormous
  • huge
  • It is a huge amount
  • gigantic
  • Massive

There are many ways to say very boring

If something is too boring, you should find a better description than using the phrase “very boring”.

  • It is dull
  • mind-numbing
  • pedantic
  • It is tedious
  • Tiresome

There are many other ways to say Very Bright

Some things are so brilliant that they require a very in front of them. These synonyms are for “very bright” to help you make a more precise decision.

  • Brilliant
  • Amazing
  • Glowing
  • Illuminating
  • Radiant

Alternatives to Extremely Careful

A person who takes great care of others can be called “very cautious.” The person might be best described by one of these words:

  • Be cautious
  • fastidious
  • hesitant
  • It is a painful process
  • risk-averse

How to Say Very Clean

There are two types of clean: there is the “clean” and there is the “overclean”. These words are a good way to define “very clean” without being too ambiguous.

  • Glaming
  • Immaculate
  • Beautiful
  • Spicy and span
  • Spotless

Other Words to Very Clear

The common expression phrase “very clear” can be used when there is little doubt. Instead, you might want to use one of these options.

  • It is apparent
  • Clear as a bell
  • Crystal clear
  • It is evident
  • Glaring
  • It is obvious

Options instead of Very Cold

There are many degrees of cold. These are some options to consider.

  • Arctic
  • Frosty
  • ice-cold
  • Freezing
  • Frost

Alternative Wording for Very Easy

It’s not difficult if it’s simple. Sometimes, it’s so easy that you have to explain that it’s not difficult. Instead of describing something as “very simple,” try one of these terms.

  • It’s effortless
  • It’s painless
  • super-simple
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Undemanding

There are many other ways to say Very Exciting

Some things are more exciting than others. Find single words that can convey the top bounds of this spectrum.

  • breathtaking
  • It is electrifying
  • exhilarating
  • Intoxicating
  • mind-blowing
  • Amazing

Alternatives to Very Quick

These terms can be used to indicate that something is very fast or very rapidly.

  • Immediately
  • Hasty
  • Quick
  • Rapidly
  • Rapid
  • Whirlwind

Very Good

It’s common to call something very good if it is more than good. You could also use the following words.

  • amazing
  • excellent
  • outstanding
  • Incredible
  • Superb

There are many ways to say Very Happy

Do you want to express your extreme happiness? These words are a great alternative to simply saying that you are very happy.

  • We are delighted
  • It was ecstatic
  • overjoyed
  • Get tickled
  • Thrilled

Alternatives to Very HOT

Sometimes, the temperature can be so high that it is difficult to describe. These options are more than just adding the word “hot” to your vocabulary.

  • It is blistering
  • broiling
  • Burning
  • It is stifling
  • sweltering
  • Torrid

Option for Saying Very Much

If you are looking for an alternative to “very much”, one of these terms may be the right choice.

  • It is abundant
  • It is very bad
  • Copiously
  • It is very important
  • hugely

Alternative Wording for Very Quiet

One might call it very quiet if a sound is so soft it falls below the threshold of very quiet. You could also use one of these terms.

  • It is barely audible
  • faint
  • Hushed
  • muffled
  • Muted

There are many ways to say the same

The adjective very is used in the phrase “very similar”. To clearly communicate what you mean, substitute one of these words.

  • Exact
  • Similar
  • Particular
  • precise

Alternatives to Very Brief

There are many words that can express the exact meaning of something that happens for a short time.

  • Brief
  • It is fleeting
  • Hasty
  • short-lived
  • Transient

Options for Very Small

A person or object that is very small can be described as short. To express what small means, use one of these words.

  • Microscopic
  • Minimal
  • Petite
  • teensy-weensy
  • tiny

How to say Very Smart

One of these phrases might be useful when you describe a person or idea as extremely smart.

  • Astute
  • Brilliant
  • Highly intelligent
  • Be knowledgeable
  • Supersmart

Alternative Words to Very Strong

The expression “very strong” can be used to describe physical strength or strong beliefs or opinions. Select an suitable synonym.

  • Fervent
  • Forcing
  • Powerful
  • pungent
  • resolute
  • Unwavering
  • vehement

Other Words to Help Very Tired

These are some options to consider if you feel so tired it is difficult to find the right words to express how tired you really are.

  • bone-tired
  • exhausted
  • fatigued
  • Pooped
  • Weary
  • Worn out

Alternatives for Very Poor

These words can be used to describe a situation in which someone is severely short of funds. Each one is a synonym of the phrase “very poor.”

  • Broken
  • Destitute
  • impoverished
  • Be needy
  • Penniless

Synonyms For Very Ugly

Do you want a more refined way to say “very ugly?” These synonyms might be a good choice.

  • Grotesque
  • Gruesome
  • It is hideous
  • horrible-looking
  • revolting
  • Unsightly

There are many other ways to say

A person can be called “very weak” if they lack strength to an extreme extent. This phrase can be spelled several ways.

  • Carefully
  • Feeble
  • Frail
  • Infirm
  • powerless

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A List of Words You Can Use instead of Very

A handy guide to very that lists alternative words for the word . Below is a printable list that you can print or save. This will allow you to have a quick list of solutions available whenever you need them.

To expand your English vocabulary, learn a list of words you can substitute for “very”.

  • Very angry –> Furious
  • Beautiful –>
  • Very large –> Massive
  • Very boring –> Dull
  • Very loud –> Deafening
  • Very poor –> destitute
  • Very inexpensive –> Stingy
  • Very clean –> Spotless
  • Very brief –> Short
  • Very difficult –> Arduous
  • Very dry –> Dry
  • Very quick –> Rapid
  • Very poor –> Terrible
  • Very smart –> Intelligent
  • Very sad –> Sadness
  • Very upset –> Distraught
  • Very cold –> Freezing
  • Very strong –> Forcing
  • Very large –> Colossal
  • Very calm –> Serene
  • Very ugly –> Hideous
  • Very small –> Petite
  • Very funny –> Hilarious
  • Very quiet –> Hushed
  • Very rich –> Wealthy
  • Very expensive –> Expensive
  • Very filthy –>
  • Very tall –> Towering
  • It’s very easy –>Effortless
  • Very wet –> Soaked
  • Slow –> Sluggish
  • Excellent –> Very Good
  • Very stupid –> Idiotic
  • Very happy –> Excited
  • Very exciting –> Exhilarating
  • Very warm –> Warm
  • Very weak –> Frail
  • Very little –> Tiny
  • Very bright –> Luminous
  • Swamped – Very busy
  • Be careful
  • Very clear –> Obvious
  • Very vibrant –> Colorful
  • Very confused –> Perplexed
  • Very creative –> Innovative
  • Bustling – Very crowded
  • Very dear –> Cherished
  • Deep –> Profound
  • Very empty –> desolate
  • Very excited –> Excited
  • Very fancy –> Lavish
  • Very fat –> Obese
  • Very friendly –> Amieable
  • Very glad –> Overjoyed
  • Terrific!
  • Very heavy –> Leaden
  • Very hungry –> Starving
  • Very hurt –> Battered
  • Very large –> Huge
  • Very lazy –> Indolent
  • Very long –> Extensive
  • Very loose –> Slack
  • Very precise –> Exact
  • Fearful – Very afraid
  • Very clever –> Intelligent
  • Very cute. -> Adorable
  • Very boring –> Tedious
  • Very enthusiastic –> Keen
  • Very evil –> Wicked
  • Very fast –> Rapid
  • Very strong –> Ferocious
  • Very light –> Luminous
  • Very animated –>
  • Beautiful -> Adorable
  • Very mean –> Cruel
  • Very messy –> Slovenly
  • Very nice –> Kind
  • Very often –> Frequently
  • Very old –> Ancient
  • Transparency – Very transparent
  • Very pale –> Ashen
  • Perfect –> Flawless
  • Very powerful –> Captivating
  • Beautiful!
  • Very rainy –-> Pouring
  • Very scared –> Petrified
  • Very frightening –> Chilling
  • Very serious –> Grave
  • Very sharp –> Keen
  • Very shiny –> Gloaming
  • Very shy –> Timid
  • Very basic –>
  • Very thin –> Skeletal
  • Very smooth –> Sleek
  • Very soft –> Downy
  • We are very sorry. –> Apologetic
  • Very special –> Extraordinary
  • Very certain –> Certain
  • Very sweet. -> Thoughtful
  • Talented –> Highly talented
  • Delicious!
  • Very thirsty –-> Parched
  • Very tight –> Constricting
  • Very small –> Minimal
  • Very tired –> Exhausted
  • Very large –> Extensive
  • Very willing –> Eager
  • Very windy –-> Blustery
  • Very wise –> Sage
  • Very concerned –> Feeling stressed
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another way to say very ,better word for very,synonym for very ,very synonym,very synonym formal,very thesaurus ,verysynonym ,words to replace very ,another way of saying very ,big word for very,smart words for very

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Writing that is more expressive and effective

To sound more intelligent, avoid using monotonous words such as very. We can also help you to find other words for the word said. After you have removed certain words, you can add great words to make yourself sound smart. You will end up with better writing that is more expressive and efficient.

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